Acie Law Done for the Rest of the Year

Warriors back-up guard Acie Law will finally succumb to his ailing right wrist.

Law didn’t make the trip to Oklahoma City because he was having his wrist examined by San Francisco hand specialist Dr. William Green.  According to the exam, Law is suffering from bone spurs in his right wrist and will undergo season-ending surgery. He will be examined again in New York and the surgery could be performed as soon as later this week.

You know what that means … Jeremy Lin is the back-up point guard the rest of the way. Right?

Law played 40 games with the Warriors, averaging 5.1 points and 1.6 assists in 15.8 minutes. Law became a staple in the rotation, leading the second unit and winning coach Keith Smart over with his defense and energy. Law is a free agent at season’s end.

Should the Warriors re-sign him?

I say it wouldn’t hurt. He’ll be relatively cheap. He’s good for the consistency and rapport in the locker room. He gives them a defensive option. But of course, the answer to that question depends on who’s running the bench, and the Warriors front office, by the start of next season, and how the roster has changed.

Marcus Thompson

  • robert rowell

    call it a career. acie couldn’t make any decent roster in the Association. but sure, why not resign him? then maybe next year we can make that goal of 36 wins.

  • What?!?

    This is Exhibit A for why Riley must be fired. Curry is the franchise player in only his second year, but the GM doesn’t even bother to have a veteran backup PG on the roster to take a little pressure off?!? Is Curry supposed to mentor Linn too? What an inexcusable situation. The fact that Acie fell into their laps only helps cover what a shabby job they did planning this team’s depth. Get a REAL GM and keep Riley as a scout.

  • deano

    Law did well, for a cast-off. He got better over time. He should be brought back as either the primary or (even better) the secondary back-up PG if GSW can attract another PG. I do not foresee Linn as being that primary back-up.

  • Bucky

    LOL, Lin still won’t get any playing time under Smart. Smart would rather just play Monta as the backup PG when Curry’s sitting.

  • Thunder’s Ghost

    Who cares??? Acie has had many chances to make it in this league and just can’t cut it.. If it wasn’t for Smart’s obsession with bad backup point guards who don’t belong in the NBA (exactly what Smart was) Acie would have been bagging groceries a long time ago. Acie getting more PT than Stef Curry is a joke and has happened on more than one occasion this season. Keith Smart can bring his man-crush of Acie to the YMCA rec-league where they both belong..

  • meir34

    Peculiar differences in opinion. I thought Acie was super as Curry’s bu. Even had better assist to turnover numbers most nights. If his wrist gets fixed and the prognosis for a return next season was good I’d resign him in a flash. Does a good job and comes cheaply which let’s more money available for getting other players. Lin likely is a year or two away from even being able to make a judgment about him as an NBA player.

  • Xiong8

    No way the Warriors should resign him. The guy has no jumper at all. I just don’t like his game. Got to find someone better either through the draft or in free agency if Lin doesn’t show any sign of improvement this offseason.

  • RoadWarrior

    It’s not saying much, but Lin is already the best defensive guard on the Warriors. For that alone, he should be played ahead of Law. But Smart plays favorites above all else — look at Monta-the-ballhog’s endless minutes, Curry’s benching for huge stretches of time; Bell getting 3 mil to sit on a bench all season.

    No one expected miracles from Smart. But he hasn’t done a single thing right. Seriously. Try to name one thing he has done at an above-average level. Terrible in-game strategist, no player development, a total lack of defensive principles, sub-par clubhouse management, awful bench rotations, and a lack of basic leadership skills (never heard so many silly, head-scratch inducing, confidence-sapping postgame quotes).

    Fire Riley. Fire Smart. Trade Monta for a big man. Any decent one will do.

  • rew

    If Law doesn’t resign with Warriors, I think somebody else will pick him up in a hurry. He’s a pretty good point guard, goes to the hoop well, passes well, not a bad defender either. His outside shot needs worth though, if he coould shoot better I think he could start for a few NBA teams.

  • W’s in 2010

    Law sucks. Memphis waived him, he would be jobless right now if GS didn’t pick him up.

  • Karen

    Acie Law will never have to bag groceries. He got his degree from Texas A&M and is a talented intelligent young man on and off the court. Now.