Plan C for Warriors: 36 Wins

Warriors forward David Lee said the team has set a new goal. Since they missed the primary goal (making the playoffs), and secondary goal (.500 record or better), the new mark is 36-46.

That would give them 10 more wins than they had last season. Such an improvement, he said, would be a notable level of accomplishment and enough to continue the positive vibes into the offseason, fuel the hope they have in the locker room.

Of course, for many fans, 36 wins won’t soothe the sting of missing the playoffs for the 16th time in 17 seasons. For many, it certainly won’t inspire hope for next season, considering the Warriors avoided major injuries and and have so many questions from the top of the organization to the end of the bench. But let’s just assume it is a worthy goal to strive for these final games.

Is 36 wins even feasible?

Golden State would need to win 4 of its last 8 games. If they were to go .500 over this last stretch, that just might be more impressive than if they went .500 for the season. Seven of those eight games are against playoff teams, four on the road. The one losing team, Sacramento, beat the Warriors handily earlier this month at Arco and pushed the Warriors to overtime in Oracle back in January.

Where do they get four wins the rest of the way?

Tonight at Oklahoma City –  The Thunder probably won’t catch the Lakers and won’t have a sizeable cushion on fifth-seeded Denver. Still, they didn’t get to where they are by taking games off.

Wednesday at Memphis – Grizzlies will be at home on two days of rest and needing wins to stiff-arm Houston from claiming the eighth spot.

Saturday vs. Dallas – The Mavericks, who just won at Oracle on March 20, is in a battle with the Lakers for the No. 2 spot, and avoid No. 6 Portland, who is dangerous.

April 5 at Portland – The Blazers are just a game ahead of No. 7 New Orleans and needs to stay that way or they’ll likely get the Lakers.

April 6 vs. Kobe & ‘ Em – The Lakers own the Warriors at Oracle. But does Golden State get one last high-note for the season by upsetting Lake Show?

April 10 vs. Sacramento – The Kings have given the Warriors fits. This game is a must-win on the road to 36

April 11 at Denver – On a back-to-back in the Mile High City. Against a team jockeying for playoff positioning. It will be ugly.

April 13 vs. Portland – Season finale. If Portland has nothing to play for, should be easy win.

You see 36 wins happening?

Marcus Thompson

  • RR

    no. 34 at best. absolute garbage.
    way to go, warriors (notably, david lee,) just keep lowering expectations until you meet those goals!

  • robert rowell

    is this a joke? 36 wins is now a GSW GOAL? whatta laugher.

    26 to 36 wins is something to hang your hat on if your cohan2.0, rowell and riley i guess. i knew this team had no pride, as if their play wasn’t evidence enough, here’s this asinine tidbit.

  • some guy

    agreed with #2.

    lucky for them Monta had those 2 ridiculous half court fouls against Denver or they might have needed to go 6-2.

  • Proctor

    36 wins at mostly full strength this year. A lot has to change…

  • W’s in 2010

    Hopefully, we don’t win any more games. Last year we missed out on Cousins basically because of ONE meaningless win down the stretch. Same thing happened the year we drafted POB, just missed out on Rudy Gay. We have a chance to end up 8th, that’s better than 11th. It could be the difference between getting a good player or another bust.

  • PJ

    #4. On the money. Wins right now are meaningless and actually set the team back. Looks like next year’s team is going to suck too. Best chance is for 2013.

    Why do I watch every game?

  • R Barry

    You have better odds buying a lottery ticket.

  • robert rowell

    “Golden State would need to win 4 of its last 8 games. If they were to go .500 over this last stretch, that just might be more impressive than if they went .500 for the season. ”

    MT2, are you serious? the two in no way compare unless you’re spinning meaningless BS and hype for the Cohan 2.0 regime.

  • Mike Aucksbigg

    The draft lottery format doesn’t work. It encourages teams to tank if they think they aren’t going to make the playoffs; and some teams start tanking near the All-Star break.

    Instead (I’ve proposed this before), the NBA should have a second “playoff” (maybe concurrent, IDK) for the bottom teams. The WINNER of the “loser’s playoff” gets the top pick, and so on. This encourages teams to build on SOMETHING towards the end of a losing season. Why should a team who deliberately craps itself deserve the number one pick? Wouldn’t a team that is working hard to improve deserve it more? This is the only way to guarantee full effort for 82 games, otherwise the loser teams could remain perpetual losers.

  • Bucky

    34 is the best case scenario. realistically, 33 or even 32.

  • darsh22


    We almost missed out on JOHN WALL at 1! We tied Washington last year, and even WON the coin flip (iirc), but they won the ping pong balls.

