Biedrins Benched

At some point prior to the team’s pre-game meeting, which happens before they take to the court to tip-off, coach Keith Smart had a one-on-one conversation with his starting center Andris Biedrins. In the talk, he told Biedrins he was starting rookie big man Ekpe Udoh at center. Biedrins, who has been struggling mightily lately, would come off the bench.

Guess how Biedrins’ reacted.

BIEDRINS: “Before the game, I just really cursed out the coach, first of all. I almost didn’t go on the court. Then guys were saying ‘c’mon, c’mon. It would look bad for our team. So I went out there.”

Yes, he is joking. Biedrins’ reaction was actually the polar opposite. He was accommodating and humble. Then after the game, he spoke candidly about the situation, revealing his insecurities and lack of confidence.  One thing is for sure, Biedrins’ struggle is mental and he is frustrated with himself.

BIEDRINS: “I am. I am. I’m trying to find out why (I’m struggling) because physicall I’m feeling so great. I don’t have any problems. I’m feeling well physically. But mentally I just can’t get that thing right. So that’s why me and coach talked and we’ll just try to find some other way to get me back on track. If that means coming from the bench, so be it. It’s no problem for me.”

Smart said his goal is to take some pressure off Biedrins. He hopes the ability to watch the game from the bench at first will relax his big man and take the edge off. Biedrins is in a downward spiral and most of his problem is upstars.

He needs to make a few buckets early to get going, or do something well. But when he picks up quick fouls or miss his first few attempts, or his man is dominating, Biedrins just dives in his head. He gets down on himself, frustrated, and it’s a wrap.

Check out his numbers the last 13 games:

3.1 points on 42 percent shooting with 5.8 rebounds in 19.4 minutes

That’s why Smart had to sit him. Udoh had been playing well and he gives the Warriors’ starting lineup something they need – something from the center position. Biedrins hadn’t been reounding, defending nor scoring well. But Udoh at least protects the rim and is a presence on defense. He’s got to do better than 30 rebounds in two (that woulda been impressive!) 2 rebounds in 30 minutes, though.

UDOH: “That’s terrible. I’ve got to do better than that. It’s awful, period.”

Biedrins acknowledged he could be still clearing the hurdle from his surgery. He said he is physically healthy, but he conceded he may not be mentally recovered.

BIEDRINS: “Maybe, yes. Maybe no. Maybe I was expecting more at the beginning of the season. Maybe I was expecting bigger results for myself. Then I did start the season and I think that kind of got me a little bit. And it would just keep building up. I couldn’t understand why I’m not at the same level I was before the injury. And that’s why maybe I think I’m just getting too tough on myself. … You expect that I’ll go out and have 11 and 11 every game. But when you don’t get it, you start thinking “What’s wrong with me” and getting upset about that.

Marcus Thompson

  • DN8

    30 rebounds in 2 minutes? Now that’s a herculean effort right there. All kidding aside, that boy Udoh looks like he can be transformed into quite a refined post player…dare I say ala a Hakeem Olajuwon with the dream shakes and minus the rebounding.

  • Yoda

    LOL. I’ll take 30 rebounds in 2 minutes any day. The 2 boards in 30 minutes the box score shows isn’t so hot though.

  • Michael

    Maybe he should talk to Dr. Phil. His reaction to being benched says it all, way to complacement and passive. I want to see “Hulk Mad!” out of Andres for once. Time to grow a pair and man up!

  • Ron

    Should have happened long ago!

  • Wil

    Biedrins have to go period! I’m surprised he has lasted this long, it reminds me of the 49er’s quarterback, Alex Smith, why have they hung on to him for so long, as I said before, the coach’s undoing is going to be his personal loyalty to Biedrins, as it was Mike Singletary’s. We don’t have time for waiting and waiting and waiting. I applaud benching Biedrins, but that’s just because Smart has been under pressure, and benching is only camouflaging the problem, is knitting an old cloth in a new suit. Get rid of your old mistake Golden state and eat it. Stay with Udoh until you find the man you’re looking for.

  • DW

    Getting rid of Beans should have been the #1 priority at the trade deadline. They should have treated it like getting rid of Jax or Maggette. I can’t stand people who always make excuses for people and keep giving them chances. Even Zito is about to be shown the door.

  • Gizzm

    Udoh will only get better and better with more experience.
    Biendrins ship has sailed and it’s a shame this bozo doesn’t take his $9 mill a yr salary and job more seriously.

  • Mr Mully

    Beans is a good guy. His play sucks lately so he deservedly got benched but I for one hope he can get his career back on track either for us or elsewhere.

