Warriors Want to Retire Chris Mullin’s Jersey

Chris Mullin’s induction into the Hall of Fame has brought up an old discussion topic among Warriors fans. Why isn’t Mullin’s jersey retired?

Mullin is one of the greatest Warriors ever and is beloved by the fans. Part of  the original Dream Team (’92 Olympic team), Mullin remains one of the most recognized and revered Warriors in basketball circles nationwide. He retired in 2001, after 16 NBA seasons, 13 with the Warriors. Many have wondered why in the 10 years since, his jersey wasn’t retired. Count Warriors owner Joe Lacob among the curious.

Lacob: “Definitely interested in honoring him and hope to retire his jersey at some point in the near future, hopefully next season. To be honest, I’m surprised it was not done after he retired. I think it’s important for us to embrace our history. Chris Mulllin is a big part of our history and a great, great player.”

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    This will be a nice (and long-overdue) gesture, but make no mistake: Lacob’s on the hot seat until he turns this franchise around as promised and advertised.

  • I can think of one reason that Mullin’s jersey hasn’t been retired yet…Bobby Rowell.

  • saucy

    Why didn’t the warriors organization publicly endorse mullin during the voting process? Surprise! Where’s Rowell’s quote?

  • GSW4L

    Mullin’s number should have been retired the season after he retired. Next to Rick Barry (and Wilt, if you count when the team was in Philly) Mullin is the greatest warrior of all time.

  • W’s in 2010

    Bobby Rowell is an embarrassment to humankind.

  • Twinkie defense

    Mullin’s number wasn’t retired by Cohan because of all the bad front office decisions Mullin made for the Warriors.

  • W’s in 2010

    Mully gave us the only playoff appearence in the last 17 years. Try and wrap your brain around that for a minute. Seventeen YEARS and only one playoff appearence. OMG… why are we still fans? This is worst than the Cubs, no WS titles in 100 yrs but atleast they make playoffs once in a while, GS can’t even get there.

  • W’s in 2010

    Think about it, 8 out of 15 teams per conference make the playoffs every year. And we can’t even get there but once in last 17 years. OMG!

  • Bill

    Mullin totally deserves his induction into the HOF, a retirement of his jersey and a night in his honor. He overcame his own personal problems to become an example to many. He was a consummate professional. He was a player with a high basketball IQ. This honor is overdue. But let’s do it next season so we have something to look forward to. Hang 17 in the rafters. God knows we have little else to celebrate.
    And how about some definitive word on the future of Keith Smart? Was he just a stopgap between Nelson and some over-rated doofus like Van Gundy or is anybody listening to what he’s trying to sell? Fire Bobby Rowell yesterday. The Warriors have an amazing exciting product but ultimately fans want a winner and he doesn’t know a pick and roll from a donut.

  • Alberto

    “I’m surprised it was not done after he retired.”

    Why Lacob is surprised? He is the one who has kept Bobby Rowell.

  • Mullin Fan

    The Warriors have made the playoffs 6 times in 33 years. 5 of those times Mullin was a player and the other he was GM. In past 17 years two winning seasons both with Mullin as GM. While I am not suggesting the Jersey say Mullin with the initials GM under it, number 17 is long overdue from being retired.

  • Earl Monroe

    They should retire the numbers of the whole championship team

  • nickj

    We should embrace Mullin’s legacy here as a player and what he tried to do for the franchise. Yes he made mistakes in negotiations with players and did not draft as well as he could have but in hindsight he did a fairly decent job that would have gotten better with more time. Lacob’s response to that if he truly was a fan is disingenuous as he still has the person as president who literally disrespected, demoralized, and ostracized him as GM.He also Lied to the fans and tried to make himself more important than the team itself. Let alone all the bad plays he made with some of the players past and present.He is a joke and if you really mean what you say Lacob then Rowell must go. End of story.

  • DW

    I wonder if Lacob would introduce Mullin at the ceremony and subject himself to the boos.

  • Thanks and congrats to Chris Mullin! Chris Mullin is ALREADY being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame… Isn’t the Warriors Management/Ownership Joe Lacob’s gesture too little, too late?

    Instead of Joe Lacob making the call to Mullin, I would have LOVED to see Robert Rowell make the call instead – actually earn the money Rowell’s being paid. It is in my opinion that you have to be accountable for your behavior – and how you treat people.

