Think You Can Fix the Warriors? Let’s Hear How – You May Win FLIP Camera

2011 NBA All-Star Flip Camera

2011 NBA All-Star Flip Camera

As a token of appreciation for my faithful bloggers, I’ve got a contest for you, and the prize is the new MinoHD Flip camera decorated with the 2011 NBA All-Star logo.

The contest? Whoever posts the best response to the blog question below will receive the free camera. We are looking for the most reasonable, feasible, well thought out and well researched response. (Just post it like you would a comment.) So step your game up. Here is the blog question:

If you were Joe Lacob, what moves would you try to do to make the Warriors a serious contender for a title.

The winner, announced Friday, will be identified on this blog. Be sure to put an email I can reach you at, because I will need to contact the winner and get an address for our friends at Flip an address to send the camera.


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Marcus Thompson

  • Kaitin B

    The key is to get Biedrins playing well. We need him to come close to averaging 10pts. 10 reb. that gave him his lucrative contract. He would have to be pushed immensely by the coaching staff to become more aggressive, up to the point where the team can showcase his potential talents to the league in roughly 30min. of play time. By increasing his value this is what I came up with:

    Warriors receive:
    Greg Oden
    Joel Przybilla

    Blazers receive:
    Chris Kaman
    A. Aminu

    Clippers receive:
    E. Udoh
    $2 million Cash Compensation (for the books)

    This 3 way trade adds up for each team. Perhaps the involved parties could pursue sign and trade deals with the players that won’t be under contract. By securing Oden even with his history of injuries, the Warriors are receiving huge potential for a small price. As we all know, when Amare was younger, he had a season ending injury but battled back to perform at an hall of fame level. Bynum too succumbed to multiple injuries but is still able to put up big numbers. Biedrins as we all know once had upside but not at the elite performing center position. We can’t get a championship with him period. However, if somehow he can put up numbers like he did a few years ago, the Blazers might be willing to pursue the trade. They are definitely very reserved and arent keen on trading Oden, but by receiving Kaman who still is a solid big man, and a young talented potential in Aminu, it might be worth the offer.
    The clippers are not losing very much but receiving a great rookie in Udoh. The books add up, and everyone is satisfied. The trade must go through. What do you think???

  • Monta got SNUBBED

    Monta,Biedrins, and Brandon Wright and a 2nd round pick for Lamarcus Aldridge, Pryzbilla, and Oden. We get bigger very quick. We 1st sign Oden to a small 2 0r 3 year extension. Oden is a huge risk I know, but if he’s healthy we get a steal. Pryzbilla is gone after this year. David Lee or Aldridge can both play the 3,4, or 5. We will have depth.Wright can play as a tall shooting guard if he gets a litke faster.

    C-Oden, Lee, Udoh
    PF- Lee, Aldridge, Udoh
    SF- ALdridge, D.Wright
    SG- D. Wright, Reggie Williams(resign), Bell
    PG- Curry, Lin.

    THats your core players. Oden, Lee, Aldridge, Udoh, D.Wright,Reggie Williams, Bell, Curry, and Lin.

    We let Admuson, Radmonovic, Acie Law, and Pryzbilla leave with those inflated contracts, and we pick up a few other players we will be legit.

    Starting 5
    PF- LEE
    SF Aldridge
    SG- D.Wright
    PG- Curry

    Subs: Udoh,Reggie, Bell, Lin, and whoever we pick up.

  • Ignacio Sandoval

    Trade Biedrins and Curry for a quality big man that can actually score. Ellis should give point guard a shot. Curry is a major liability on defense. When Ellis
    has a subpar game its because Curry has the ball too much and Ellis always has to guard the big guard, instead Ellis should be shutting down the opponents P.G. Curry’s lacksadaisical attitude sucks.Can’t penetrate a paper bag and can’t stop anyone.Get rid of him!!!!

  • Richard

    I would do a 3 team trade with Philly and OKC. Here is what I propose:

    Golden State acquires: Andre Iguodola and Elton Brand
    Philly acquires: Monta Ellis, Nenad Kristic and Morris Peterson
    OKC acquires: Andris Biedrins and Brandan Wright

    Why the warriors would do this, it would give them one hell of a team plain and simple. Also ESPN projects the Warriors to win 11 more games. Imagine a lineup with:

    Brand/Gadz or some free agent pick up Adrien?

    Philly would want to do this to simply unload Brand’s horrible contract and they would get back a guy in Monta that could help take pressure off guys like Turner and Holiday and allow them to develop more.

    OKC would do this because they are desperate for a big man that can rebound and was rumored to be interested in Biedrins, I would say give him away for all I care. I don’t get how you can stay in the league without a jump shot and shoot 31% from the line.

  • eric

    Not to knock anyone here on the forums, but the Ws have tried pretty hard to get iguodala and philly is not going to let up anytime soon. There’s no need to trade for oden because he’s going to be a free agent and it’ll be easier to sign him then, than to trade udoh/other players.

  • Jesse

    1) Trade Beans for expirings (addition by subtraction)
    2) Gadz+BWright+Picks+cash for G. Wallace (before Portland does)

    Offseason comes:

    3) Overpay (since we have to) for D. Jordan


    There, for once we’re legit.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Hi — I’m trying to think of trades that both teams would realistically do (i.e. no Charlie Bell for Derrick Rose stuff)

    #1) Trade Stephen Curry, Bell, and Radmonovic for Josh Smith. The Hawks need a point guard, since Bibby is over the hill, and also need cap relief, since they have so much $ committed to Johnson, Smith, Horford, and Marvin Williams. The Warriors would lose the talented scorer and passer Curry, but get J. Smith, a guy who can play tenacious man defense, rebound, and fill the lane, from the small forward position, allowing D. Wright to move to 2 and Monta to play combo guard. Smith could also play 4, since he has a good back-to-the-basket game, which the Warriors desperately need. Monta would need to play 1, which is not a natural fit, but he is fast enough to initiate the offense and guard PGs, and Dorell Wright would help offset his so-so defense.

    2) Trade Troy Murphy’s expiring contract to Detroit for Richard Hamilton and $6 million cash.
    Detroit owes $24 million over the next two years to an alienated star whose coach won’t play him. But he can still score the ball and play D. If Detroit will eat $3 million a year of the remaining years, the Warriors get a valuable piece for their weak bench. Alternately, he might start, with Wright playing the 6th man.

  • itsagreattimeout

    1) Move the team to SF as soon as they can (probably at the end of their Oakland lease)
    2) Trade Curry for CP3. CP3 is unhappy in NO and they don’t want to lose him for nothing. I think we could trade Curry and not much else to get him. They will want a young talent like Steph.
    3) After years of optimism I’m really souring on Biedrins. I would actually trade him for expirings/pick and use that money to sign someone else.
    4) esentially the W’s need to be the best/first among the vultures to grab talent from teams that are giving up (Utah/Denver/Charlotte). Improve incrementally. Be a regular playoff contender to build respect. Then players will want to sign with us as free agents. We don’t have any respect right now. We can’t hope to attract FAs until we’ve won some more. That will ultimately be our hope.
    Improve incrementally, don’t give up value/picks, seize opportunities, and hope to get lucky some day on a Free Agent.

  • Dalton C.