  • Kyle

    I wish Biedrins were as good of a player as he is a guy. Same with David Lee. And Radmanovic. And…

  • Thunder’s Ghost

    #5 agreed.. I like Andris and his humbleness is admirable but we’re not paying him to be nice and it won’t help us win games. I find it a pretty convenient, lame excuse that Andris’ game disappeared and “confidence” vanished AFTER he signed his high-priced longterm contract.. Andris — your 7ft tall and get paid millions to stand under the basket, grab the ball when it bounces off the rim, and occasionally make a layup and a FT!!! Your not curing cancer numbnutz. Your franchise is paying you $36 million and you lost your confidence after earning and being rewarded a big contract?! AB is clearly a sissy MENTAL MIDGET and needs a fresh start anywhere but here..

  • gsubi

    I think if Biedrins starts playing more aggressive he’ll get his mojo and his swagger back. Watch some of his old film. He has the talent. Hopefully he can turn it around within himself. I have faith in you, “Goose!”

  • Roger

    I wish Biedrins wasn’t such a classy, humble guy. It would be much easier to admit we need to let go of a total jerk than a class act, but it’s time to face the possibility that the double-double machine of years past might not be coming back.

  • yuri

    Get thee to a shrink stat! Instead of lying in a tanning salon Beans oughtta be lying in a psychoanalyst’s office. Try hypnotherapy! Sitting him simply is not good enough.

  • Fraudy Tom

    Udon is a bust. got adonal foyle written all over him. and he rebounds worse than adonal.

  • jacadocious

    Lets lose the rest of this seasons games for higher lottery slot… the Warriors are not contenders this year! Forget about pretending…. develop young talent, draft or acquire more talent, esp bigs. THE FUTURE!

  • Bill

    why tank the season for a draft pick we’ll never give any minutes to? what are we going to get, Jimmer Fredette, the white J Rich? some of you people need to study the game of basketball before you make asinine remarks

  • JFish

    Draft is likely to be very shallow this year. Without a CBA in place, some underclassmen may elect to stay in school, rather than risk coming out to a lockout.

    Beans has ability, at the start of his career, he was a double-double machine, which prompted his large contract. I’d take the Andris of the ’08-’09 season, 11.9 pts, 11.2 Rbs, 1.6 blks, from the center position.

    I hope he can get his head on right, I don’t think we’ll get much in trade value the way he is now.

  • deano

    Based on last night’s game, Andris does better coming off the bench. He got 6 rebounds in 12.5 minutes, to Udoh’s 2 in 30. One rebound every two minutes is very good. Nevertheless, neither Udoh nor Biedrins is (or ever will be) a starting quality center.

  • Eddie says

    Biedrins with the warriors five years and he was quite very consistant from the last three years, but did’nt improve very much to help his team specially this season. He is not tough enough to be a center in Warriors uniform. He should be traded two years ago. Get a big center on the coming draft, and there will be a lot available that can be more better and helpful than him. 7 million a year is a waste.. it’s like another Troy Murphy. Wake up Warriors.

  • eric

    check out this beast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfQTvxOO0ng

    really utilizing his speed and spins to aggressively attack the basket. i would guess that he lacks a lot of motivation to improve due to the team’s record and fat contract.

  • moromoro

    I want him to watch all his mix video and remember how he was good…

    Please get him to watch all mixvideo in YouTube.

  • Steven R

    Biedrins is way better than Udoh. If anything start Lou Admundsun or Jeff Adrien before Udoh. He isn’t even close to being ready to start. Basically on offense the Warriors are playing 4-5, he has yet to show that he can make a jumper, he can’t dribble, he turns the ball over, and though he can block shots he leaves his man to do that and it leaves for easy baskets.

  • W’s in 2010

    Biedrins sucks. And they way you just discribed Udoh is what Biedrins is. We’re 4 on 5 out there when Biedrins plays, he has to worst +/- on the team.

  • Bieds needs to practise more shooting and catching the
    ball under the basket. He must want to be the starter very badly to succeed. The warriors should have him be trained and supervised by a well-known trainer or former great bigs like Olajuwon. They should spend money on this project not only for Bieds but for all their bigs. It’s very hard to get a good center via trade or draft as the position is extemely important.

  • Mr. B

    Got to trade in the lemon in Biedrins rather than the repair the damage. I think we’ve wasted too much time and money on this guy. when you ain’t got it, you ain’t go it.

    Bigger picture, this team has a bunch of underachievers. We need to do something with this team as they go down the toilet again. we need some serious bigs here. Our payroll is not getting any smaller and we ain’t getting any better. 11 years of being a season ticket holder gets old when you crappy product.

  • Ultimate Warrior

    What is really wrong is that the catalyst to his game is gone. Check his production pre and post Baron and there is your answer. As good as we hope Curry will become, he doesn’t drive and dish. He is currently more apt to stop and pop. When he does drive the team wins.

  • W’s in 2010

    Don’t blame Curry, it’s the offense Smart runs. We have potentially the best pick n roll combo, yet Smart sticks with his motion offense or whatever the heck they’re doing. I wish Nellie was still here, it would be PickNRoll all game long.