  • Perry

    No question about it, the Summer of 2011 will be Joe Lacob’s make or break party.

    If this Jewish businessman is serious about turning this team into a winner, the buck starts right now.

    First off, you retain Monta Ellis. Monta Ellis has completely bought into the Golden State Warriors and what they are trying to accomplish. It took a few years and some ‘pissing on a hard surface’ to clean his act up, but Monta Ellis is a prime example of an NBA team leader. He has his flaws, namely, he doesn’t get to the free throw line as consistently as a Dwayne Wade or a Kobe Bryant (the two best 2 guards in the league). But, when it’s all said and done, the fact that he shoots over 45% from the 2 position and he’s improved his free throw shooting and perimeter shooting is enough to label him an All-Star level talent in this league and a top 5 shooting guard.

    Honestly, considering how pathetic this franchise has been in dealing with player personnel, Monta Ellis and his attitude are a gift to this organization. Don’t fuck it up! Keep him and add other pieces.

    Second off, you retain Keith Smart. Smart has the player’s ears……….allbeit, he struggles in his relationships with S. Curry and R. Williams in my opinion. His rotations are questionable at times, his focus is vague at other times and he doesn’t properly use David Lee and his skill set. But honestly, with this ‘rag tag’ bunch of bench players, cast-offs and a pretty decent starting 5, Keith Smart has done as good a job as anybody in his position would do, and all of you know that.

    Third, we have to start utilizing David Lee more efficiently with the pick and roll. I could see it in the Pre-Season, I told my father that they are not using D. Lee the correct way. They should design at least 5 easy pick and roll plays between Curry or Ellis and D. Lee and utilize his ability to dive and make easy baskets. The guy has good hands and decent footwork, he doesn’t bowl people over or charge into the defender; use him for what he’s worth. Then let the 18 footer and rebounding run its course.

    Fourth, we need to secure a group of talented role players, bench players. We are missing the Jason Terry, the James Harden, The J.R. Smith………Denver is chalk full of talented role players: A. Harrington; R. Felton; W. Chandler……..start looking at Denver and modeling your team after them. Monta is more talented than any other Nugget player, start building around him by adding similar players as the Nuggets have. T. Mozgov is starting to develop into a pretty good 5, he would eat Andris Biedrins for breakfast.

    I am willing to give Larry Riley one more off-season if for nothing more than the D. Wright pick-up and last year’s Curry drafting. I am not a fan of his by any stretch of the imagination, but one more season for this Southern, middle-aged man who tries to make his hair style look young, would be ok.

    Change starts at the top, Lacob needs to lead by example just like his best player (Ellis) is doing.

    I hate losing, you guys all know that and I am the last person to commend anything this organization does, I have already proven that throughout my blogging career.

    But this team needs additional talent at the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to make a push for the playoffs. Replace Biedrins in the starting line-up and add talented role players off the bench and you should be looking at a 45-50 win team and maybe sniff the playoffs.

    I could go on and on for ever, I just wanted to make a quick synopsis of what I think we should do in the Summer of 2011.

  • deano

    Mullin made alot of mistakes at the beginning of his tenure as GM, and several costly mistakes at the very end. But in the middle, he created a Playoff team; and then he tried to keep that team together. For that he deserves recognition as one of the best GMs that GSW has had, faint as that praise may be.

  • Thunder’s Ghost

    “I think it’s important for us to embrace our history. Chris Mulllin is a big part of our history and a great, great player.”

    Is that why you still employee the classless sleazebag who DISRESPECTFULLY ran him out of town and EMBARRASSED our franchise???!!!

    Let’s be honest. Mullin, Hardaway, Richmond are the ONLY people associated with our dismal franchise who have half a shred of creditability, respect and relevance leaguewide..

    With the pathetic success rate of this organization there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to put out an awful product every season while not employing any of our few legends..

    Our franchise is a joke — then we spit in the face of one of our franchises’ greatest most well known players.. Only so no-nothing, corporate lowife nobodies like Cohan, St Jean, Rowell, Riley and Lacob can take all the glory the 1% of the time they actually make a right decision.

    It’s no coincidence that NBA execs leaguewide avoid doing business with Larry Riley season after season. All Lacob is doing is blowing more smoke, refusing to pull the weed out by the root. By keeping Rowell and Riley employed Slow Joe is DOING NOTHING other than attaching himself to the Chris Cohan legacy of unethical, unprofessional, bad basketball and BAD BUSINESS..

