Warriors Aren’t Just Giving Away Biedrins

Was able to confirm reports by the Houston Chronicle that the Rockets are indeed interested in acquiring Warriors center Andris Biedrins. Houston, with Yao Ming and Chuck Hayes as their expected center options next season, are in need of a big man since Yao’s ability to play again is still suspect and Chuck Hayes, while valiant and completely useful, is probably not a starting center on a playoff team.

For Warriors fans, who have been hoping for Biedrins’ departure for some time, that means the Warriors just may be able to move Biedrins. That was once thought to be impossible considering the drastic decline in his production and the three years, $27 million he has left on his contract.  But apparently, Houston is a taker.

So why is Biedrins still a Warrior you ask? While this may seem the perfect answer to the Warriors’ ills, Golden State, according to multiple sources, are not at all enamored with the Rockets’ offer thus far.

I’ve been told the Rockets have offered Hasheem Thabeet and Jordan Hill. Haven’t confirmed if they were offered as a package, but the figures add up. Thabeet, a former No. 2 overall pick, is widely regarded as someone who simply not good enough to play in the NBA and probably won’t be. There is still some hope for Jordan Hill, but he’s got a Post-It note on his back that says “stiff.”

Bottom line for the Warriors: that’s not enough.

On one hand, you would think they would trade Biedrins for a pair of retro Jordans and a bootleg DVD – just to get rid of the salary. On the other hand, there is a level of shrewd trading going on here. (I was completely with the former, but after talking with a few people, I see the logic in the latter. Not sure I would adhere to it, but I see it.) Here are both sides, as I understand them.


* Both Thabeet and Jordan Hill are up after next season. That means the Warriors would be shaving $18 million off future cap. Big-baller Lacob could even try to buy out those two, maybe save a couple million for this coming season.

* The Warriors would be getting rid of a burden, as the task of getting Biedrins back to himself impacts other players. Certainly, David Lee is better without a struggling Biedrins next to him. The Warriors offense is better without a player afraid to get fouled and who needs to get a few shots to feel involved. And my money says part of the reasons Ellis may wants to go is he’s tired of playing with guys not getting it done, such as Biedrins.

* The Warriors would free up time for Ekpe Udoh. No Biedrins means no excuse as to why he isn’t playing more minutes. Udoh needs minutes. He’s got some development to do and he’s only going to get it by playing. Smart protected Udoh most of last season, going with Biedrins even when it was clear Udoh should be playing.

* Fans have grown tired of Biedrins’ struggles. It would certainly help PR wise if they got rid of him.

*They need to go get a real center. Moving Biedrins now forces them to be aggressive and decisive. Nothing would add to the desperation like looking on the roster and seeing Hasheem Thabeet as your No. 2 center. Maybe that’s what the Warriors need to get it done. Maybe the hope that Biedrins will somehow get back to where he was would make them a little gun shy. Might lead to overspending, but that was probably going to happen anyway. Easier to do without his $27 million on the books.



*Because, even at his worst, he’s better than Thabeet. And probably Jordan Hill, too. If he gets marginally better, he’s definitely better than those guys

*You can probably get more later.  Instead of selling while his stock is at an all-time low, you might as well wait it out and see if you can get a role player or even a draft pick. The guy was a starting NBA center. You just don’t give those up for nothing. If he goes to Houston and turns it around, you look awful for giving up a serviceable big man for two stiffs.

* Give the current plan (work out in the Bay) and the new staff a chance. Biedrins was at his best when he played with good facilitators (Baron, Jax). Last season, Keith Smart ran through the offense through Monta, which left everybody, for the most part, having to get their own. Biedrins is not that kind of player. He needs someone to remember him, to set him up, to make sure he eats. Maybe Mark Jackson puts that onus on Stephen Curry this year. The hard-to-swallow truth is centers are too hard to find. Biedrins, if he’s playing his game, is a solid NBA center. Until you get one better, it might be smarter just to maximize what you can get from him. Clearly, the Rockets are willing to.

* If they move Biedrins for Thabeet and/or Hill, that moves Ekpe into the role of starting center. Is that wise? Maybe they should be getting him to his natural position, PF. But if Thabeet and Hill are really not ready, that leaves Udoh, David Lee and now Jeremy Tyler as the centers on the team. If I’m Mark Jackson, I wouldn’t be too happy about that.

