Should Biedrins Come Back, or Call it a Season?

Talked to a lot of Warriors players and executives, and it seems the popular desire is for injured center Andris Biedrins to come back when he’s healthy.

Mind you, his ankle sprain is so bad, this decision might be made for him by his left wheel (I’m told pictures of his ankle could turn a stomach or two). But if he can come back, the most he’d play is eight games. He’s already been ruled out for this homestand. And I wouldn’t bet my Michael Vick rookie card on him making the two-game road trip at Oklahoma City and Memphis next week.

Still, even if it’s for the last six games, or four games, they want to see him back.

BIEDRINS: “Of course, I will work. If I am able to play some games at the end of the year, I will do that, definitely. I think it depends on how I feel. If I don’t feel comfortable, it’s still weak and I’m not ready, I won’t play. We still have 10 games left, and I’ll take it day by day to see how the ankle progresses.”

I say tell that dude to chill out somewhere and Ekpe Udoh get all the much-needed playing time he can get.

I heard various reasons as to why Biedrins should come back if he can.

* I got the Herm Edwards’ “You play to win the game” philosophy, meaning you should always put your best foot forward.

* I got the Biedrins-needs-the-chance-to-end-the-season-on-a-high-note logic. Biedrins is having arguably the worst season of his career. A good ending might save it.


* I got the building-a- foundation speech. “Only losing teams sit the starters and go with the youngsters.” Yes, the Warriors are guaranteed to finish with a losing record, but I can respect the sentiment.

They make sense, I guess. But not more sense than shelving Biedrins and getting Ekpe the keys to the key. See how much better he played on the road, when he wasn’t on a minutes count? This is the time of season where young players build confidence and get game experience. When they can play with no pressure because little is at stake. Monta did it. Biedrins did it. Curry did it last year. Gilbert did it. It’s practically tradition.

KEITH SMART: “You want him back in the fold because you want your full team back around. Maybe his conditioning may not be there. But you still want all your guys back on the floor as soon as you possibly can. We’ve had great chemistry all year long and we want to keep that going as you move forward.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Twinkie defense

    Goose is having such a terrible season but he had a good game or two before he went down. Definitely, if he can get healthy, he should finish out the season, work on his game, and try to finish on a high note.

  • Ramg529

    How about retire? Not that I feel like he ever had “it”, but the man just does not have it…

  • MrCrossover10

    If he wants to avoid being traded then he should play it out and prove himself.Otherwise Id say call it quits and go see a shrink to help build his confidence…

  • W’s in 2010

    We need to lose as many games as possible for a better draft pick. So yeah, hopefully he comes back! We play worse with him on the court. Look at his +/-, -234 in only 1300 mins.

  • lars54

    I’d like to see Biedrens retire, his huge salary a big problem for Warrior brass. The reason his career has tanked is related to work ethic, he’s just lazy. Does no work in off-season, that’s obvious. He doesn’t work on free throw shooting, or work at developing new moves, or shots, nor does he work on body. As a result you have zero improvment in his game season to season. He got away early in his career with this, but he’s getting older. You’ve got young guys coming up all the time – with great work ethics, serious about getting better all the time. Those are the kind of players GS needs, not Biedrens. Trade him now, but who would want him, he’s on downside of career, got huge contract. The one thing that make sense is to trade him to Cleveland, BD made him look good, maybe he can do this again.

  • Yoda

    A bad high ankle sprain isn’t going to let him come back in any shape to play well. He should just cool it.

  • deano


  • joe

    Should who come back ?!

  • Curacao Kid

    Depends, will he come back w/ a new pair, or be all touchy-feely like usual? If the latter, like dude above said, please just retire.

  • Bieber Cleaver

    Shelf him and package him with some players and a draft pick. No need to prove anything on a lost season.

  • Steve

    Hopefully the guy has played his last game for the Warriors. He’s the Latvian version of Joe Barry Carroll. He won’t retire until he gets every red cent in his contract, then he’ll be out of basketball and laying in the sun somewhere getting his precious suntan. Biedrins is a loser and soft as a marshmellow. Other than that he’s a helluva player.

  • Bill

    Lars54 said almost everything in his post. Biedrins is done, stick a fork in him. Also, do any of you so-called journalists mind asking Keith Smart a direct question? Question: why does Charlie Bell even get to sit on the bench? We thump Toronto and he never even takes off his warm up. This is the 2010-11 version of Marcus Williams all over again. I understand if we keep him we get to write him off for salary cap space next season but the trouble is, nobody wants to sign here. Thornton, believe me, is just using the Warriors to showcase himself to sign elsewhere. Yes, Steve, Biedrins soft as a marshmallow and the front office here is basically just Punk.

  • Grey Warden

    I used to defend Biedrins, but not anymore. He just doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to play like his previous self anymore. He has no confidence in his free throws, he doesn’t actively go after rebounds, and when getting offensive rebounds, he always kicks it back out instead of putting it back up for fear of getting fouled and having to shoot a free throw.

    Amundson shoots free throws just as poorly as Biedrins, but he at least isn’t afraid of shooting them.