    Cohan, St. Jean, Rowell, Riley, Lacob = corporate buffoons who have no business in the NBA.. They have successfully made our franchise irrelevant for two decades and Lacob is insuring the legacy of irrelevance will continue.

  • Earl Monroe

    Mullin, Hardaway and Richmond where good but these guys were a better team, a championship team,
    during that magical season each and everyone of these players contributed

    24 Rick Barry
    21 Butch Beard
    22 Steve Bracey
    32 Bill Bridges
    40 Derrek Dickey
    15 Charles Dudley
    10 Charles Johnson
    52 George Johnson
    34 Frank Kendrick
    23 Jeff Mullins
    44 Clifford Ray
    20 Phil Smith
    41 Jamaal Wilkes

  • hates ignorance

    Perry, WTH difference does it make if he’s Jewish? You ruined your whole statement in the second line by showing your prejudice– and I don’t care if you are Jewish or your best friends are.

  • Steve

    Sorry, I can’t join the Mullin lovefest. Does he belong in the HOF? Not for my money, since he was never a GREAT player, and only GREAT players belong in the HOF, IMO. His career point totals obviously drive this induction, but he was a product of an offensive system run by one of the greatest offensive minds in NBA coaching history, Don Nelson.

    An earlier post mentioned Mullin’s association with most of GSW’s playoff history, but those were all years when Nelson coached the team. Nelson dragged Mullin to alcohol rehab, then put him in a position as a player where his shooting skills shined brightest.

    Unfortunately, where Mullin failed miserably was in the clutch. Crunch time. Bright lights of the 4th quarter where crucial games and seasons are decided. You want Warriors greatness look no further than Rick Barry. He was fantastic in the clutch, just like Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe, etc. I was in the Oracle for Game 7 of the 1975 West Finals with the Bulls. Barry was ice cold for the first 3 qtrs, but with the game and season on the line he did everything a player could do in the final 12 minutes, hitting shot after shot and making great passes for good measure. Mullin? I challenge anyone, ANYONE, to show me where Mullin ever excelled in late game situations with a game’s outcome in doubt? He piled up his points in blowout wins and losses, or in the first 3 qtrs of games that ultimately wound up close in the end. But a clutch, pressure player like all the true greats of sports? Not even close. Or, to put it another and more “brutal” way, he was a flat out choke artist.

    Why was he unceremoniously shoved out the backdoor by Cohan and Rowell in his GM days with the Warriors? Simple. Once Nelson came back to GSW he started making it clear to everyone, especially Cohan and Rowell, that the Warriors were in a mess caused almost exclusively by Mullin’s drafting of players like O’Bryant and Diogu, to go along with his reckless spending of Cohan’s money on stiffs such as Foyle, Murphy, and Dunleavy. Nelson was the driving force behind those key trades, and was also the driving force on the court, as his massaging of the extremely delicate egos and personalities of Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson were key in those two winning seasons, where frankly, the Warriors overachieved. It’s no coincidence that the best years, by far, in the careers of Baron Davis and Chris Mullin, were when Don Nelson was their head coach.

    When it became clear that Nelson was making the Warriors relevant again, to go along with his superiority in making basketball decisions compared to the mess that Mullin had created, firing Mullin became one of the easiest and best decisions ever made by the prior regime.

    Sometimes the truth hurts, and in this case it digs right to the heart of all “Mully” supporters and Nelson haters. If Mullin belongs in the HOF then so does Purvis Short. Short was a good player who scored lots of points and was a really good shooter. End of story. At least Purvis didn’t screw up his old team by trying his hand at GMing.

  • Aaron

    #14 Perry,

    What does the fact that Lacob is Jewish have to do with anything? Do you actually know whether he’s Jewish or not? You might want to think for a few minutes before you open your mouth in a public setting again.

    As far as retiring Mullin’s number I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens given the fact that this franchise has done everything possible to pin all of it’s problems on Mullin (forge the fact that as others have mentioned he is the only GM to get them to the postseason since 1994). They “hope” to retire his number the same way they “hope” to make the playoffs and become a relevant franchise again.