Marcus Thompson

  • th3ryza

    it’s a stupid move unless we could pick up a starting center quick. aren’t we about 6 mil under the cap after the moves of resigning reggie, and if we sign all our draft picks?

  • kshaq

    Well, I mean, if they presumably trade Biedrins for Thabeet and Hill, will they have enough money to throw out at one of the free agent centers like a Marc Gasol or a Nene? If yes, and if Bob Myers, with his agent abilities, can convince one of these two players (except I know probably Memphis will certainly match whatever offer for Gasol) to come to the Bay, I don’t think it will be a bad deal at all?

    So, overall, my question is: Do they have enough money to offer for a free agent center this summer if they get rid of Goose?

    Thanks Mr. Thompson. Great reading your stuff!

  • Itsthefitz

    Two words- Jerry West. The right decision will be made

  • deano

    This is a dream deal. Beans for expiring contracts is better than I had hoped. Since Houston is $1MM short on the salary match, maybe GSW can coax a second round pick out of them as well. DO IT.

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    Just as a salary dump this makes sense despite the slight risk that Biedrins could somehow put it together again in the future. I’d think Lacob should jump on this one before the Rockets come to their senses.

  • Ron

    Do it! Biedrens stinks, a D leaguer could do the same as he has. If Houston will take on his contract jump at it!

  • Bailz

    Anyone think coach Jackson could do anything with Darko? Minny needs a C, and might take a chance on him. It beats Thabeet at least, no?

  • W’s in 2010

    OMG, pull the trigger NOW.

  • Thedude

    Please pull the trigger. You’ve done it with the best of players. Why not with the Scrubbbsssss?

  • Ricky B

    Biedrins and Epke Udoh for Luis Scola! Rockets get a twoffer!!

    Scola plays the 4 and David Lee the 5 would be a great combo. Problem solved.


    Go for it. We were playing Udoh with Lee anyway. Of course that’s not what we want to do long-term, but it’s better than having Biedrins out there. Dump salaries!

  • TheLastWarrior
  • GSWFaithful

    Trade Biedrins for Thabeet and Motiejunas. Then hire Hakeem Olajuwon as special assistant (Joe did bring in the Logo after all). Lee, Udoh, Tyler, Moteijunas and Thabeet to rotate between the the 4 and 5. Front court problem solved without even signing a FA.

  • Steve

    Make that Hill/Thabeet deal. Who gives a crap what we get back, it gives us a lot of cap flexibility long term.

  • slamdunk

    I am ok with dumping Biedrins salary if the Rockets want to take him on, as his game is totally gone down hill and he is afraid to take the ball and shoot because he cannot shoot a free throw. I would rather see Udoh and Tyler than watch Biedrins settle for 2 points and 3 rebounds with 6 fouls every game. Yes Thabeet is a huge stiff and Hill may be too, but what happened to the idea of trading for a center or power player? West/Myers cannot expect to get much in return for a meek, mild center like Biedrins.

  • Alex S

    Biedrins is done… Its sad but he is just not interested in playing anymore… With the money he got he is a King of Kings in his stinky Latvia. He already said that he is not planning to play for much longer. He wants to go back home, eat his momma’s mashed potatos and drive a Lexus with tinted windows… He will never play as a starting NBA center anymore. He is a ballast… Cut him loose and move on. Couldn’t Amundsen fill in as a 5?

  • dgreen

    There is no way Beidrins is better than Jordan Hill. He is a big guy who can play but hasnt be given much of a chance to play in my opinion. Thabeet can play also but is not a starter, he can give you rebounds and blocks and needs to develop his game, thats all!

  • dgreen

    I would do it, gives us way more size!

  • Playoffbound

    Pull the trigger…. Beans has to go!!!!!!

  • kiljoy420

    beans is full of gas, lets get oden ! and clips jordan.

  • dgreen

    I totally agree, Biedrins has to go now! Tyler is going to surprise alot of people, he can score from inside and out and he can shoot free throws. And he is 6’11 265lbs a true forward/center. With the way the game is played now he can play the five with no problem and be a force as he continues to mature as a player. We have to give him an opportunity.