  • W’s in 2010

    Another loss… awesome! Charlotte just passed us, now we are slotted #10 in the lotto. Isn’t this great? Milwaukee is just 1 game behind. And they have a much easier remaining schedule than us. #9 slot is pretty much likely at this point.

  • Ric Barry

    I play old school which means I am a sore ass looser. If I was there, I would ask my players to play dirty – have some damn shame and damn pride. Ain’t nobody going to step all over me and my team and thats for damn sure!

  • Gizzm

    Looks like the home game vs. the Kings and Blazers are the only chance for wins . Let’s hope the W’s can at least avoid 50 losses this year. Baby steps.

  • Bill

    can we trade the whole team?

    seriously….could we somehow take a big chance and offer a lot of our stuff for Greg Oden? He’d give us the size we haven’t had since skinny Ralph Sampson and Joe Barely Cared…

  • thewarriorsrule

    10 game improvement over last year means nothing because last season was filled with injuries and d-league players and it doesn’t count. a real improvement would be 42 wins. i am truly disappointed by keith smart’s substitution patterns this year and the firing of don nelson. i truly felt that nellie could have done a better job with this roster and we would have been in the playoff race.

  • nickj

    Not gonna happen. Warriors as of this point will be lucky to win in Sacramento the rest of the way.

  • Bill

    hey warriorsrules….you’re absolutely right about Smart’s Dumb rotations….he doesn’t provide rest at the right time, brings onto the floor groups of players where no one can score, destroys the confidence of scorers (i.e. Reggie, Curry), believes in the unbelievable (Amundsen, Biedrins, Radmanovic), and always has a longwinded self justification after the games for why there was another loss and then he has the gall to talk about building the future of the team when he must know his head is on the chopping block…his neck, that is…..but if management brings in one of the good old boy network coaches named Van Gundy or some other retread, we’re doomed again….and Mike Brown? Give me a you know what break. Mike Brown couldn’t coach a girls’ middle school team. I don’t think Nelson would have got us to the playoffs, but…we’ll never know……the dance goes on….and please please please…I want, as a loyal fan, somebody to tell me why Charlie Bell is even permitted to wear a uniform….it’s a blankin’ joke…..if he’s healthy, play his ass, even if he’s just there so we can eat his contract…it’s Marcus Williams nonsense all over again….so many players just tossed away….Morrow, Watson, Maggette, Wright…..for nuttin!!

  • Reason

    The Warriors get 35 wins and just fall short of their goal, once again.

    The addition of Al Thornton will be great if he’s on the team next year, they should be an improved team with his athleticism and toughness.

    Before the Dallas Mavericks game I noticed Larry Riley talking it up with Keith Grant about Brendan Haywood.

  • Warrior Fan

    While many fans are losing patience. We are closer to being a better team. Monte is great. Curry is getting better. David Lee (after injury) is blending in and becoming a solid piece of the puzzle. Udoh (after injury)is showing he is part of the future. Wright is definitely part of the future.

    We still need a starting big, back up point guard and more bench depth. Warriors could have maybe won 10 – 12 games but still are several player short of a true playoff team that will go deep.

    Go Warriors!!!

  • DSuave

    The Warriors were pretty much injury free?
    Cohan 2.0??
    You chimps, chumps and bandwagon jumpers are ridiculous. The Warriors were damn close to being Memphis this year. What stopped it was a spout of 12-15 games without 2-3 of our PF’s. That dug the team a hole in which it could not recover. The Warriors are a team on the cusp of the playoffs. I thought the run would begin this year but “Oh well” it didn’t. Looks like (with health) the Warriors should be at least .500 next year, fighting for a 6-8 seed.

    Kieth Smart did a good job this year. He had injuries and wasnt sure how to best utilize his roster but he showed improvent. Vlad looked serviceable this year, the best he’s looked since scoring 20 something for the Clips. He’s learning his rotations as he goes but next year should be loads better. He’ll have a better understanding of what this team needs in the offseason and draft. And will have a voice to do it. Smart needs a 2-3 year extension flat out.
    Chemistry is very important and has been addressed. Signing DLee was a great move. Too bad Wilson Chandler has a dirty mouth. As he got more comfortable this season he played the best 4 for us since CWebb. A 20-10 PF comes to a high scorig team and he averages, what?, 15-8 or 15-9? He needs more than we got from ABiedrins down low. Udoh was a solid pick. Sure I wouldve taken Monroe BUT let’s deal with what we have. Udoh is a terror on low post D and shows just as much as we got from BWright or Randolph. DWright looks like a steal right now. RWilliams may get a nice 4yr deal or be tendered. Beidrins becomes an expiring contract year after or gets bought out. The Warriors are in prime position to become, once again relevant in the West.