  • robert rowell

    #18 posts like your myopic rant make me want to puke. you don’t like mullin, fine, but why 6 paragraphs about nelly? it’s all crap we’ve heard before from nelly lovers who love to hijack threads by pointing out how even though nelly has never won a gd thing, it was his players that stunk, not him. let it go, please.

  • Steve

    Hey, Bobby Rowell, you can’t write very long about Mullin and his career without writing about Nelson in the same breath. Sorry for the stomach discomfort. If you’re gonna puke could you wait till you get back to Kawakami’s blog? The entire process seems more appropriate for that outhouse.

  • #18 Steve – Your Argument is HURTING…

    You say Chris Mullin was never a great player? You’re forgetting the facts…

    Steve – Chris Mullin is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame… And the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame… That’s factual.

    I think you need to revisit Chris Mullin’s career once again, since you seem to have missed out on a lot of his accomplishments…

    At St. John’s – Chris Mullin is a 3-time Big East Player of the Year in leading his team to the Final Four. A 3-time All-America Team Member and a John Wooden Award AND USBWA College Player of the Year winner. How’s them apples???

    Played on the ’84 Gold Medal Winning Team in the Olympics.

    In 1992, he played on the Dream Team in the Olympics – BTW, his 2nd Gold Medal. What? No response???

    In the NBA – Chris Mullin made the All-Star Team 5 times. He was an All-NBA selection 4 times. He scored nearly 18,000 points (an 18 ppg avg) and amassed 1,500+ steals.

    NBA GM
    Architect of the “We Believe” team and a 48-win team the following season missing the playoffs in a perenially losing environment. Acquired Baron Davis for expirings. Brought back his former coach Don Nelson (who formerly had a lawsuit with then W’s owner Cohan) to coach the team. Drafted Monta Ellis in the Second Round.

    Steve – keep Don Nelson and Rick Barry out of any discussion of Chris Mullin… Nellie and Barry are Hall of Famers in my book as well, but Chris Mullin deserves his due and his RESPECT!!!

  • Steve

    Petey, I don’t expect many Warriors fans to agree with or share my perspective of Chris Mullin. If you feel like gushing over all of his career stats, fine. The numbers and awards seem to say one thing, but IMO, here’s a classic example of how perception and reality can be so different.

    It’s one thing to look at his numbers but if you actually watched him play throughout his career, game in and game out, you’d realize that he was one of those players who did not want the ball in his hands with the game on the line. That in itself disqualifies him from any HOF conversations from where I sit.

    And his short career as a GM? I won’t repeat myself other than to say that IMO the word “abysmal” would best sum things up.

    Obviously, we’ll just have to agree to disagree when it comes to the subject of one Chris Mullin.

  • Earl Monroe

    1. Mullin is getting into the HOF as a player not a GM
    2. To say Mullin did not want the ball in his hands at the end of games is just plain erroneous
    3. Those who say he was part of Nelson’s offensive system and therefore his stats are inflated- Mullin actually had to go out and play no matter what the system-this makes no sense at all, the guy was very productive, not the most athletic but he was a very good basketball player who got the most out of himself.

    You do not make the olympic team, without some skill, and besides he was voted in, its not like he just decided he wanted into the hall of fame, walked in and put up his bust.

    But most importantly, Mullin was the quintessential teammate who made those he played with better.

    There is no argument here because Mullin is in the hall of fame.

    Rightfully so.

  • Father Time

    Apparently Steve thinks he knows basketball better than committees paid to research and vote for specific candidates over a span of years and years..

    Even if you disagreed with the selection, how can any non-narcissist not just concede to the fact that — maybe a paid organized committee, who has spent their entire lives and careers analyzing basketball, might know more on the subject than me???

    This may be a shock to Steve, but I’m pretty sure the committee covers the player/coach relationship during their multiyear long decision process..

    Pretty ironic that a Nellie groupie would use the term “choke artist” to describe Mullin, considering Nellie has won as many titles as I have while coaching longer than all (more successful) coaches..

    How can someone say Mullin’s stats are inflated and misleading because he played for Nellie — but Nellie’s system is legit and ingenious?

    Since when was “being clutch” the only criteria for becoming a Hall of Famer? Don is a Hall of Famer but to say he deserves it while Mullin doesn’t is ridiculous. If Mullin’s game was hollow in Nellieball, Nellie’s entire career is hollow itself.