    First and foremost, stop it with the poor shot selection, when nothing is going down, drive to the rim and finish …
    some points > no points

    but i I also say keep the current components [excluding T. Murphy; and unless a trade before tmrw occurs that would better our situation], & the base element in the equation is def there … the warriors can score/get up and down. now if we can tenaciously instill defense as well as a nasty rebounding attitude, we’ll be chilling in the playoffs. the warriors have shown that when they can defend AND out-rebound the opposition, they are a force. we out-score with ease, until we give up defensively, which is when the bad shots are thrown up and next thing you know we have lost our tie at halftime and the game goes to the opposing team [a la last night's loss Vs. BOS; and the countless times beforehand where warrior d does not see the light of the 2nd half]. Granted all this goes for not because just moments before this post, gsw said bye-bye to gadzooks and b-wright … once again we need some big men, preferably those who protect baskets. we have enough scorers we now need defensive utilities. we have the 5th leading scorer, the best sophomore in the league, the nba’s most improved and a former all-star; yet they all rarely play up to those stats/titles. seems to me if the attributes that those titles usually entail present themselves along some strengthened defense we’d be great.

    a few moves i’d love to see go down prior to tmrw’s deadline :

    maybe Vlad [+ Cash] for Paul Milsap?
    the Jazz are obviously rebuilding from sticks and stones … why not? could be that back up center, might be undersized, but he’s beast material and will grab boards. vlad’s cool and all but i’d drop him in a second for an “established” big.

    Reggie Williams + Charlie Bell for Courtney Lee
    what can i say? far-fetched i know but hey can’t blame me for trying. Shoo i’d even trade R. Williams for Terrence Williams

    Maybe then check out Jeff Adrien again [10-day of course] or possibly Joe Alexander?

    at this point i’d like to drop C. Bell, and maybe even R. Williams … pick up some pple that’ll play defense when our top scorers don’t. yaaahmeeeeeaaan?!

    other than that, please no oden. he’s damaged goods. waste of a trade. trading beans at this point might depend on what we can get for him, i’m only for it if it’ll be a nice addition instead of a useless subtraction. and i don’t think it’d be good to split up the backcourt, nothing good will come from it; have them play some on the ball d and thats about it, they already get steals so they’re part of the way there.

    DiSCLAiMER, i am just a fan thinking, do not take my head off for these ideas if you disagree … but hey we all want to see the warriors succeed am i right?

  • Clb

    Trade Biedrins and Brandon Wright to Atlanta for Josh Smith and Crawford, but since they have traded back-up center Gadzuric and Wright this morning the best option now seems a 3 way deal with Atlanta and Kings…

    Warriors get: Josh Smith and Samuel Dalembert
    Atlanta gets: Andres Biedrins and Aumundson and 2nd round pick
    Kings Get: Jamal Crawford and Troy Murphey Contract and Atlanta first round pick

  • GSW Truth

    Fire Larry Riley. Keep Smart and Curry. Wholesale the rest of the team for draft picks and rebuild. This team cannot win, and has not won…for years. I discount the we believe year because those players aren’t here. They are gone, traded away for magic beans. To win a championship you need a winning mentality. You need the ability to see a city like Utah wanting to avoid Melo drama and openening the door for getting a superstar. Not only do we not get Deron but we trade two expiring contracts with NJ for one expiring.

    The first move is to fire Larry Riley. He is inept at making deals and does not have a pedigree of a champion. Smart is a keeper worth a small investment. If he can do what he has done this season all he needs is the talent. Look at Doc Rivers’ first seasons with Boston. Next is to pick one piece and sell everything else. No more holding onto to hopes of Andris getting back to what he was, or how close Monte was to be an all-star or justifying David Lee. I like all of them but they do not help us win. Once we create an environment of winning then we can start winning.

    1. Fire all remaining Cohen era management
    2. Build around Curry, get rid of everything else and build through the draft
    3. Keep Smart

    Once you have the pieces and have rebuilt an environment of winning then re-evaluate whether Smart can take your team to the Finals and win. Until then why waste time and money with random coaches brought in to win now with a bad news bears lineup.

  • RK

    T. Murphy (expiring), R. Williams (expiring), A. Biedrins, and a 2014 lottery-protected 1st round pick
    P. Millsap, A. Kirelenko (expiring)

    Why the Jazz would do it? It would save them $5 million this year and put them under the luxury tax. Future pick to build through draft.

    Why the Warriors would do it? Saves them $$ in the long-term by getting rid of Biedrens contract. Millsap is a bruiser that Warriors badly need.

  • justin

    1. Hold onto Steph and Monta until you can get a serious upgrade at the 3,4 or 5
    Monta and Curry can both be number 2 or 3 guys on a CHAMPIONSHIP team. David Lee is an awsome guy as the 4th guy on a Championship team.

    The key is holding these chips until we can convince a true #1 guy on a championship team to come here cause we’re never getting the number 1 pick in a Duncan draft, the league won’t allow it.

    Dorell Wright is a #5 guy on a championship team. Any trades of these guys are only setting us back or fighting to stay mediocre.

    2. trade expirings for Ramon sessions and other consistent bench role players. This should be easy enough even for W’s management.

    So there it is, get a consistent bench and let our good players grow while we wait for our chance to give the keys over to a SUPERSTAR…not an injury replacement all star playing for a coach who inflates numbers. Monta is better than Igoudala, Josh Smith and any other idea posted here…lateral movement is poitless…keep the guys we love and it will make it that much sweeter.

  • RK

    T. Murphy and 2014 lottery-protected 1st round pick
    G. Wallace

    Why the Bobcats would do it? It saves them money by getting the expiring contract and they get a 1st round draft pick to build with.

    Why the Warriors would do it? It would give them a defensive-minded SF who can run. It gives them a lot of options with Monta, Steph, Wallace, and D. Wright at the 1, 2, and 3 positions.

  • GSW

    This is still Chris Cohan’s team. What has changed besides swapping Nellie for Smart? I sure can’t think of anything. Its the same tired story, trade deadline is tomorrow and the Warriors haven’t done anything. Oh wait, they got a 2nd round pick for Wright. Yipee. There is talk that Murphy will be bought out even though the team could use a rebounding PF off the bench that can shoot. Lacob is all TALK. This is all the same BS we had under Cohan. Like another poster said, sell the team to Ellison. Why couldn’t he just get his bid in on time?!

  • th3ryza

    (not accounting the murphy trade)


    Let’s face it, Wizards have no playoff hopes soon, McGee’s still a project (but someone we need), and they won’t have anyone big coming off the books soon. Rashard’s a great back up for scoring/defense, and he’ll probably play the 3 more often while we keep udoh. It basically turns into Arenas getting turned into expirings. It might be a tough pull if the wizards really want to keep mcgee. but hey, they’re no playoff team. the ugly part for us is we take on rashard’s contract. but atleast a defensive guard, a good 6th man, and the center we need. at the same time we dump biedrins. we give up lin because they’d want a point guard in return.


    make sure we get some kind of a pick, preferably 2nd rounders. 1st rounder would be ideal, but probably won’t happen. Iggy has a contract that grows to almost 15 million, while monta stays 11 flat, it would help them with cap space down the road. I really would like to push for meeks/lou williams since they have a log jam of guards now. we’d give them charlie bells who’s contract expires in 2012. but that would really be pushing it. overall, 76ers get an elite scorer, thaddeus/turner/nocioni could fill in the SF for them, replacing iggy. give them a push for playoffs this year. we would get the defense we need at the guard spot, especially because we know curry/ellis hasn’t gotten us to .500, so we def know we need change. I wouldn’t mind if this was a straight up monta for iggy trade.

    Also let’s use one of our trade exceptions for a decent back up center. We only have 3.8 overall, expires in the summer, might as well use it, problem is, most decent guys are 4+ million. So We’ll stick with kwame brown until the draft/FA comes up.

    D. Wright/Lewis/(Williams)

    Defense with Udoh, Wright, Lewis, Iggy, Hinrich, Bell. Brown and McGee fills in our Center needs. This is good for the next 2 years or so. and then once Lewis, Hinrich, and Bell expires, we have a whole new ball game for each year. Likely we’ll have to resign McGee and let udoh either extend or pick him up with some of the MLE. We can only go as far as playoffs this season where we’d face either the spurs or lakers, just focus on staying healthy next year and re evaluate for the future.

    picks can fill in for expirings or possible trades down the road.

