Warriors Close to Pulling Trigger on Troy Murphy Deal; No Deal for Nate Robinson

The trade for Troy Murphy and the second-round pick is expected to go through later today or tomorrow, a team source confirmed for me.

As a review, the Warriors will send center Dan Gadzuric and forward Brandan Wright, a combined $10.6 million in expiring contracts, to the Nets. In exchange, the Warriors will receive the $12 million expiring contract of Troy Murphy and a second-round pick.

Murphy will be bought out and become a free agent. The Warriors do not want him on the team, just his expiring contract and the pick. The Warriors had been holding onto this option as a last resort while they searched for better deals.

A team source confirmed reports that Golden State had talked with Boston about acquiring Celtics back-up guard Nate Robinson, a Oakland Seattle native who went to high school for a year at James Logan in Union City. But the source said talks did not pan out and chances of a deal are dead.

Marcus Thompson

  • jclay09

    It’s funny that the Warriors were the ones who signed Murphy to the contract they’re now buying out.

  • TwoBuckChuck

    Good move by the Dubs.. Obviously doesn’t help us in the short term — but it beats letting Vlad, Wright, Gadzuric walk after the season and get nothing. Good to see a new mindset opposite of the Chris Cohan strategy of letting our expiring contracts and trade exemptions expire and getting squat for them.

    We have to pull ourself out of the massive hole Cohan has dug for us little by little, piece by piece.. Can we buy out HasBendrins’ contract too???

  • Gregory

    Why not actually keep and play Murphy for the rest of the year. God knows the still need some help. It does not cost them anymore, or is there some small clause in the
    Cap agreement that I am missing. It also seems crazy to just give away B Wright for
    a second round pick. I read where experts still think he can play. It is not as if Udoh is really tearing it up. Why not try to include him in a package for some, say like Oden for Portland, or actually give him a chance to play. God wouldn’t Greg Monroe, who the warriors passed on this last draft look good in a Golden State Uniform now. Just note in just less than a year the warriors have traded away Randolph, drafted Udoh over Monroe and now are giving Wright away. One step forward and one step or more back. Is there no one with any foresight involved anywhere?

  • jaysohn

    The Warriors simply don’t have the assets to make any significant deals especially with the end of the current CBA taking away any incentive for other teams to dump talent for cap relief. Fans are going to have to be patient because there is no quick fix out there for the mess that has been created over the past two decades.

  • joe suspect

    Nate wouldn’t have helped except for entertainment value, and would’ve plugged up another 4.5 mil next year, hampering our ability to resign Williams and/or quality bench players.

    No outlets seem to mention who we would’ve given up to get Nate, either. Bell?

  • GSW Truth

    Are you kidding me? We couldn’t offer Steph for DWill?? All we get is Troy Murphy. I’m hearing now we are not getting the pick!! Is Cohen still the owner of this team?

  • jefe

    Terrible plan. What are we going to do with a late second-round draft pick? Much better plan would have been to resign wright and then play him. He has shown so much game when they have played him. But they rarely did play him. Total waste of an asset. A top ten, first round asset at that.

  • Jay

    It looks like the W’s are paying $2M for a second round pick. First round picks have been purchased cheaper. This seems like a stupid trade from a business and basketball side.

  • JJ

    Steph for D Will if re-signed. But what if D-Will walked? That’s quite a gamble.

  • Twinkie defense

    What an idiotic waste of time – Riley’s tying up the phone lines in order to further deplete the Warriors’ weak bench, *maybe* save a little money this year (lol if Murph wants every penny, in which case the Warriors actually spend MORE money by making players go away than if he had just kept them), all for a second round pick who will in all likelihood never make the squad anyway.

    Thanks for moving around the deck chairs Lacob! This is not what we envisioned when Cohan was chased out of town.

    All I say is there better be some damn good use made of those three roster spots freed up here!

  • Twinkie defense

    And I agree that it was an epic fail not to find a way to get arguably the best PG in the game when he came available.