    I’m still waiting for Steve’s response to Mullin’s college and Olympic success as pointed out by Petey #22..

  • john freeman

    hey Marcus,

    I just read a post from some Yahoo yahoo, who said that bad blood with Riley will be an obstacle to this. I know many writers make a living by ferreting out conflict even where there is none, but that feels like pure baloney to me.

    You actually semi-know these people whereas I don’t, so … any thoughts?


  • Son of Ahmed

    It’s about time.

    The fact that it hasn’t already been retired speaks volumes of this organization.

    Regarding Mullin’s Hall of Fame credentials, I WATCHED him play in college and in the NBA, and he’s the epitome of a Hall of Fame player imo. Though not a superstar in his day, he was a bona fide living legend and a great basketball player. Mullin had a lot a great attributes that distinguished him as a Hall of Famer: He is one of the league’s greatest shooters; he had uncanny basketball IQ and savvy; in addition to his phenomenal shooting ability, he had great moves and could score anywhere on the court; he had great hands (those hands alone could be inducted HOF), and he had the style and pedigree that set him apart from others. Ask his contemporaries (e.g., Magic), and I’m sure they would believe he belongs. His outstanding college, pro, and Olympic careers, as PeteyBrian chronicled in his post, easily merit him a place in the Hall.

    I’m laughing at the specious arguments (a couple have been made in this thread) that he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Take a look at the list of inductees. (http://allthelistsyouneed.blogspot.com/2011/03/nba-hall-of-famers.html) Mullin had an equal or better career than many of the inductees on the list.

    Mullin epitomizez class and grace throughout his career. Let’s raise our glasses to him. Cheers.

  • rick

    Warrior season ticket holder since early 70’s till recently when I moved to San Diego where I still watch every game on TV.

    IMO Mullin belongs with the others from his generation. I’m surprised that in all of his accomplishments no one has mentioned he was the leading scorer for the original Dream Team. The fact that these players were looking for him should tell you something.

    Not to get too far off the subject but it would be great to see more tradition within the employment of the Warriors. Al Attles mentoring Smart, Larry Smith or Clifford Ray mentoring toughness and rebounding and Rick Barry on what it takes to be a winner.The all have something to offer the franchise.

  • Steve

    Found this on nbawarriors.com……The author, while debating Reggie Miller’s HOF worthiness (in comparison to Mullin), mirrors some of my overall feelings on Mullin’s career (point totals) as well as what defines an element of “greatness” (the “clutch gene”) in the NBA.


    The Daily Update 4.5.11

    With the 2011 Hall of Fame class becoming official, a lot of fans have reason to be excited. But I find myself, even as Warrior fan, just disappointed. Chris Mullin was a very good player in his time, and a great scorer for Golden State for a number of years, but I think everyone knows his numbers are a bit inflated due to the run-n-gun system he played in for most of his career.

    Now, I don’t mean to diminish the accomplishments of this class. I’m a huge fan of Rodman and I’m of the opinion that Artis Gilmore may be one of the more underrated players the NBA (or the ABA) as ever seen. But someone needs to explain to me how it is that Reggie Miller did not make the Hall of Fame, but Chris Mullin did. Let’s break down the argument against him:

    -He never won a championship. Well, neither did Chris Mullin. Neither has Karl Malone, John Stockton, or a number of other HOFers.

    -He only averaged 18.2 points per game for his career. Well, Mullin also averaged 18.2 without taking into account the pace at which his Warriors played.

    -He wasn’t good enough on defense. Well, I remember that even Mullins’ best Warriors team was in the bottom 10 in the league on defense. Mullin was just as much a part of that as the next guy.

    -He didn’t get enough rebounds. He’s a shooting guard. Big deal.

    -He didn’t get enough assists. Again, he’s a shooting guard. Most shooting guards don’t average a lot of assists. Ray Allen averages just 0.5 more for his career. Over the past 3 seasons (an indication of what he’ll do in his remaining seasons), he’s averaged below 3 a game. And he’s a sure-fire first ballot HOF according to most.

    Now here’s the argument for Reggie:

    -He’s arguably the greatest clutch shooter in the history of the game.

    -His playoff scoring averages are better than his regular season averages.

    -He is an extremely well known ambassador to the game. He was one of the most liked/disliked players of all time.