    Brown (release or re-sign)
    Williams (Re-sign)

    Udoh (Re-sign, possibly MLE or extend contract)
    McGee (Re-sign, give him Hinrich’s money)
    Hinrich (release or re-sign for lower)
    Bell (release or re-sign for minimum)

    Wright (resign for a good contract)
    Lewis (resign for a low contract or release)

    as for the staff and coaches:
    let keith try out the new defensive minded team. if it stays the same, then make moves for a playoff caliber coach. replace riley and rowell after the evaluation of this year. replace our scouts as well.

  • commish

    Rather than speculate on which trades to make or which free agents or players to draft, I think the key for the future of the franchise is to make Golden State a franchise where legit star players want to come. When you see players like Melo demanding to play for New York or Lebron choosing Miami, it is becoming clear players are going to go where they want to play. So Lacob has to get that clear and do what is necessary to make Golden State a place where top level players want to come to play. That means getting rid a culture of coveting only “the bottom line”, selling draft picks, not using trade exemptions, trading really valuable assets (too many to mention) and getting absolutely nothing in return. Until Lacob and company can erase those vividly horrible memories and give the fans and other players in the league–and potential players–that Golden State is a very desireable desination, we have no chance of being a legit power in the West let alone the full NBA. Creating more cap space by trading for Murphy is a good start to having some money for next year’s free agency players or one significant player. Having a coach that seems clearly to be a “players coach” must be an advantage as well, although people can legitimately complain about the team’s overall lack of defensive ability and coaching which values defense. Regardless, bottom line the only way to turn our franchise around is attract one or more top player to come and play here. Once that has been accomplished, others will follow and the rest, as they say, will be history

  • Richard from San Ramon

    Let’s face it, Marcus, Warriors are a fly-weight boxer with fast hands and quick feet. Unfortunately, against the bigger better teams, they are fighting against heavy-weights.

    Solution, get bigger and deeper (YES!…from the Gary Radnich show).

    Seriously, here is what I would do if I’m in control.

    Get Bigger and more skilled at the center spot:

    Udoh, Vlad (expiring), J Lin, 2nd rounder

    By the time Denver is a legit team again, Nene will be past his prime. Denver cuts cost…gets a young PF/C type with big upside plus another young talent in Williams.

    Warriors get beefy legit center….with Utah and Denver blowing things up….Warriors have a solid chance at playoffs.

    Get deeper: In the summer they use mid-level to sign Chauncy Billups as a very very good backup point guard.
    (or Big Baby Davis at which point they would have to use the draft to get deeper at gaurd spot)

    Draft a small forward or big guard.

    Curry, Billups
    Monta, (drafted player), Bell
    Dorrel, R Williams
    Lee, Amundson
    Nene, Biedrins

  • RM

    Over the past 3+ years I have developed a simple and effective shot training device that eliminates flat shots. I believe it would be very useful in improving the free throw effectiveness of Epke Udoh, Andris Biedrins, and Lou Amundson. Given the opportunity, that would be how I would fix one part of the GSWs.

  • Ultimate Warrior

    Warriors need a true point guard. Curry is not there yet, Law is not the answer. Time to admit, athletic two guards are not point guards. Everyone is turning on Andris but the truth is he is active if you drive and dish to him early, ala Baron. Here is my answer, trade Rado for TJ Ford. Don’t buyout Murphy but play him at the 5. We need his size and rebounding. Play him inside not outside. He was good for us when he was attacking the glass. Explore the availability of AI as a scorer off the bench on a one year deal.

    In the off season get a new GM who can get the job done in aquiring talent. Hire former Warrior Kevin Pritchard.

  • http://twitter.com/tonybayarea Tony V

    Here is what I would do if I was Joe Lacob & Peter Guber & GM Larry Riley.

    I would trade Charlie Bell , Acie Law & Vladimir Radmanovic to Orlando for Jason Richardson. Trade Jeremy Lin , Reggie Williams & Andris Biedrins to Cleveland Cavaliers for – Antawn Jamison & Baron Davis.

    This trade would definatley help out on offense.
    It will also help to improve on the deffensive side of the ball too.

  • haastheman

    First off, you will not win with two 6’3 players in your backcourt. Although Curry and Monta due bare similarities to Thomas and Dumars, but that was 20 years ago.
    We have a new owner, a new coach, and now it’s time for new philosophies. I want the warriors to play defense. I have 2 trades i think will turn this franchise in the right direction.
    TRADE 1.
    Gerald Wallace and Tyrus Thomas for Monta and Charlie Bell. We may be able to get a pick out of them in this deal as well.
    TRADE 2.
    Chris Kaman and Randy Foye for Biedrens, Brandon Wright, and Tyrus Thomas. It would be nice if we could switch Gadz or Radmonavic for Thomas, possible too because of expiring contracts make them more popular.

    These 2 trades make us a playoff team.
    Vlad or Gadz or Thomas

    This team can defend, score on the perimeter, score in the paint, rebound, and has decent depth. Does it have a bonafide superstar? No, however, next year i believe Wallace will be in the last year of his contract which will make him nice trade bait to couple with Udoh or Lee for a bonafide Superstar in the Offseason. There’s also the possibility of picking up draft picks in these trades as well. Monta’s a great scorer, but he’s not gonna take us to the promise land.

  • haastheman

    Oh yeah, I put this trades together on the franchise simulater on NBA2k, they all worked, and the warriors went to the playoffs three straight times.

  • http://www.ispithotfire.com Michael

    The best things for Joe Lacob and the Warriors to do is be patient. The Warriors today are the equivalent of a struggling startup in bad economic times. This startup has some good human resources (Curry, Ellis, Wright), a product with potential (they’re young), but people aren’t giving away millions of dollars (there are no miracles/Lebron ) to anyone with a .com on their name anymore.
    What can the Warriors do? Like the startup, the Warriors need to stay lean, stay alive, look for opportunities and be ready. The solution isn’t to sign long term contracts for average players in an attempt to eek out 4 more wins (See Bucks after last year’s playoff run), or to spend just to keep appearances that the ownership is committed. The reason why the opportunity will come is because you can always count on other teams to overspend and make silly decisions in desperation. Don’t believe me? What will happen to the Grizzlies as they suffer for overpaying on Mike Conley and Rudy Gay? What will happen to Josh Smith as Joe Johnson’s max contract cripples them? Think about what happens to the Magic (Free Dwight!) if they don’t win a championship with an aging Hedo and the max deal for Gilbert Arenas.
    With bad decisions from the rest of the NBA come opportunity for the Warriors. That’s how startups succeed, and that’s the correct path for the Warriors.
    Why are the Laker’s champions? Not because of Kobe, but because the Grizzlies wanted to rebuild and gave away Pau Gasol. The Celtics traded a draft pick for Ray Allen (Sonics rebuilding) and traded a young asset for Kevin Garnett. If you aren’t lucky enough to get a once-every-decade franchise player through the draft, the only other way to build a champion is through “luck”. If the Warriors stay lean, save their assets (expiring contracts or picks or young talent) to remain financially flexible, they will have created their own luck.

    Those impatient with the Warriors should remember that the Lakers averaged 40 wins in the 3 years before the Gasol trade. The Celtics averaged 34. The Warriors have averaged 34 the last 3 years and are on pace this year to win 37 with young talent, meaning the players can get better. Things aren’t hopeless! Remember when the Lakers considered trading Kobe? Or when Kobe wanted to trade Bynum? Or when the Celtics wanted to trade Pierce? Most people don’t anymore, their fans are happy.