  • robert rowell

    some posters here are talking about goose’s balls like they’ve spent time juggling them. i dunno, you can’t teach 7 seven tall and for that, at minimum, is where his value is. there will be no trading him at his current contract without the W’s getting worse and taken on worse players and worse contracts. think the sjax trade minus ten.

    ekpe can’t play the 5, though, and that much is painfully clear. we’ve gotten near zero production from the center spot for the past two-three years that some here (MT2?) are thinking udoh in all his physical limitations (and limited but far better than what we’ve been getting, production) is a good idea there. he isn’t. he can’t hang with any true center in the league up and down the floor. he’s got shot blocking skills, sure, often coming from weakside help or in transitions/scums around the rim. he’s an inconsistent rebounder and offensively, limited, especially against bigger players, and if he’s at the 5, just about everybody will be bigger than him.

    brandon wright+anthony randolph+ekpe udoh = draft redundancy

    larry riley, getting nothing done, but who cares, right?

  • He needs to go home and stay there. (next year too, he has been no help to the Warriors)

  • W’s in 2010

    2 games winning streak? We need to be tanking games! Biedrins needs to come back soon and lay eggs like usual so we can get back to losing.

  • W’s in 2010

    GWallace 40 pts. I’m looking at you Lacob. #dirtylook

  • He really has us by the balls. He’s not threatened by a trade, no team wants him, he’s overpriced. Can you put him on waivers? Don’t know. Doubt it, or we would have done it already. Basically he gets payed the same if he’s playing or riding the pine. Warriors aren’t going to the playoffs this year so he’s just going to cash checks and take it easy. Hey, lots of players on loosing teams start getting these “phantom” injuries towards the end of the season. The best we could hope for is to buy him out and let him go back to Russia or wherever he’s from. Give me somebody that wants to be there and gives an effort. Biedrins doesn’t give a sh?t. Have you ever seen him smile or look like he’s having a good time? This is just a part time job for him, and he can’t for summer vacation. Looks like his bags were already packed weeks ago.

  • Send him to the D-League and make him earn his way back.

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    AB shouldn’t see the floor for the rest of the season otherwise that idiot Keith Smart will play him for the usual 25 minutes of nothing at the expense of Udoh getting playing time. The season is over but Smart plays Monta all 48 minutes last night? What is Smart thinking? A couple more wins isn’t going to save his rear end.

  • Sal Paradise

    Only in the peculiar world of the Warriors would a guy like Epke Udoh be the next hope at center. All 6’8 3/4″ of him.

  • Aaron

    I find the “losing teams sit their players at the end of the year” comment both hysterical and depressing. The fact that the Warriors don’t realize that they are one of those “losing teams” is a big part of why they continue to be a losing team year after year.

  • Trade him to the Giants for Rowand

  • BiedrinsWho?

    who really cares about this loser from latvia.

    seriously speaking just give up the game you piece of garbage reject>

    you are a disgrace to the nba and fans have to watch you tank on this team night in and night out.

    go away…….you suck biedrins….you should be giving back your money you are so pathetic. you look like a woman too

  • Reason

    He can look at the positive strides he was making before the injury and take that into next season. Coming back and playing rusty for a few games at the end would probably result in a back smack to the positives he was beginning to see. But with that said, if I were him I’d want to come back and play.

  • Don Nelson

    Never liked the guy and never will. I would sent him packing if I had my choice years ago. He sucks up cap space.

  • Compare Biedrins to Monta Ellis — I dont mean skill Im talking about hearts.

    Biedrins sprains ankle two weeks ago. He is now pulling the plug for the whole season — which means he will miss the last 3 1/2 weeks for a sprain no one saw.

    Monta sprained his ankle throughout the season, including two games ago. He has missed nary a game, including a 32 point performance last game against the Dallas Mavericks.

    Just like last year, Biedrins is cutting his season short with some fake injury. The man has no HEART and should play next year in the development league. GO fake an injury there.

  • john freeman

    used’ta love him, now I’ve lost all respect for him because …
    – he is afraid to bang – fallaway jump hooks and passing it out when you get a rebound under the basket are just pathetic for a center
    – I personally refuse to believe that a man that physically gifted with good hands and natural grace cannot find a free throw stoke somehow if he really wants to.

    In other words, no matter how likeable he is, there’s something dysfunctional going on here, so it’s time for the team to move on.

  • Marsten Macy

    It seems funny that when NBA coaches talk about sitting the starters at the end of the season to get the reserves some time and experience, the amount of actual experience the players get is less. As the public knows, many of the playoff teams try to get their main starters off the court to be ready to play in the playoffs healthy. This leaves the team playing at a lower strength. As everyone knows, 16 teams get into the players leaving 14 other teams thinking this is the best time to get their reserves in. If all the reserves are in, how much actual experience will they receive that couldn’t be gained in the off-season? But in terms of the Warriors, just think of the message that you would send Biedrins if you do shelve him and hand the reins to Udoh. This shows a total lack of confidence in him and gives the message that you aren’t needed. It is a fact that he is out of shape and has a hard time on the court but totally shelving him from the rest of the season doesn’t give the picture that he is in the Warriors’ future. The best thing that the Warriors’ organization can do is to let him play in the last game of the season and give him a massive amount of help to turn him into a better player. Fans have wanted to see Biedrins consistently score double-doubles. If Biedrins could gain some weight and muscle mass as well as learn how to penetrate the low post consistently, he should be able to become better than his 2006-2008 form. Having David Lee there should also help him in his knowledge of the game. Therefore, as Keith Smart says, the great chemistry that the team had will become stronger next season and the Warriors will become a playoff contender.

  • The Latvian Loser caused us several wins.. go home..