    -He is second on the all-time 3-point shot list, having just recently been passed by Ray Allen.

    -Reggie has scored the most playoff points of any player not in the HOF.

    -He was the best player on 5 Pacers teams that made deep playoff runs, including the Pacers team that made the Finals in 1999-200.

    -Even if you like advanced stats, Reggie holds up extremely well. He has a career and playoff true shooting percentage of over .600

    -Maybe the most convincing argument of all: He ranks up there with Kobe, Jordan, and Bird as one of the best players to trust with the last shot of the game. That’s one of the main things a player needs to have to be considered great. To be able to be counted on when it matters most.

    So can you tell me why Reggie didn’t make it to the HOF this year? Because I still don’t know.

  • earl monroe

    Because if you look at the history of players who are not superstars they usually make them wait a bit before enshrining them, Reggie Miller will be in the hall of fame soon

  • Jeremy

    The only response to this is What took so long?

    To the ranters about his GM work (which is independent of this deserved honor), he may have made some mistakes, but he also got out of them. He changed the culture in the organization and in 2 years took the team from perennial doormat to the 2nd round of the playoffs selling out the place nightly and making the Warriors one of the “it” teams in the NBA. For this Cohan/Rowell ousted him and claimed he was the source of their “problems”… since he left, the Warriors almost instantly went back to the turbulent dramatic also-ran they had been before he was around where they continue to sit.

    If Lacob was good at anything besides marketing, he’d announce his rehire as GM at well. Actually, he could do both… retire his jersey at the final home game AND announce his rehire as GM at the same time.

  • Steve – appreciate your honest opinion about Chris Mullin’s Hall of Fame worthiness. You are entitled to be heard. Still – Doesn’t make your arguments any more sound. HOF voters were heard – and the votes are in. It’s history – you’ll get over it in due time. Since you chose to continue – and send a link – here’s my response…

    RE: Mullin/Miller Link
    True – Chris Mullin’s and Reggie Miller’s Hall of Fame worthiness is very similar – both 2nd ballot Hall of Famer caliber players. Just because Reggie Miller is not a FIRST ballot HOF inductee doesn’t make Miller unworthy (Wait) – but also should’t make Chris Mullin any less worthy – I fully expect Reggie Miller to be inducted next round, as was Mullin. If Miller doesn’t get in next year, I’ll write the complaint article.

    As with former coach Don Nelson, Reggie Miller is an outspoken, controversial person – someone who puts his beliefs out on the line and occasionally-alienating themselves from others. I generally love it – but love it, hate it, this is reality – and is reflected in HOF selection voting. Love his career or not, Chris Mullin is a very well-liked individual by most – Factual – which sure doesn’t hurt with the HOF voters. Nellie and Reggie will get in – they’ll just have to wait it out…

    Steve – the argument about Mullin a “clutch gene” player? Really? How about unselfish to his equally talented teammates Tim and Mitch and probably Miller? How about Nellie’s “system” now where the ball is spread out amongst many efficient shooters/scorers? Switch Mullin’s and Miller’s uni’s – would either player be any less effective? Even if you are accurate with Mullin not being clutch (or a ballhog) – which I don’t agree – there are many players in the HOF who didn’t need the ball in their hands at crunch time to be impactful on the game… According to your strict definition of “clutch gene” HOF analysis – guys like Dennis Rodman and Bill Russell – guys who NEVER had the balls in their hands at crunch time – Don’t even get in…

  • Steve

    Petey, the HOF is a touchy subject with yours truly. As the years have gone by the voting process has become more and more a popularity contest instead of what it should be….an unbiased determination of the greatest, best, unequaled, most dominant, and most influential in their particular sport. Forget about who was the nicest person or the biggest jerk, just tell everyone who visits these halls of enshrinement 100 years from now the names of the greatest ever. Not the “goodest” ever or the nicest ever, the GREATEST ever.

    Hopefully you’re correct on your assumption that Don Nelson will eventually be inducted, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen. Jerry Sloan, IMO a far inferior coach who never won a championship as a coach or player, was inducted last year. Sloan but not Nelson? Please! Obviously, Nelson, like Rick Barry (coaching), is paying the price for not being one of the nicest ever. And the beat goes on.