    This doesn’t mean that the Warriors should tank and win 15 games a year. They can continue to improve. Some feel they should breakup the Curry/Ellis combo. I ask why? Just because they’re not a good defensive combination does not mean they cannot win together. Look at the Spurs, has anyone ever accused Tony Parker or Manu of being even an average defensive backcourt? You can’t even claim it’s because Tim Duncan is an elite defender anymore. Instead, they play team defense and integrate the right pieces that make the Spurs a great team. Let’s see how good this team can be together before we decide what they cannot be.
    If that means Coach Smart isn’t the right fit, be patient and find the right coach. Find the coach that knows what their identity is, find the players that fit it, and then force everyone else in the league to fear it. People have said the Suns are proof that non-typical systems don’t work. I disagree. The Suns didn’t win a championship more because they kept selling their draft picks and being cheap (Nate Robinson, Luol Deng, Joe Johnson, Rajon Rondo!) than because poor-defending Steve Nash was running the show.
    The Warriors currently cannot attract free agents because of their reputation as a franchise. There’s nothing they can do to dispel that but continue to build the team and show the stability of a committed winner over time, versus trading and breaking up teams at the first signs of struggle.

    Let’s take a quick look at the Warriors’ current assets before we grumble why they haven’t made a big deal.

    Andris Biedrins is currently untradeable because the reason why fans want to trade him is the reason why no one will want him, he’s damaged goods with a big contract. The only thing we can get back for him is another big money long term contract. I feel it’s better to keep him and keep working with him to see if we can return to old Biedrins versus getting rid of him just because we’re annoyed with him. He’s still only 24, and it’s not like he’s on drugs or a bad teammate.

    David Lee/Monta Ellis. Bigger contracts limit their attractiveness and make it more likely you’re taking equally long term money with no real net positive for the team. Example, Iguodala + Brand for Ellis and Lee/Andris. I’d rather just keep them.

    With Dorell Wright, he’s very tradeable, but it would be very difficult to match the value he provides (starter level production for bench player contract) in a trade. Unless he’s involved in a trade for Josh Smith, there aren’t many trades I’d be open to. He is going to be a tremendous trade asset over the next few years as you look for that big opportunity. I’ll put Stephen Curry in this same category.

    Reggie Williams, Ekpe Udoh, etc. There’s talent there, but still relatively unproven and more valuable with the Warriors. Develop them.

    Here is a 3 year game plan:
    The Warriors need to find other players to complement the backcourt. Easy said right? The Warriors can pass, shoot 3′s and score. They don’t defend or rebound well or have a good post offense. OK, find cheap components to help with some of those. No team has everything, and we shouldn’t expect the Warriors to. Instead, focus on improving the most critical aspects.
    1. How about a excellent post defender and rebounder who has little offense? Tyson Chandler would cost around 10 million dollars. Since Dallas can resign him, and the Warriors won’t have cap space, maybe that’s unreasonable. So, take a chance on Greg Oden. Or look for the next Sam Dalembert (maybe even Dalembert himself), but for the $5M mid-level exception three year deal, a limited player who is limited in what the Warriors don’t actually need. Remember, Ben Wallace fit this mold; he didn’t necessarily get better and expand his game, he got more playing time and the Pistons perfectly accepted his limitations. DeAndre Jordan and Serge Ibaka are too expensive to get, but there are certainly others out there, perhaps even in the NBDL. Cole Aldrich?

    Look for young players who want the opportunity to play major minutes, like Dorell. Get the Warriors to average level on team rebounding with a consistent shot blocking presence, and I think that’s worth at least a few wins per year.
    2. A strong perimeter stopper to lock down opponents. Arron Afflalo. Trevor Ariza (before he got paid). Thabo Sefolosha. Tony Allen. These were all template guys who had limited (or hadn’t fully developed their) games, and thus were valued lower, but would be perfect for the Warriors and available at reasonable deals. Dorell Wright is an easy example of showing that it’s very possible. These are the types of guys you can find in the draft without lottery picks. (See also: Shane Battier, Dahntay Jones, Corey Brewer. Kirilenko doesn’t exactly fit the mold of either 1 or 2, but would be a great pickup as well)

    With a limited, but strong perimeter defender, the W’s can integrate him a couple of ways. One, have him start and lock down the opposing team’s “guy”. Wright (in Manu 6th man mode) and Reggie Williams lead the second unit as playmakers with Udoh/Amundsun/etc. to help out defensively. Or, Wright can start, with the defensive stopper creating separate tandems with Curry and Ellis. Curry and Ellis can lead offensive units (ask Tim Kawakami) on their own, and the stopper is there to mitigate defensive weakness. 25-30 MPG for the stopper in either scenario, like a Thabo or Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Curry and Ellis will also be able get more rest.

    I would like to find these two key players over two years, one each year. With a team improving its play together (team defense, pick and roll offense), and adding that one role player each year, it’s reasonable that the Warriors can improve by 4 wins each year. After two years, the Warriors will be a mid to upper 40 win team with a chance to secure a final piece.

    Within 3 years, there will definitely be opportunities to get that key final component. Players become free agents, players become disgruntled, teams look to rebuild or get out from financial miscues, etc. These things will happen. 3 years is all you need.

    3. The Bench: Build and develop through the draft (Lin, Udoh). Acquire, even buy draft picks, when feasible. Bench players are role players, so again, find the guys who are hungry and fit the team. Develop these players, and they will become more attractive trade assets. Look again at the Spurs. Does anyone think, wow, George Hill, Dejuan Blair, Gary Neal, these guys are star players? These guys are just too talented, you’d have to get lucky in the draft to find them?
    No, they’re just perfect role players for the Spurs’ TEAM.
    Build the team. Coach them to become better, play together in a team scheme. Find the right role players. When a true difference maker becomes available, take advantage. Over time, allow the Warriors to become a compelling situation to join, then retain the assets and flexibility needed to make that big deal. Capitalize.

  • Felix Guillory

    Start with a new general manager, fire Riley. In the draft look for a center willing to bang inside; if no pure center is available another banging power forward. The other pieces are in place, strengthen the bench a 1, 2 or 3 players,

    Finally, Andris Biedrins is not a 30 minutes a game player 18-25 at best. A banger is more important that a true center in the order of Clifford Ray, If anyone remembers.

  • Paulo

    Trade everyone except for Stephen Curry, Dorrell Wright, and David Lee for picks, good bench players and contracts that expires for 2012 and make a run for the big free agents on 2012.

  • Fil

    First of all you need to trade the huge contracts of Biedrins and Monta.

    Best case will be to trade.

    Monta and a second round pick to milwaukee bucks for Andrew Bogut. Salary’s match! Reason for the second round pick? To seeten the deal because they are the warriors and they have to give more to acquire than most teams. That way the warriors will only see Monta for 2 games a season.

    Second: Trade beidrins and second round pick to Toronto for Barbosa and derozen. Same reason for the second round pick. W’s just have to give more to get.
    Salary’s match.

    Warriors get their big man as well as a promising Shooting athletic Big Guard. Here is your Playoff team for years to come.

    c-Bogut – Almundson
    PF-Lee – Udoh
    SF-Wright – Radmonovich
    SG-Derozen – R Williams
    PG-Curry – Barbosa – Lin -

  • hannibalX

    Ditto –
    sell team to Ellison. Anything else is akin to switching deck chairs on the Titanic!