  • W’s in 2010

    Why not keep Murphy? He obviously doesn’t SUCK as ORL, BOS, and MIA are waiting to jump all over him after being waived. He’s not a cancer, he won’t mope on the bench playing out his contract. I mean, c’mon…

  • slamdunk

    This trade just shortens a weak bench, and since the Warriors want to buy out Murphy, Riley just gave away what little height was left on the bench. This type of trade ensures that the Warriors will always be bottom feeders whose GM always gets taken advantage of because he is clueless. Lacob/Guber should re-consider their purchase and sell to Ellison, who might actually hire managers who know what they are doing.

  • ramg529

    B. Wright “has shown so much game” when given the chance? Are you kidding me? This dude is a BUST. Same skinny unripped body type as when we first drafted him years ago, same one-trick-left-handed-jump-hook pony, same deer-lost-in-the-headlights-stare…still missing assignments… MAJOR BUST.

    Gotta go down in Warrior history as one of the worse trades ever… JRich for BWright… WOW. And I’m not even nor never was very high on JRich..

  • W’s in 2010

    The mistake was taking BWright #8. Nobody would be complaining right now about the JRich trade if we took Noah. 🙁

  • G

    why not trade Murphy for another 2nd round pick vs. buy him out? I’m sure a contender like Orlando would do that.

  • dw

    just one extremely long sigh…
    I’m so tired of looking at Riley and his droopy dog face saying ‘well, we tried but..’ it’s always something with this team. Nice trick with the little camera giveaway Marcus, I’m sure the W’s have something to do with it but plain and simple, meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  • Yoda

    Re #16, exactly. It was a good trade, dumb pick.

    I am so glad they didn’t get Nate. What on earth were they thinking there?

  • G

    what really do you people think Joe Lacob could possibly do with what he has to work with? Expiring contracts mean jack right now because of the uncertainty around the CBA. To get talent you have to trade talent. Where is the Warriors talent? Bottom line right now, the Warriors must improve organically, which means thru the draft. Curry and Ellis are really good players and trading one of them for another really good player doesn’t do anything to change the status quo. The overriding problem in my opinion with the Warriors is the lack of development of Biedrins. He has digressed considerably since they gave him his new contract. When his contract is off the books, the W’s can start to make some moves. In all fairness, we should start to judge Lacob when bad decisions by the Cohan regime are no longer impacting his ability to improve the franchise.


    “A team source confirmed reports that Golden State had talked with Boston about acquiring Celtics back-up guard Nate Robinson, an Oakland native who went to high school at James Logan in Union City. But the source said talks did not pan out and chances of a deal are dead.”

    Marcus Thompson, How about doing a little research before fabricating a trade scenario! Nate Robinson isn’t an Oaktown native and he never attended “james logan” in Union City!! Nate Robinson is a native of Seattle, WA. He attended Rainier Beach HS and the University of Washington!!

  • W’s in 2010

    Lacob has done nothing to separate himself from Cohan.

    And btw, Gerald Wallace is available for expiring contracts. A guy who rebounds, blocks shots, plays D, who needs that???

  • Guero

    Explain to me the benefit of this trade. Someone. Please.

  • eric

    I’m a bit of a noob, but what are the benefits of buying out a player versus letting his deal expire? Are buyouts cheaper? Because the Ws are down 1 player from the trade.

  • G

    Andre Miller is not an expiring contract. He still has 2 more years left on his deal. Gerald Wallace is over valued anyway.

  • Guero

    Yeah, but this looks like nothing but a Cohan-esq move – save some cash. Now they will go sign Adrien or another NBDL player, he will score 15 points, and everyone will say he’s next years starter – been through this many times. Otherwise, whats the benefit? I dont see one except for saving the difference between the buyout and what they would have paid Wright and Gadz. And please dont tell me about the 2nd round pick. Big f’ing deal. We ain’t gonna get another Monta in the second round people.

  • W’s in 2010

    Andre Miller’s contract is NOT guaranteed next year.

  • W’s in 2010

    WOW, BDiddy to Cleveland. And the front office wants to convince us there will be no activity because of the new CBA? Yeah, whatever.

  • Mike W

    @Frisco is right. Who in the hell edits this thing? Nate is about as Seattle as it gets!