  • PJ


    “Patrick O’Bryant might be arriving faster than I thought”

    He’s my guy. I wrote that the Warriors should take center Patrick O’Bryant with the ninth pick overall last June and–jaw drop here–they took him with the ninth pick overall. So I should not be overly surprised that he’s the new best thing in Warrior camp as the season kicks off. I shouldn’t be shocked that a lot of important people at Warrior HQ are nodding their heads and smiling wide when O’Bryant’s name comes up. O’Bryant will get hit with fouls, because all young big men get fouls, it’s an NBA law. He can stand up straighter, though, sort of Tim Duncan-style, and still be effective. He can play that game and there aren’t many in the league who can. That’s why I thought the Warriors had to take him. Still, if he proves me right by January,

    But J-Rich for Wright and a $10M exception? Sure, smart people know it was a great deal for the Warriors’ future…


    I think Wright was the right choice. I like Noah, but I think Wright and Biedrins–assuming Biedrins is the long-term center–is a potential winning frontline, and that’s how you have to plan it, if you’re the Warriors.

    You could look stupid for a while and maybe forever, if Noah turns into Andrei Kirilenko–my guy! I just don’t even know if that will happen, and I’m willing to see if Wright turns into Chris Bosh.

    And OBryant and Wright, as loyal readers must know, are my guys on this roster. Well, they’re the guys Nelson associates with my nagging, that’s for sure.

    I’m still arguing that O’Bryant can be a good NBA center. I see it in practice sometimes. I see it when he runs the floor, catches a pass, and hits a shot. He might never do it for Nelson, but I still think he can do it for somebody, somewhere.

  • Bill

    Biedrins never did any off season work. He should have made an effort to improve his shooting and to get into the weight room. Hire him a psychiatrist if it’s all in his head but lolling around like a sad little latvian doll is getting (has become) old. He showed up fairly healthy but shooting 19% at foul line. Unacceptable. Un-blankin’-acceptable. Ditto Amundsen, who can’t catch the damn ball! Biedrins has become worse than a non-contributor; he’s a liability. He’s in the wrong position on offense and late on defense. He’s overpaid. Too bad once we dump Radmanovic as well as Biedrins there’s no one out there who wants the money to come to the bay area. And although early returns on Thornton are speculative, he is really just here to showcase himself to get an offer for more money elsewhere, and at the same time force Reggie to the bench. I used to be a pretty big Smart supporter but lately his terrible substitution patterns drive me nuts. And he has to learn to think on his feet, to fly by the seat of his pants. Loyalty is a great thing, but loyalty to a weakling like Biedrins is disloyalty to the rest of the team breaking their necks to get a few wins. One more thing. Love Monta, but he has to stop telling post game interviewers that the team is still thinking about getting the 8th spot in the playoffs. Ain’t gonna happen, man. You’ve got two teams between you and Phoenix six games up and not enough time to catch anybody. It’s the same old sad story of wait until next year. I think probably Warriors fans are doomed like Giants’ fans to spend 50 years waiting. Monta will be an old man who finished his career in some godawful place like Detroit or Toronto.


  • Bill

    one more rant..

    we can’t run an inside-out offense because only Monta penetrates (gets fouled but the whistle never blows) and we have no one we can post down low….

  • Mr. B

    Pitiful inside game we have or not. We need a LaMarcus Aldridge or something like that. Lee is ok but this is the west and we need some bigs who can bully other bigs around. Draft does not look promising either so unless there is a major trade, then we this is what we have for the next two to three years.

  • atom

    Back on track?… Does that mean we look forward to the day when we can once again have our – 6 points/6 rebounds per game – monster BACK?!?!?

    He’s struggling this year because he’s always been mediocre (on his best days) and is now getting older and (amazingly) even slower. If he’s looking to improve his game he can start by not back-peddling away from the paint the second the Warriors put up a shot.

    Udoh has better, faster feet. Plays with more energy. Is a better shot blocker/rebounder. And sets better picks (getting to good spots and setting his feet faster) – than Biedrens.

    We can only speculate whether Udoh’s scoring will improve but Biedrens has had 6 seasons to show us that he’s flat out sub-mediocre and slowwwwww. This season is over. Give Udoh the minutes so he can develop and we can see what kind of player we have in him. Biedrens is a known quantity – Fluff.

  • W’s in 2010

    Biedrins is absolutely AWFUL. He needs to be benched. Unbelievable, and this was Keith Smart’s big project this past summer? What an epic fail job. NELLIE got more out of Biedrins.

  • Hi guys! The story of Biedrins is really bad. But there is one thing, during the summer he was unable to perform any physical activity, as he had burst abdominal muscles. No weight rooms – nothing.
    Most likely this summer he will play the European Championship with the Latvian team, and the primary to be worried about Latvian specialists is how to get back on track Andris.
    But the fact that the team has changed, I agree completely. There is not nothing to play it, as did the 07-08 season. There is no pick & roll, which was just icing on the cake AB.
    Here’s a little video, Biedrins 17 years old, one year before the drafts, during the game scored 3-point shots, two points distant shots … Where did it all gone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-onAwrZ_d-E

    Sorry for bad English …