  • http://bleacherreport.com Zach

    As that 3 p.m. Eastern trade deadline draws closer, it becomes more and more evident that Riley is already thinking the right thing: patience. As has been mentioned numerous times, the Warriors had the worst possible timing for nearly $21 million in expiring contracts. Not only did they finally have an owner willing to use those contracts, that owner was excited to use those contracts to net a difference maker. But with the uncertainty surrounding the soon-to-expire CBA, those expiring contracts have proven useless.
    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Granted we’ve seen some superstars dealt already (Anthony and Williams) but the players that the Warriors were aligning themselves with (even the optimistic ones) were hardly franchise type players. Iguodala, Wallace, J-Smoove, these are all nice pieces but none of them could complete the puzzle for this Warriors group.
    The names that were bandied about in the Warriors inner circle (Nene, Kaman, Jordan) were going to cost way too much to consider. As much as Warriors fans covet Nene (and his presence would be absolute upgrade over any of their current post players), would he really be worth giving up Monta Ellis? I, for one, say no, not in the least.
    The only area that Riley could have tried to upgrade with the players available at the deadline was the second unit. There were (and still are) some names available that could have filled a glaring need on this team: Hinrich, Jonny Flynn, Shane Battier, Corey Brewer, Carl Landry. Any of these players could have stepped in tomorrow and seen 20+ effective minutes. To me, Flynn is the most intriguing as the Warriors could have a blossoming PG to back up their already-blossomed PG and, given Minnesota’s propensity for reclamation projects, I don’t think it would have taken more than Brandan Wright (at least, before Anthony Randolph arrived, that is). But now that the Warriors most attractive piece (that they’d be willing to give up) is a New Jersey Net, even moves for bench pieces are going to be tough.
    The players that teams covet (Curry, Williams, Udoh) are not going to bring back the same value in return than they already give the Warriors. Curry is perhaps a year or two from joining the elite group of NBA PGs. Williams production compared to his $1 million salary, combined with the fact that he’s their only perimeter option off of the bench, will not be replaced by any option on the market. Udoh is the team’s interior defense and there aren’t many teams willing to give up strong defenders.
    So, as the question was asked, how do we fix the Warriors? Well for starters, you hold those expiring contracts and look at an underwhelming free agent class in star power, that still boasts a lot of options to upgrade the Warriors bench. I think the biggest need on this roster is a backup PG. Acie Law, Jeremy Lin, Charlie Bell, frankly these are guys that should not be part of an NBA rotation. Lin may one day be worthy of a rotation spot (no higher than your 8th or 9th man) but even that seems like a stretch. With unrestricted free agents like the Mavericks’ JJ Barrea or the Pacers’ TJ Ford, Riley will have some options to upgrade this unit. The Warriors second unit has some talent there, but outside of Reggie, there isn’t anyone capable of creating their own offense. Injecting a play-making floor general into this unit would breathe life into this underrated group.
    The next area to improve on the second unit is grabbing another perimeter option to complement Reggie on the bench. Outside of the minor financial savings, I’m still perplexed by the decision to release Rodney Carney earlier this season. Whatever they expected him to bring to the table, his play had to (greatly) exceed those expectations. And since his release, Reggie is essentially the backup shooting guard and small forward. If the Warriors can bring in a player capable of filling one of those spots, Reggie would benefit from having a definitive role on the bench.
    Here’s where Riley will really have some options. If the Warriors spend another draft in the lottery, his problems could be solved there. If they strike lottery gold, players like North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes or Kentucky’s Terrence Jones would give the club a legitimate play-making SF on their second unit. Both players have ridiculous upside, and could potentially push Dorell to the bench in a season or two. If the team stays in the lottery but does not strike it rich, there should be options around the 12th or 13th spot available that could fill this same need to a lesser extent. UCLA’s Tyler Honeycutt has good size (6-8, 185-pounds) and plays at 100 percent on both ends of the floor. Colorado’s Alec Burks is mainly a scorer, but is capable of creating his own offense to carry that load when Ellis/Curry get their (brief) breathers.
    Let’s say the Warriors actually make a playoff run this season (still well in reach with Rudy Gay on the shelf and Denver/Utah seeming poised for falls from grace), Riley may need to shift his focus to the free agent market to fill his second unit. I think two players are absolutely in the mix for this group for next season: Udoh and Reggie.
    So that leaves a need for a PF/C, PG and SG/SF. Assuming Riley can fill that PG role (either with a free agent like Barrea or Ford, or perhaps in the draft with Kentucky’s Brandon Knight or Connecticut’s Kemba Walker), he’ll find plenty of options available for the other two positions. Jason Richardson, Jamal Crawford and JR Smith are the cream of the crop for the unrestricted free agents, but likely will come with a big price tag. Here’s where Riley’s patience with these expiring contracts could pay off, even if the salary cap falls a bit in the next CBA. If the team doesn’t feel like spending top dollar, players like Chris Douglas-Roberts, Marcus Thornton, Shane Battier or Corey Brewer could all fill a need on the Warriors bench. Douglas-Roberts and Thornton are both instant offense guys, while Battier-Brewer contribute more on the defensive end of the floor.
    One situation worth watching is what exactly the Nuggets do with all of their perimeter free agents. JR Smith is an unrestricted free agent, although the Nuggets are reportedly interested in signing an extension with the volatile, but offensively-potent swingman. But the Nuggets have restricted free agents in Aaron Afflalo (a knock-down shooter and lock-down defender) and newcomer Wilson Chandler (a talented, lenghty swingman capable of 20/8 on any given night). It’s hard to fathom that the Nuggets bring back these players, especially with the way they are reportedly enamored with Danilo Gallinari. Any of these three would instantly upgrade the team’s second unit; that is, of course, if they didn’t beat out one of the incumbent starters.
    As far as post options, Riley again has plenty of players that are undoubtedly on his radar. Zach Randolph is the biggest name, but he’s similar to what they already have in David Lee and likely will command Lee-type dollars. Luckily, there are plenty of second-tier options for the Warriors. Tyson Chandler, Kendrick Perkins, DeAndre Jordan and Samuel Dalembert are all restricted free agents and all potential starters for this club next season. Outside of Perkins, these guys all run the floor well so they would fit an up-tempo offense. Each of these players can score with their back to the basket and can contest and block shots.
    For PFs, players like Carl Landy, Glen Davis and Luc Mbah a Moute could all be that high-energy player that Riley thought he signed this offseason in Amundson. All of these players could probably be had for no more than the MLE and their potential value to this team far outweight that cost.
    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this group of Warriors. But there is a silver lining that starts with a promising young core (Ellis/Curry/Wright/Williams/Udoh) who have a chance to grow with a young coach. If Riley can keep this core intact, and add complementary pieces through the draft and free agency, this team is not far away from a playoff seed higher than 8th. They’re probably a draft jackpot away from a Championship, but this team could compete in this declining Conference.

  • Big E

    OK, So if you are saying we want to go into the playoffs this year and make a solid run, it will be hard to pull off but the best way to do so(which is now not going to work since we traded B. Wright already so we would have to throw in someone else) is to do this trade
    Trade for Nene and Afflalo
    Giving Denver B. Wright, J. Lin, Radmonovic, and Bell and probably a 2nd round pick. This will help us get much deeper since it will put Andres on the bench and Afflalo off the bench too for that Defense we badly need especially against a Guard strong Western Conference(even with Williams leaving Utah) We drop some heavy contracts that would have ended at the end of the year and would not have helped us go anywhere and keep most of our talent. ESPN says we would win 12 more games than before the trade, which is definitely significant for those last playoff spots.

    If not that trade maybe we go for what was talked about a long time ago and go for Iguadala

    But I doubt this trade will get us as far as the previous one I suggested for Nene because after all its not scoring we need, its defense, size, and REBOUNDING! Please excuse the frustration. Hopefully Udoh does better than his predecessors and blossoms into a polished big man, which I am starting to think is a sign that we need to hire a coach to teach these guys how to play the position. Not saying Keith Smart needs to go but maybe he can hire someone as an assistant specific for that role.

