Who You Keeping: Reggie or Al?

Reggie Williams has found himself in Keith Smart’s doghouse.
He didn’t get off the bench at all in Wednesday’s loss to Dallas, even when the offense sputtered. He’s logged double-digit minutes three times in the last eight games. With the season over, why isn’t he playing more?
The obvious reason: Al Thornton.

Reggie and Thornton offer different styles of play. Williams is more of a 2-3 and Thornton is more of a 3-4. But in the grand scheme of the Warriors’ bench, they’re redundant. Both are offensive-minded players who do little of anything else. Both can be pretty explosive when they’ve got it going.

Reggis is more of a shooter, Thornton is more of a post-up guy. Reggie has upside, and Thornton has experience. Reggie is familiar with the team, system, and Thornton would have to be acclimated.

So who should Warriors go with next year? Both are free agents next season, so the Warriors will have their pick (when ever the new CBA is done) of both, presuming no other team swoops in and overpay.

I think it would be too risky to walk away from Reggie. Especially for the seven or so games you’ve seen Thornton. You know what Reggie can do and can guess what he may end up doing. Might not be the smartest thing to walk away from Reggie, or push him down the depth chart, for a guy you have such a small sample window of. Consistency and growth should be important to the Warriors. If that’s the case, Williams is the choice. He has played just over a full season and figures to get better with experience. He might turn out to be really good.

Conversely, at 27, Thornton is who he’s going to be for the most part. He definitely brings some physicality and hunger to the Warriors bench. (Sometimes, it seems like Acie Law is the only reserve desperate to play.) And he can create his own shot, which the Warriors need from the second unit.

So, maybe the answer is to keep both. That would spell the end of Vladimir Radmanovic.

Marcus Thompson

  • thewarriorsrule

    um.. both? and yes, get rid of vlad


    Perry I love you. You speak your mind fella. no homo. Staples Center is where it’s fucking at. And where we hope to be someday….next year not happening. Agree with the man who said Curry should be a 6 year 66 million dollar investment who’ll be traded away so we can be in the lottery every year. ha…damn I’ll start scouting the AAU games for when that happens. Mother@#$% %^#@

  • R Barry

    Same type of players, except one is taller. At least Al can post up, W’s need a low post player. Play Al for 20+ minutes a game and let’s see what he can do.

  • manute bol

    Players in question = Vlad, Reggie and Thorton

    My question is, why would we keep either of them? All have one thing in common and the worst thing you can have as an athlete, potential.

    If we can get rid of them all and get cap relief (dont know rules on that stuff) then we need to go get a difference maker!!!!

  • Grad

    I say keep Thornton he’s an athlete plan and simple he has star potential just has had a lot of bad breaks in his career! And as far as defense have yu people not watched this guy play? Most of yu would never last a second on the court with any of these guys so stay in your place and watch what happens on the court!