  • dw

    The reasons they are not going to do it show that they still have cold feet when it comes to making real bold moves. Making front office moves that were obvious really isn’t that bold if you ask me. Trading fan favorites or getting rid of has beens is bold. Pull the damn trigger!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    The Warriors would be foolish NOT to make this deal. There’s no way we’ll get size and expiring contracts in any other deal. This will free us up in the Summer of Dwight Howard, aka 2012 to make as strong an offer as anyone else in the league. If we’re smart, we’ll trade David Lee for Danny Granger and Monta Ellis for Josh Smith (DHoward’s best friend). Re-sign Reggie Williams and sign Earl Watson.
    PG – Curry/Watson/Jenkins
    SG – Wright/Thompson/Bell
    SF – Granger/Williams
    PF – Smith/Hill/Amundson
    C – Udoh/Tyler/Thabeet
    Next summer, let Thabeet, Amundson, Hill and Bell come off the books and get Dwight Howard. A front line of Granger, Smith and Howard to go along with a backcourt of Curry and Thompson is one of the best teams in the league.

  • As a die hard Rockets fan … its a win win situation. Rockets just drafted Montejienus and Marcus Morris. With Louis Scola and Patterson and Hill and Thabeet they are just trying to get rid of the logjam at the 4. Getting Biedrins makes good sense. He not over 30, got plenty in the tank,. His role will be simplified to tip ins and rebounds.

  • Keep Beans and put the onus on Curry to get him involved like Jackson and Davis did. Pick up a serviceable back up with size. I think Aaron Gray is obtainable without overpaying. He had a good playoff run with the Hornets.

  • Chris

    That would be a great line-up, actually better than the ones I have envisioned. Im not to keen with trading monta…but to get granger and smith……along with flexibility for the pending free agency would be idealistic…

    I actually would try to just trade biedrens ,bell , williams and a 2nd rounder for Josh smith. That would add versitlity in our frontcourt along with defense and allow mismatch problems for opposing defenses

    Lacob and jackson said it best…monta is probobaly 3rd best s. gaurd in the league..how would we upgrade?
    I say we go after Deandre jordan so he can pull a D. Wright and give us his breakout year…

    Curry/ jenkins
    Ellis/ thompson
    Smith/ Wright/ radmanovich
    Lee/ Udoh/ admundson
    Jordan/ Lee/ Tyler\udoh

    I still like the granger line up better th

  • Livermore Joe

    Thabeet is the biggest draft bust of the last two years. Jordan Hill might be the second biggest bust from that draft. No thanks.

  • theOracle

    I’d give Beans away. Thabeet and Hill are more than enough. add a 2nd round pick as well if you can get it. then it’s a done deal. Beans hurts this team any time he is on the floor. better off starting two PFs than a C who can’t do anything productive on either end.

  • For those that think Jordan Hill just needs a chance, you have to acknowledge that there’s probably a reason he hasn’t gotten that chance yet. If each team he goes to has plenty of guys that earn minutes ahead of him he’s just not that good. You get “a chance” by being better than the other guys on the roster. He’s not.

  • Don’t listen to livermore …. PLEASE GS … make the deal … Take Thabeet and Hill.. muahhhhaahahahah

  • W’s in 2010

    Biedrins is done. His FT shooting KILLS us. He avoids contact so he doesn’t have to go to the line. And he’s not even a superior rebounder anymore. Last year he managed a team worst -234 while playing 1/3 the mins Monta played. He killed us when he was on the floor. He sucks, he’s done. Time to move on.

  • Leftshot

    We need more and better big men, not less. The most important statement Marcus made was this: “The hard-to-swallow truth is centers are too hard to find.”

  • W’s in 2010

    Biedrins was the 20th best center, IN THE WEST. I’m just talking about half the league. There isn’t ONE starting center in the West that Biedrins is better than, not one. And then you look at back-up Cs like Kaman, Birdman, Nazr, Gortat, Haywood… all better than Biedrins.

  • dubs_fan

    Should do this just get rid of his contract any way possible, please!! Plus maybe thabeet could have a breakout season for us, who knows. If we could get biedrins for a 2nd round draft pick i would rather take that tho

  • I think the W’s do it if Houston throws in a 1st round pick.