    I like idea of a trade for a J. Smith form Atlanta(love his game), but I don’t see it happening since it would require giving up some star power on our end like a Curry, because players like Curry just don’t come along with his skill and potential. We were lucky to grab him in the draft.

    I don’t agree with some who say we can never win with Ellis and Curry at the 2 and 1. They are wrong they just need the right supporting cast and lets face it if we traded either of them away no one would come to see the Warriors play at Oracle or anywhere else for that matter. The NBA is about money too.

    Now on a more realistic note, Warriors general manager Larry Riley has made it clear the Warriors are not going to make a bog move, so lets see how far the team gets us this year and possibly make the playoffs(fingers crossed). Because lets face it, if the Warriors don’t make the playoffs that will not help us bring any talent to the Bay Area. Especially with this movement of the players going to big cities and creating superstar teams. But at least we have the Big City going for us as a positive.

    So, lets get a big man from the free agent market in the summer.

    There is Big Baby Davis who is promising and I think would fit into what the Warriors do, but he isnt quite the presence we need. Maybe a Zach Randolf, Yoa(doubtful he recovers) or Greg Oden(who lets face it has huge upside and I wouldn’t call him injury pron just yet because he isn’t re-injuring the same thing every year like Andrew Bynum). Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah and Al Horford who are also restrict free agents could be available for us to pick up just like we did David Lee. I like our options for next year as a contender. Maybe even Shane Battier or David West(depending on CP3 of course and where he goes). These are just the big men off course we need to deepen out bench at all positions especially the 3, Reggie Williams can’t be the go to sub for the 1, 2, and 3 spot. we need a better 6 man.

    Warriors have a good base and are not in bad shape for big things in the future, we just have to be active in bringing talent instead of hoping we lay a golden egg. I don’t even think the lottery can help us out with this one because we don’t have a number 1 pick, at least one early enough to help us…
    This source says “Nets receive the Warriors’ 2011 first-round pick (lottery protected in 2011, top 11 protected in 2012, top 10 protected in 2013, if not conveyed by 2013, Nets will instead receive the Warriors’ 2013 and 2015 second-round picks) (Marcus Williams trade 07-22-08)”
    And we wont even have a top 10 pick, and if we are lucky we get the 12th pick and have a chance to deepen our bench but I doubt Honeycutt is the answer. I personally like Marcus Morris for better depth in size at the 3 and 4 positions.

    As long as we make moves to become a bigger and more physical team we will win some games. We don’t need drastic change or to reface the franchise.

    In conclusion, fight to make the playoffs this year , get a lane filling Center in the free agent market, get deeper and bigger from the draft if possible, I like what D. Wright can do but if he was the 6 man the Warriors would be so much better(meaning we need another guy at the 3, maybe we get Jay Rich back as a free agent, he will be available), and hirer a big man coach!

    I think I have said enough. Marcus I love what you are doing here, if you could give back some feedback even if I don’t win it would be much appreciated.

    God Bless.

  • Moneer

    Marcus it is simple..Andris is not a true center..Lee doesn’t want to be a center…He just shoots the ball; what we need is what we have needed for quite some time..we need a big man..i say trade for bogut or Randolph..whatever happens we need a big stocky true big man..we cant have a Brandon wright or Anthony Randolph or Biedrins.. We need a big guys who understands he is Giant and Massive for a reason

  • LastDragon

    Hire Donnie Walsh to run basketball operations as soon as the Knick release him. He did a fantastic job building the Pacers and he is doing a great job getting the joke of an organization sometimes known as the Knicks on the right path. The Knick don’t appreciate him the Warriors could sure use a proven winner in the front office.

    Second the Warriors must accept they have an institutional blindness for bigs. There are two ways to address this 1). trade all your guards for an impact big or attempt to hire away scouts with a track record of finding bigs. I figure a scout makes $250 – $350k find the best one or two and pay them $1 million/yr if they overpay a scout it cost $700k/yr but draft the wrong big it can cost $2-$3 million/yr (see B. Wright). Part of the reason they had to overpay D. Lee is because they are unable to draft bigs and the reason they overpaid is because the front office can not evaluate bigs I believe The Warriors signed D. Lee thinking he was the missing big with the number he was putting up in NYC. Anyone who has half a brain could see D. Lee would be of limited effectiveness for the Warriors needs at the PF position.

  • BringBackTheChrisAndTimBurger


    Approach: build a team around Curry based upon his projected skill-set and limitations, and make the hard-truth assessment of whether or not we should be rebuilding or just trying to add “one piece”; we need to stop staying mediocre while being neither lottery favorites or playoff favorites. I believe at this point, we need to give up Monta, Lee and Biedrins in order to make the necessary and significant big-man upgrade, or lose them as a way to begin a medium/longer-term rebuilding process to improve our chances of leveraging draft position and cap space.

    If superstars are available, then it’s a no-brainer, but I believe there are acquisitions we can make of slightly limited players that would be effective pieces to compose around Curry. Instead of simply proposing specific trade/signing ideas, I’m going to first describe the type of players to target as a plan, and explain why it’s realistic. And then I’ll provide a few more specific trade/signing target scenarios.

    1) No team wins without at least one good big man (i mean ‘true’ big man, which is why I think Miami may ultimately be doomed if Udonis doesn’t come back). Even the small-ball Suns had Amar’e. David Lee is no Amar’e (he’s worse on defense, which is pretty pitiful to say). Ideally, we’d get a KG, Duncan or Griffin, but realistically, we can’t bank on that. However, I believe we can win with big men with slightly more limited skill sets than those guys. It has been said colloquially and also demonstrated with statistics, that defensive rebounding is a big part of team defense (and in helping initiate fast break offense). David Lee has not solved this problem like Riley was hoping he would. As a fan, you can see that he hardly gets the big rebound when it counts, and statistically speaking, his teams have historically improved their rebounding rate when he’s off the court — not a good sign. If you can’t rebound, you should at least box out or play good defense. Unfortunately, we don’t need to talk about his lack of presence defensively against other big men. Without a defensive big man who can stop getting murdered (defensively) in the low-post, otherwise, we’d get killed in the playoffs, or more generally, in a half-court game pace. In order to maintain our up-tempo identity, we need a big who isn’t a complete liability with the ball (this means either moving the ball with high IQ, jump shot, or low-post game; remember how Nellie hated having any 2 of randolph, wright or biedrins together? same idea). The good news is that I think we can get by without a superstar big man and still fulfil these criteria decently.

    As said before, Lee fails on the first two criteria. Ideally I’d love something like the old Florida front-court with Noah and Horford, a pair that can move the ball, score efficiently, set screens, clean the glass and bang with anybody. Shot blocking is just a plus. Too bad Noah just signed an extension. Potential targets: Horford, Nene, Milsap, M. Gasol. These are players who are available as FAs, or not necessarily viewed as untouchables, yet who fit the above criteria. On offense, they all have surprisingly good basketball IQ, and if you haven’t seen them play, you can check out their AST% relative to other big men. It’s very impressive, like Lee’s. Furthermore, they can all D-up (recall that Milsap shut down Boozer recently, so he’s effective even though undersized). And while neither Nene nor Milsap are upgrades over Lee in the rebounding area, they are significant upgrades defensively. If we’re unable to acquire one of these players through trades or free-agency, acquiring non-top-flight big men as a pair is also realistic to do through the draft: nene, noah, m.gasol, milsap, bynum. We can pair one of these guys with somebody like a Tyrus Thomas, or somebody who is even more one-dimensional and may be available by trade down the road.