  • jclay09

    If the Warriors were willing to take on payroll for their expirings, they could’ve gotten talent. But they weren’t, so they didn’t.

    Bare minimum, if the Warriors weren’t able to get at least a late 1st rounder for Wright they should have hung on to his Bird Rights, let him help the team try to push for the playoffs, and dealt him in a sign and trade for AT LEAST a 2nd round pick if not more. And they would’ve saved money.

    Just disgusting all around.

  • commish

    Marcus, nothing unusual but I am confused. By picking up Murphy’s expiring don’t we gain at least some additional cap space for next year? I thought that was heart of the deal plus moving two players who ride the bench. Breaks my heart not knowing why BW is such a loser in the eyes of Smart and the franchise. And I agree with all the other bitter fans who don’t understand why not at least showcase him to perhaps getting a first rounder rather than second. Scary bad.

    After reading Adam’s scathing blog and responses this morning, I am truly depressed. Just seems pretty much everyone, and I wonder if you fall in this camp Marucs, is so down on Lacob and broken promises. I wonder how much of this is true versus simply not having the assets or time yet to deliver. Seems Riley’s conservative nature is winning out over Lacob’s (arguably so far) B.S. Sounded good but is he really a more available and more articulate Cohan.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Atlanta’s “dangling Josh Smith” and Chris Kaman is on the block. This is our chance to make huge moves:
    1) Monta for Josh Smith
    2) Dorell Wright and Biedrins for Kaman

    Granted, we’d be losing some scoring, but our front line of Smith, Lee and Kaman would be formidable. Let Reggie Williams start and see what he can do at the 2. Let’s face it, the dearth of good shooting guards in the league is unlike any other time in history.
    This summer, we’ll use our draft pick to get the best SG available if Williams isn’t the answer.

    PG – Curry/Law/Lin
    SG – Williams/Bell
    SF – Smith/Radmanovic
    PF – Lee/Amundson
    C – Kaman/Udoh

  • jT the Bigger Figger

    Facts are: 1) Dubs had none, nada, zero, zilch, 1st round draft picks to offer; 2) Deals for Melo, DWill, BD, all required 1st round draft picks to be considered; 3) Nobody was knocking on the door asking about the Dubs expiring contracts…NOBODY; 4) If you don’t plan to keep your expirings around in the future (or plan to play them), then all you can hope for is getting something, anything, in return; 5) Can’t trade something NOBODY wants for something SOME people want…less you’re buddies with DStern.

    As TK eluded to in his blog, BW wasn’t what the Dubs were trying to get in the big picture…KG was the target in a 3-team deal with Minn and Char, that would include JRich being traded, and supposedly AThorton being drafted by Char to be sent to Minn. The deal was botched when BW was picked over Thorton and the Dubs were stuck to trade JRich for BW.

  • B in Oakland

    #21 and #29

    Nate Robinson WAS born in Oakland and did attend James Logan High through his 11th grade year.

    I ran track against him numerous times all over the Bay Area. He was quite the hurdler..

    “Transferred to Rainier Beach in Seattle prior to his senior year from Logan High School near Oakland, Calif.”


    “I remember one time I was like 15 or 16 and I was in Oakland, California. There was this park where I grew up called Bushrod, it’s in north Oakland, me and my family took a little trip up to another park called Mosswood. It’s like rival parks and my family went up there and we played against another family. I remember we put the money in a hat, everybody put in five dollars. … We played for hat, played for the money…”



  • B in Oakland
  • dubfan

    I think Warrior fans need to calm down a little bit and try and have some perspective. And believe me, I am as frustrated as the next guy with the history of this franchise, dumb moves, bad trades, bad signings, etc., but consider this: This year, the Warriors have a shot at ending up right around .500, maybe a tad below…let’s say they end up winning 40 games on the button, which would entail a 14-12 record for the balance of the season. This is not overly optimistic, and reasonably possible, I think. If they had had a healthy roster all year long, and had not lost Lee, in particular, for 20 games (10 entirely, and 10 as a half a player), it is not unreasonable to think they would have won 3-4 more game…which would put them at right around 43-44 wins for the season, or 15+ games better than last year. Give this whole team another year together, maybe throw in some decent trade (hopefully involving Andris + ???) or a decent draft pick, and good health next year, they could bump that 43 win team from this year a few more games next year…3-5 more wins, perhaps? This would put them in line to be pushing 50 wins a year from now.