  • Felix Guillory

    It became very clear that coach Smart wanted Monte to be the go to guy, unfortunately for coach Smart Monte did not deliver in the moment of truth. It was clear there were 8 – 10 game Monte’s moment of truth, with the game on the line clinked. If coach Jackson is to win with Monte on the team the moment of truth shot has to be to the open man not a shot forced be Monte.
    Biedrin when healthy has shown that he is a serviceable to good post man. The problem with him was that he did not have a power forward to back his back. The draft pick of Ekpe Udoh was to be the answer however Udoh was hurt most of the first ¾ of the season, Rooky camp and preseason camp so he was of no help. When Udoh healed his learning curb begin, but his learning was under fire in games that counted.
    Fan remember; the point here is that Biedrin, Udoh and Lee have not had a period to get to know each other’s game and to work together. Trading Biedrin would be premature and an ill advised move. Don’t Trade Biedrin!

  • meir34

    Why do you dump on Monta so much. He averaged just about as many assists as Curry and they were real assists, driving and dishing off, not just a pass and score in what Bill Simmons calls the “new assists”. I saw every single game and Curry initiated more plays than Monta. Of course your leading scorer gets a lot of touches. Trk LAL and Kobe. Monta did what Coach asked him to do. Just as Curry, under Smart, tried to concentrate on his distribution for the first three quarters of the season. Of course there was the problem of his turnovers and poor assist to turnover ratio of under 2.0 for the second year in a row.

    Umm,I wonder if you every saw Rick Barry with the Warriors and checked out his touches and shots attempted???

  • meir34

    Fullory,, do you know how many games Monta hit the clutch shot it? How many Curry did in the last minute of play? For two years in row Monta has been in the top 10 in the league in scoring. And his shooting percentage is fine, about like Kobe’s in 2s and much better than Kobe in 3s. To boot he gives you Two years in a row among the top three in the LEAGUE in steals and the most assists among all shooting guards. Curry Lovers and Monta Haters, of which group Marcus has ensconced him self, try to make it seem like he’s one dimensional and dismiss those assists and steals. And he surely is one of the best in the league at his position in drawing charges. And, unlike Curry isn’t afraid to drive to the basket in traffic–making a good pass off, a basket or drawing a foul in outstanding numbers collectively. There is no semblance of objectivity from Marcus and many of the posters. In this day and age, a Tweet, blows up to a USA Today short piece, enlarged to a Real GM blurb, then ESPN and few have either validity or data or source checking behind them. If we lose Monta because of the negativity online it would be a shame and hurt the team. And he’s only human. What more can a guy do? He publicly did a mea culpa. Played more minutes in the league than anyone else 2 years running and for a kid who has a gorgeous shot but can’t get control of his turnovers, doesn’t draw fouls due to his aversion to contact you want to hound him out of town??

  • meir34

    As to Biedrins, all of the Centers being coveted have significant warts. Many have missed nearly whole seasons due to injuries. And there are few of them and long list of suitors. AB has his own set of problems and surely it is time for him to move on. But he’s not chopped liver in a league with a dearth of centers. Even at his worst he’s well better say than Krstic, and Bynum might be a little better if healthy, but he’s rarely healthy come playoff time. He’s got value and the stiff Thabeet gets 5 mill next year. We can get a decent role player or more for Biedrins, and moving him before getting a replacement or knowing one is coming is foolish. You don’t take the first bid coming on a starting center in this league, whether he’s viewed as a bu or starter. Worth more than this offer, even to us.

  • inmypjs

    I would take a first rounder from Houston to accept that trade. Meanwhile, Biedrins has to really work on his free throws to add some value if we keep him. That would really help if GS make some plays for him. If Ellis gets traded, Curry can facilitate Biedrins’ offence just like Baron and SJax did a while back.


    the warriors need to dump beidrins for what ever if anybody really thinks he is good at all take into considerationwhat is being offered for that scrub. no back to the basket game no free throws doesnt rebound as good as adinal foyle and cant shoot free throws. get these two bums at least one of them can shoot free throws and can play if foul trouble is involved. then there contractas expire and yuo are free of bums. bottom line beidrins sucks!!!!!!!!



  • Jaysohn

    Why jump on the first over? Thats why fans are not GMs because we react to everything. The offer from the Rockets is not going anywhere and with it out there it might entice another team to come with a better package. Understand the Rockets offer makes the team worse in the short term and only matters if next off season the Warriors can turn the cap space into valuable talent. I would rather trade for real talent now than hope for some to come later.