    2) In the backcourt, ideally, we’d get lucky again and grab a Monta or Sprewell (yeah, yeah, I know) late in the draft, but I think pairing Curry with a player with a decent big guard can make up for Monta’s departure. In Monta’s absence last year, Curry put up big numbers, which may off-set much of what Monta has done on offense this year, and adding a defensive 2-guard can probably shore up our team’s defensive efficiency enough to offset the loss in the team’s offensive efficiency lost with Monta. So, we should target a 2-guard/wing with a decent mix of basketball IQ, defensive ability, scoring off-the-ball. Fortunately, in the NBA, this spot is the easiest to luck into. Complemetary wing players who fit this criteria seem to pop up all the time in the NBA: from W. Chandler, W. Matthews, L. Fields, A. Afflalo this season, to gems from previous seasons like Manu, Raja Bell, Salmons, Capt’n Jack, Courtney Lee — adequate pieces seem to be available every year either late in the draft, overseas, or the NBDL.

    3) Don’t get “bandage” players to limp into the playoffs — either fully invest in a long/medium-term plan with young players who can tolerate winning and increase our short-term probabilities of a good lottery pick, or put in all the pieces for a winner. If we can’t acquire an impactful piece within 2 years, Lee and/or Ellis may be past their primes or just ready to boil over, while helping us win just enough to cash in on the draft. Not a good plan.

    Potential trade offers + acquisitions to satisfy above goals:

    Scenario 1:
    (A) Trade Monta and Lee to ATL for Horford (assuming he’d sign long-term). [Pachulia, Crwaford, Marvin Williams, Vlad and Lou can make salaries match on ESPN NBA Trade Machines]. Why Hawks might do it: Lee is back in the East where he was a beast, and while they give up some ability down low in Horford, they pair Monta with Joe Johnson to significantly upgrade their backcourt.
    (B) Trade Biedrins to HOU for Courtney Lee (and absorb trash to make salaries work). Maybe Houston will continue to follow their equation of C/PF by committee now that Yao is probably gone.
    (C) Complement Horford by gambling on Ekpe’s development and trying to sign M. Gasol (fat chance), Carl Landry (more likely), or rolling the dice with signing either Oden or Yao.Note that Ekpe has a chance to fill the roll of big man I outlined earlier, especially considering the tremendous basketball IQ he demonstrated at Baylor, so there’s still hope for not completely regretting passing on Monroe.

    Scenario 2:
    (A) Short-term: trade Monta for a bunch of draft picks and terrible players with fat contracts, while letting Lee stay to help Curry’s development. Losing Monta should put us in significantly better draft position for a few years to hope for impact through the draft, or to stockpile young assets, and we won’t need the cap room since we’re not trying to win immediately (remember, we’re not a hot FA destination, especially in the era of super-teams).
    (B) Medium-term: trade Lee (hopefully Curry will have helped maintain Lee’s trade value) and stockpiled young assets acquired in (A) for an impact player to pair with Curry. Hopefully Wright and Ekpe should still be around as complementary pieces, and acquire effective 2-guard role player as described earlier. Hopefully by now, the contracts absorbed in (A) can be shed as expiring or near-expiring deals.
    (C) Ready-to-win: If (B) works, we’ll have two good pieces, Curry and whoever we’ve added. From (B), we’ll also hopefully be in financial position to sign a big free agent, and since we have two good pieces, we’ll be a more attractive destination for a free agent who is motivated to win.

    Q: Why Curry instead of Monta?

    A: If I had to pick one of the two players to keep, it would be Curry, because he’s younger, he fills a more difficult-to-fill need as a PG with tremendous basketball IQ and upside, and I think it’s easier to create a winning formula by adding spare parts to him than it is to Monta. I don’t want to spend too much time justifying my position on this point, but it centers around the fact that he’s better at getting other players involved. Although Monta has improved at moving the ball this year, the offense seems to be more efficient when it’s only Steph vs when it’s only Monta. I know one can pick whatever stats they want to prove a point, but one stat I put particular value in is team offensive and defensive efficiency: if you look at 82games.com, you can see that the team scores more efficiently (more points
    per 100 possessions) with Steph on the floor than with Monta, and while they seem to suffer on the defensive end, the net difference is significantly in steph’s favor. Oh, and just to appease Mr. Kawakami’s favorite stat, Curry’s +/- is higher, but not by a staggering amount to me.

    Q: Why not keep both and just add a big man like Riley has suggested?

    A: Another option is to keep both, but only if you can add an impactful piece upfront. Given that we couldn’t do this through trades (even with expiring contracts), and that we’re not NY, South Beach, or LA (and hence, can’t attract all “supermen” from Orlando) and won’t be a top destination for free agents, and that we clearly don’t have the cache in the front office to swing a lopsided deal like the one for Gasol, I think we need to trade one of our two most valuable pieces, and because of the previous reasoning, that would be Monta instead of Steph. Of course, this decision would be especially painful given his transformation as a leader this year, and his return to efficiency on offense, but like Bill Walsh said, when it’s painful, that’s the best time to trade a player (at least I think he said something similar).

    Q: If we give up Monta, where does our scoring come from?

    A: A lot people think finding a good scorer is cheap: think instant offense like Eddie House, Ben Gordon or our own Reggie Williams. I think if we at least have big men who are not a liability with the ball in their hands gives us some flexibility to the types of complementary players we add: be it ball-dominant scorers, one-dimensional shooters, or defensive players, since they can also facilitate the offense. Having flexibility in constructing a roster this way is key to take advantage of useful players off of the NBA “scrap heap”.

    Q: You didn’t say anything about a GM or Coach:

    A: I’m a bad judge of GMs — they’re only as good or bad as their last move it seems. The only thing I can say with confidence is that Chris Wallace is terrible, and that Isiah drafted much better than he traded for or signed players. If we can get somebody with cache like Jerry West, then maybe, but other than that, it’s not clear if replacing Riley would be a impactful decision. As for a coach, there are good coaches, but rarely can they polish garbage. The closest ones are Larry Brown and Don Nelson. Even Phil Jackson has never proved he can win with garbage. So I think it’s more important to focus on constructing personnel rather than the coach.

  • Anthony B.

    This trade involves getting rid of Amundson, Radmanovic and Charlie Bell which all combined cannot make even %10 of Kevin Durants sweat. Check out the trade machine link I achieved. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=4hqklko
    The warriors would be able to acquire Marc Gasol the lesser talented but still an equal force Gasol sibling and Andre Iguodala who has not been metentioned in a all star category since 2008. Maybe I can submit my resume to co-owner Joe Lacob and help him save half the money he spends on Larry Riley for some court side seat tickets and a mere fraction of what he pays Larry.

  • http://superdeville.com JayPrzy

    SInce we are stuck with the players we got, we need to change our strategy. We currently run the offense through Monta Ellis who is in the top ten in scoring with a shooting percentage of 47%. However, in the offseason we went and spent $80 million on David Lee who shoots a career 54% who basically just sets picks for Monta at the top of the key. We should run the offense through Lee who can command a double team down low. He can score off single coverage or pass to any of the Warriors shooters, or hit Monta as our cutter/slasher player. We can also stick Monta on the week side and let Curry and Lee do their best impersonation of Nash/Stoudemire. So long as we are a jump shooting team, we will never get to the free-throw line. As for defense, if the G.State takes a high % shot, the other team has to pull the ball out of the net and walk it up eliminating the other teams transition game. If the G.State wants to run, they need to trap, get steals and deflections, and force the other team into taking bad shoots without fouling. Go Warriors

  • Nicolai

    Nice ideas, everyone. I’ve always said that GS fans are some of the most intelligent, realistic, and level headed of any out there (despite our constant optimism that the Warriors are on the verge of being good). The proposals here represent our fan base well.

    I still like my ideas in post #28. They still stand up past the deadline. Hope you see it the same way, MTII.

  • Perry

    Hey, “ReasonableAnswer”…….