    As for Mullin, I never said he wasn’t a good player. All the awards and accolades you chronicled point out the obvious….he played for many years and accomplished a lot of noteworthy things. But I’ll quote the author of that piece from nbawarriors.com who mirrored my sentiments exactly…..”Maybe the most convincing argument of all: He ranks up there with Kobe, Jordan, and Bird as one of the best players to trust with the last shot of the game. That’s one of the main things a player needs to have to be considered great. To be able to be counted on when it matters most.”…..There’s that word “great” again. Not good, not nice, but great. The greatest, IMO, are the ones who perform the best under the most pressure. And THOSE are the players and coaches etc who belong in the HOF, IMO. Would that criteria exclude a lot of good players and coaches? Absolutely. But part of my problem with the HOF is exactly that….it’s become sadly watered down as the years have passed.

    When Mullin played for the Warriors I wasn’t a season ticket holder but I still attended roughly 35 games a year. Mullin’s lack of the “clutch gene” became more and more apparent as the games and seasons went by. There’s a reason you or anyone else can’t find older video or written game summaries that show or speak of Mullin’s late game heroics. Of his 4th quarter play that carried his team to victory. You can’t find it because it didn’t happen.

    Players such as Rodman and Russell were among the very best at what they did, and in the process their teams won multiple championships. Do their teams achieve the same level of success minus their contributions? No way no how. Rodman and Russell are both nobrainers for the Hall. Does Run TMC exist without Mullin? Obviously not. It would have been Run TC, instead. LOL Seriously, would that team have been just the same with Purvis Short instead of Mullin? For my money, yes. The same with Reggie Miller instead of Mullin? For my money, better. Again, is Mullin a nice guy and was he a good player? Yes and yes. Is he now also in the HOF? As you said, I’ll get over it in due time. 🙂

    Petey, it’s been my pleasure. You’re obviously a big Warriors fan who’s also a good person and very well spoken. Which means, other than your opinion of Mullin and his HOF worthiness, we have a lot in common. Well, at least the big Warriors fan part. LOL Ciao

  • Warriorsscore110

    Good article and great desicion. I am in the camp that having a jersey retired is the ultimate honor for a player and only the greatest of a franchise. For me, you must have been a truly transcendent player or a the top 1 or maybe 2 player on a championship. For me that would be

    Barry (top 20 player, 76 championship mvp)
    Chamberlin (top 5 player of all time)
    Fulks (Philly, champion in 47 and HOFer)
    Arizin (Philly, champion and HOFer, played full career with Warriors)

    Attles(long time coach, player, ambassador; coached 76 championship)
    Thurmond (2nd best player on 76 championship)
    Gotlieb (long time coach in Philly, helped launch league)

    Meschery (3rd best player 76 championship, not HOFer)
    Mullin (once past first round as player, solid performer, borderline HOFer, Dream Team, mediocre GM)

    Probably Not:
    Nelson (racked up several wins for average basketball teams)

  • Tdubb

    I am in my late forties and I have been a fan since the early seventies. I love the rants about this franchise being so bad and how it all Bobby Rowells fault. I’ve met the man and talked basketball with him. Let me say not a charmer but he ain’t a bad guy either.

    Explain why year after year fan’s continue to sell the place out? Explain why corporate sponsors continue to pay. Why does ESPN/TNT do so many nationally televised games here. All in a down economy?

    Basketball has a team side and a business side. Bobby gets the business side. Franchises need talent throughout an organization, ask the Hornets, Grizzlies or Hawks. I see lots of empty seats, oh! and they are going to the playoffs.

    Larry Riley is steering the team side now and I see progress. I see talent on the floor and cap relief too!
    Keith Smart has the ear of the players and yes they are playing hard! Two more pieces with no deletions of the core and you true fan’s will have your playoff team.

    As for Mully, no doubt Opening Night 2011 should be a #17 Retirement PARTY!

    And for the haters, NO I DON’T Work for the Warriors!
    I’m the kid who loved his 74-75 Champions when the world didn’t believe in rookies and misfits.

  • W’s in 2010

    We play in the SF Bay Area, getting 8 natl TV games a year is automatic. We play in the 6th biggest market, 18,000 a night is a given. If Rowell was so good we would sell out EVERY night, but we’re 2,000 shy per game. That’s alot of money to be had. Hey Lacob, instead of being satisfied with that, how about building a winner and getting sell-outs?