  • Mike Aucksbigg

    No, what we want from Biedrins is the Biedrins we signed to that gigundous contract; no more, no less. I’m not the least bit sure what happened to him (we could all speculate), but his performance these last two seasons are mostly due to his mental state.

    With all due respect, Mr. Biedrins, but pull your head out of your ass. Snap the F out of it, find your sack, sew it back on and go be yourself. You’re a man in a man’s game. Getting outplayed is one thing, but defeating yourself is totally inexusable.

    With a healthy and properly-motivated Biedrins (all other things equal), this team wins 42 games.

  • El Chupacabra


    Way to ruin this thread with your same Monta nonsense from 7 months ago..

    Your Monta arguments are tired, pointless have been debated to nauseating levels. You just sound like an obnoxious, sophomoric blowhard at this point.

    No one cares anymore.. IF Monta is eventually traded — be a man, grow up, grow a pair, and GET OVER IT.

  • G.O.

    Typical Meir34;
    Dominating the thread.
    3 posts in a row.
    Scroll time

  • ab

    beans is too nice, we need a beast in the middle! like a bynum, or something like the old piston bad boys, smash mouth, do not come in my house ! or you will be seeing your dentist tomorrow type, big hairy caveman, with stinky armpits. thats what i want 4 xmas go warriors!!!!

  • Jim

    “Beidrins, if he’s playing his game, is a solid NBA center.” That’s a laugh! What game are you referring to? On defense, he ambles down the court, sets up, loses his man, then finds him in time to commit a foul during the dunk. The Warriors made a huge mistake letting him start and play 24 minutes a game. His ineptitude was a cancer that affected everyone else.

  • Bill

    bring back Ericka Dampier…

    no, seriously, trade Biedrins…nice guys finish last and he’s too busy counting his euros…..and sometimes guys there is such a thing as addition by subtraction

  • dgreen

    Hey I tell you what Monta needs to stay. I would rather trade Curry over Monta. Curry is a terrible defensive player. Monta has had to guard guys much bigger, trade Curry and Move Monta to be a Scoring Point Guard since we are going to play the up tempo style. Monmta can push ball alot better. But I also would rather keep them both. But Beidrins has to go NOW!

  • Red Wood

    Lots of short term memory issues?

    Biedrins has been a double/double guy and a quality D guy. he played hurt a year. He played a year getting short minutes for a coach who could not figure out the big man game…who had weak D PF’s,Lee + Vlad playing in a system where basic defensive principles got set aside.

    Biedrins and Udoh…pretty much had to try to D everyone with out much help. Neither was “in the loop” on offense…though man for man GSW DOES have passers. Passing to the centers was not the agenda…they were pick and screen guys…mere obstacles.

    A TEST for the new coach is the vital task of getting Biedrins and Udoh to where they ought to be.

    Look it up kids….Beans DID at 23 have a year with 11+ points,11+ rebounds, A decent FT% and one of the NBA’s top FG%. Those benchmarks are similar to J Noah’s season. They top guys like M.Gasol,D Jordan,K Perkins,Dalembert,Varajeo. Would it be “good enough” to get Noah for FREE? I think so and I assume a WELL COACHED (at last) Biedrins can be just that.

    Trading Ellis should be something you avoid.
    The point was made that Ellis IS very athletic and can D very well. Curry…at best is average D. Either CAN get 8-10 asst playing point. Curry…better perimeter shot, Monta,harder to defend against overall..a threat anywhere.

    Mostly, GSW needs to let Jackson coach the main parts of the team….and find out what is THERE when not in the context of the offbeat Nellie+ Smart tactics.

    GSW can’t afford to sacrifice value again,just because it’s the lazy way out. They parlayed that “plan” into a few decades of failure as is.

  • Ultimate Warrior

    It wasn’t that long ago, that Beidrins was regarded as one of the better young centers coming up. All it took was a couple of years of Nellie’s fickleness and mind games to devestate his confidence like so many other young players in his past. Unlike good coaches that would change their tact to motivate different players, Nellie’s my way or the highway approach leave me wondering what would have been with the likes of Patrick O’bryant, Kosta Perovic, Chris Taft etc. Beidrins’s game never changed but Nellie’s inevitable shift to his guard focused small ball offense has beeen in retrospect a gift and a curse to the Warriors and the success of the franchise.

  • I would take a first rounder from Houston to accept that trade.