    I understand your points but Kobe was drafted by Charlotte and traded to L.A. for your close friend and favorite player, Vlade Divac………….

    But you make a decent point, overall…..just don’t get too carried away……you had a nice run going until you messed up with Kobe Bryant.

    You obviously don’t know much about the Lakers, typical of most Bay Area fans.

    But, the underlying and prevalent theme on this thread, echoed by many posters, is simply, …….You have to have talented, winning, ‘difference making’ players to succeed in this league, plain and simple, case closed.

    Golden State simply does not have enough ‘difference making’ talent……

    We’ve struck out on everything…….drafting, free agency, general management,ownership.

    But the bottom line for Joe Lacob is profitability. That’s it…..If he’s profitable, he is successful.

    The Golden State Warriors are just one business among many others for Lacob…..

    Can you imagine what we are talking about when a $450 million investment is just a side business?

    Astronomical amounts of money these owners have…….more than the players and we think players are wealthy……..

    The Maloofs in Sac are an excellent example, these guys haven’t done shit to improve their squad in 5 years, they started Beno Udrih at the ’1′ for two consecutive seasons for God’s sakes; but as soon as the shit hit the fan in the profitability department, they are ready to ship their product out of town in search of a more lucrative venue and market, although they have been planning to get out of town for years now…..

    It’s all about money with every owner, some owners know more about NBA basketball, surround themselves with the proper decision-making and player personnel and put everything into owning an NBA franchise (e.g. Dr. Jerry Buss; Marc Cuban; the Russian Prokerov) while others are just happy to be profitable.

    Warrior owners are making money, plain and simple, otherwise they would be out of business……

  • judoboy

    Remove Riley and Robert Crowell from the top. They’re the old regime, time to rid of ourselves of them. There’s no way that you can keep both Monta and Stephen, decided which one you want to structure your team around and go with that. Trade one of them along with a draft pick and/or player (hopefully it’s Andris) for a big man or a phsycial player (Iggy). Make a play for Greg Oden even though he’s damaged goods, it’s worth the risk. Have Udoh play the 4 spot, and have David Lee come off the bench along with Reggie Williams, this makes your bench stronger.

  • Herrick

    I think we need to breakup the Curry/Ellis combo and sign A.I. Everyone says we need to bring in a superstar, well there’s one that’s waiting for us in Turkey!

    FYI – He was the 1st pick overall in TNT’s Ultimate Fantasy Draft.

  • Herrick Macasieb

    Bring back Nellie. Trade for Baron Richardson, Sjax, Harrington, Barnes, and Pietrus.


  • BC

    1. Build a time machine

    2. Don’t trade J-Rich for Brandan Wright


  • Jet Set Dave

    This team can be a playoff team with 5 moves, and a contender in six.

    1)Goodbye Larry Riley as the head of Basketball Operations. You want to keep him as an underling fine, but I’ve heard enough statements of his commitment to uptempo small ball, and it doesn’t work. We need a new sheriff who will demand accountability from the players, staff and ownership. I would prefer to move now and have this guy in place for the draft. What’s Pritchard doing? If we have to wait, Colangelo, Popovich (who’s gotta be ready to get off the bench), and Warkentien would also be targets after the draft when they are free in June.

    2) Goodbye Keith Smart. You have 3 great shooters for their positions in Lee, Wright and Curry, and we have no 1/2 court design. He defers to Monta to avoid the hell Nellie got and bought into the concept that he’s our best player and as coach he has to get along with him. Wrong. We need a real 1/2 court game to take advantage of the strengths we have. Clearly the new GM has to make this call. If I’m the GM, I target Spurs lead assistant Budenholzer. The current hybrid more uptempo but still half court effective Spurs is the direction this team needs to take.

    3) Goodbye Monta Ellis. In the real world of the NBA Monta would be the perfect sixth man they way JR Smith has been and they way he used to be. He won’t accept that. Fact is unless you can match him up with a Point 2 or a Point Forward he’s always a negative mismatch in crunch time. He really can’t guard PGs and be expected to have the energy to provide offense. He doesn’t see the play, he doesn’t have the patience and passing to really run an offense. He’s a defensive liability. In short, he’s the tougher guy to hide defensively because he really can’t play PG. Now throw in Poor IQ, not a great handle and dubious practice ethic and you’re left with a great scorer and not much else.

  • Jet Set Dave

    3) continued… We need a large defensive stopper 2 guard, who can also make the better 2′s work on defense. John Salmons, Andre Iggy type.

    4) Goodbye AB. Wow Jello is tougher. We need that sourpuss whiney face off our bench and out of the locker room. We need a big body bad. Willing to do the dirty work, set screens, rebound, lay the lumber when required. Udoh is a start. He doesn’t need to score. He needs to occupy space and create space. AB won’t and can’t do this. There’s a reason guys like Damp and Shaq still have jobs. Admunson is too small. Nene, Marc Gasol…whomever you go for, has to fit this mold. Because of our team, we need to target a guy who can make 60% from the line.

    5) Plan the move to San Francisco in a state of the art arena. Half of the NBA fans don’t even know where the Warriors play. NBA teams stay in SF when they come here. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Anyone happen to take notice where all the stars have gone. It’s where the money is, where the suites will be sold. It can be “the” other destination on the West Coast. That will never happen in the 50 year old, outdated Coliseum no matter how you renovate it. It’s in a horrible part of town, in Oakland, near nothing.

    6) Get one great player free agent. Just one.

    There you have it. The Warriors are fixed.

  • D. Cash

    Let’s start by bringing back all the talent that the Warriors have traded over the years to other teams first. Then make sure that we terminate any front office personnel that took part in those horrible decisions. Secondly, do not trade another person until we have “New” qualified front office personnel who have some sort of idea of what they are doing. O.k., that was just a thought. Never mind. Scratch that!

    Since the Warriors seem to start all over EVERY year any way…Just blow everything up from the front office to the team. This is the last time I want to hear, “the Warriors have a young nucleus, and just wait until next year!” Let’s just get it over with. I am willing to absorb one more season of pain, and losing. Blow it up, the years of torture must end! I really took a good look at the team while they were playing Minnesota. The Warriors look like a high school team. No beef, no defense, no inside presence, no post game, just name it and the Warriors don’t possess it.

    It’s time to stop pretending like this team has a chance! I come at a quarter of the price of Riley. I don’t need a flip camera to tell you what’s wrong with the Warriors. I can tell you for free! O.k. Marcus, hook me up with a meeting with Lacob. I guarantee you, he wouldn’t be wasting his money putting together a team, or trading away all his valuable assets and in turn receiving nothing! I have been a long suffering fan for years, and I would be able to purge the losing ways the Warriors have been accustomed to. Change the Mentality! You know its going horribly wrong when you can’t even retain your mascot/symbol (Thunder)! Not that we need Thunder but…would the NBA consider taking/striping the logo from any other team? Lol. The Warriors are not even respected by the NBA. The only reason the Warriors still exist is because the Bay Area has a Great fan base. Losing is not acceptable under any circumstance. It is up to the new ownership to change the culture here. Let’s begin the job now. In the words of Batman, and Robin…Ka-Pow,Bam,Boom!!!!!

  • motov8ted

    If you really want to turn this franchise around once and for all, start with the front office! They have made soooo many poor decisions over the years (too many to list here), and have shown a total lack of direction as to what type of team they are trying to build, and have shown such a poor eye for spotting complementary talent to fit into some type of coherent system, that this franchise is a perennial bottom feeder and a laughing stock to the rest of the league. Their record speaks for itself!! Rowell and Riley need to go and the sooner the better. While your at it show Fitz the door as well and bring back Papa who is a much better announcer who won’t be such a shameless company shill.