    Everybody, myself included, wants them to win NOW, but they have made great progress in less than a year. Can we build a team from a decent core, for once, and not re-do the whole team every couple of years? Right now, playing more difficult games in the West, they still have a (slim, but possible) shot at the playoffs. If they were in the East, with their current record, they would be in the playoffs, and they probably would have a better record because they would not be playing quite as tough a schedule. Panic is not going to help this team. Time (and hopefully not too long a period of time) will.

  • Bill

    does anyone really think the rest of the league looks at Biedrins at his gigantic salary and thinks, “Oh, wow, wouldn’t he look good in our uniform?” You know what the Warriors need to hire? Somebody with a blowtorch to light a fire under Biedrins’ ass, and at the same time apply that flame to the wonderfully inconsistent and lackadaisical Radmanovic. And so we’ll have expiring contracts with which, as always, we will do nothing. Nobody wants to be here, come here or talk trade with us unless they can rape us as they did when they took J Rich for a number eight wimp with arms long enough to tie his shoes standing up and the heart of a battered puppy dog. Good riddance, now when can we dump Bell and Vlad and some of this other ridiculous Larry Riley luggage such as Amundson who can’t catch a beachball thrown on the beach by a child. Hustle? Gadzuric hustled but he couldn’t drop the ball in the ocean if he was standing on the Titanic. So we dump him, we basically give away Maggette because he makes 10 mil…it’s a business people…brace yourselves to lose your favorite players..Monta, Curry, even Dorell….the Warriors have been doomed for decades and are more of a laughingstock in the league than ever….you want solutions? Purge the front office entirely. Start the f over. God, bring back At Attles, ill as he looks. Warrior fans (and I am one of the most loyal since 1962!) are just exhausted from watching this shipwreck year after year. If Biedrins flops one more free throw I’m going to throw radio batteries at him the way the Hawks fan did at Rick Barry in the playoffs way back when. This guy is an embarrassment. And one more rant. The other night against the Celtics Keith Smart had Curry and four deadheads on the floor against four all stars and a fifth Celtic…I’m talking when the deficit was only four points….He was OUTCOACHED! I begin to not care how personable he is, how good his outof bound plays might be….Get your head in the game and be aware of who is on the floor when. You have assistants; don’t they ever speak up? Start Udoh and send a message to Biedrins: You are nothing more than the next expiring contract and a back up center with NO offensive game. Sad. Cut Bell, please. Lin? He’s little more than a D leaguer glorified by the Asian community in the bay area. sad sad sad…..they compete, they have a few guys with talent….their coach burns up Monta with tons of minutes, can’t get Curry to stop throwing telegraphed hook passes….can’t get Biedrins to practice free throws even with Mark Price on the staff…and now when they need to draw up a play they predictable run a lob to the rim to Biedrins and the other team is miles ahead of them in scoping it out…god, I’d make a better coach and work for half…Lacob, as someone already said here, is just Cohan with slightly better PR skills….Murphy? Yeah, under contract, bought out and yet, and yet—when he was here, when he got minutes, he could defensive rebound…..by the way Radmanovic, it helps to move your feet on defense and stick up your arms to rebound…..god, makes my blood boil, and yet, and yet, tomorrow night I will be watching….

  • dubfan

    @Bill – so it’s all good then?
    Once a fan, always a fan…

  • danikil49

    I was going to say something but why bother. I hate this trade because unless it is a precursor to something better,it is just Riley spinning his wheels. He always spins his wheels and never moves forward. I’m still not sure about Smart, some of his rotations are suspect. like when we had the height advantage at SD and he goes small…??*&%%$@

  • Gunner

    With all these lateral and cap management moves, Lacob has yet to shown that he is any different from Cohan or Donald Sterling.