    Face it, Larry Riley drafted the wrong player #6. Udoh is 24 years old, little upside. Monroe is 19 yrs old putting up double-doubles like nobody’s business. Udoh is shooting 43% and can’t even grab a freakin rebound to save his life.

    Keith Smart is a scrub, no-name stopgap coach. Not a single player has improved since last year, most are having down years.

    Enjoy yet another meaningless run of wins in April, guys playing loose after being eliminated from playoff contention. We’ve seen this EVERY year, yet it never carries over to the next seasoon like people hope. We are TWO players away from being a top 8 team in the West. C’mon, wake up. Nothing has changed, we’re screwed for the next couple years atleast.

  • This is far from the topic but the warriors need to get rid of amundson because that guy has no hands and can’t complete plays the only thing he brings is alot of energy also the dubs should keep reggie and thorton and if the warriors can’t find a big name coach we should stick with smart because it’s not his fault that he has nothing to work with besides our main core of players

  • AKBear

    Speaking of All-Time, Nellie shared his all-Nellie team with Greg Papa as:

    PG – Steve Nash
    SG – Sidney Moncrief (Mitch Richmond a close second)
    SF – Marques Johnson (with Chris Mullin a close second)
    PF – Dirk Nowitzki
    C – Bob Lanier (on one leg)

    Best player that Nellie ever coached: Nash

  • Marko

    Oh Steve, who is your employer?

  • Steve

    Marko, I work for GSW. Could I interest you in a great time out?

  • Steve – You’ve proven your point well – I’ve got no more juice – so peace/truce for now!!! Haha!

    And Steve – Yeah, I’ll take two floor tickets to Chris Mullin’s jersey retirement party that Lacob’s promised on one condition and one condition only…

    That it’s the great Bobby Rowell who actually conducts the Mullin jersey retirement ceremony so that W’s fans get an opportunity to show our appreciation for Bobby Rowell!

  • Steve

    Petey, if I could get those tickets for you I would but unfortunately I don’t work for the Golden State Warriors. My employer is Garko, Stephonso and Wallcott, the best escort service you never heard of. SO,,,,,,could I interest YOU in a great time out? LOL See you at Feltbot’s.

  • Todd

    That would be PROPER, especially after Cohan (pronounced imbecille) fired him..Who fires a Hall of Famer???….Douche!

  • ThaBizness

    Petey, I don’t believe you gave up so easy to Steve. He couldn’t be MORE incorrect.

    IT is HIS opinion, but he doesn’t accept all the FACTS…

    Mullin scored 25 PPG shooting 50% for 5 straight years- I repeat He shot 25 ppg for 5 straight years, shooting 50% for those 5 straight years…

    NOT VERY MANY in the HISTORY of the NBA have done that (I’m not sure Reggie did that),

    Who cares about the ‘clutch gene’ when you’re putting up those numbers. This means you are ‘carrying’ your team…. This, to me ALONE deserves HOF consideration, because this means he KEPT his TEAMS in games.

    But since you need MORE data, Not taking anything away from Miller (he also deserves HOF consideration) but Mullin WAS a) a wayy better defender than Miller. He had 1500 steals (how many did Miller have, what a couple hundred). b) Mullin also had TRIPLE the amount of BLOCKS than Miller, and c) Double the rebound numbers (and need I remind you that Mullin was not as ‘athletic’ as Miller).

    Mullin is IN the conversation when ANYONE is talking about the top shooters (not scorers, SHOOTERS) in NBA history (let’s say top ten).. But more any MOST on that list, Mullin has better steal, rebound and assist numbers than ALL these guys (other than obviously Bird and possibly other than the rebound numbers of Dirk)..

    So if Ray Allen and Miller deserve HOF consideration-which they DO), by DAMMN sure Mully deserves it (and let me remind you he wasn’t as athletic as any of them-other than Bird- Bird was just as unathletic)….

    Bottom line, you DON’T need the ‘clutch gene’ when you are scoring 25 points a game at 50%. Again, hat’s what ‘keeps’ your team in any game!!

  • Ofcouse we should retire Mullys Jersey.. The only real move thw ws made all last decade was whn we got BD, Jack, and Al.. which led to our only playoff appearance in 17 yrs.. thn they let Mully go.. Not to mention the playoff runs as a w player..

  • Rich F

    Chris Mullin made watching a Warrior Game enjoyable. Hang his number