What I Learned at Lunch with Mark Jackson

A few things I learned from Mark Jackson that matters to me:

*Practices will start at 10, earlier than under Keith Smart and Don Nelson before him.

*Practices won’t be long for the sake of being long. A 17-year vet, better believe the new coach knows the value of an efficient practice.

Jackson: ““I like the idea of giving them the rest of the day to do whatever they want to do when we get out of here. There’s no need to waste time and be over there just to say we got in three hard hours. No. We’re going to be precise. We’ll have a purpose to it. It depends on how the guys are. If you’re efficient and put quality work in, we can move on.”

*Practices will be closed to the media save for a short segment at the end.

Now, the stuff I learned from lunch with Mark Jackson that matters to you? …

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A Special Thanks to Ralph “The Rocket”

Usually, I wouldn’t write about a hiring that doesn’t impact the product on the court. A new director of security certainly wouldn’t compel me to bust out a blog.

But in this case, my journalistic training, my understanding of news judgment and relevance, will take a backseat to my personal prerogative. This blog post is motivated by my bias, my personal feelings, my agenda.

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Guess Who I Saw at the Food Bank in Oakland …

This morning, in low-key building near the Wal-Mart in East Oakland, Warriors assistant general manager Bob Myers was part of an assembly line. At the Alameda County Community Food Bank, bags full of donated groceries awaited Myers, assistant coach Mike Malone and some 20 other Warriors employess who volunteered today. Myers’ job was to take the food out of the bag and put them into a bin, then put the bag into the recycling bin.

Watching him work, it was hard not to wonder what he’d be doing if he didn’t leave his sports agent practice behind.

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David Lee Said He’s in Great Shape, “Confident” in New Coaching Staff

I caught up with David Lee recently. He was in Los Angeles having just attended NBA Players Association meetings.

Lee is said the summers are too cold in the Bay, so he’s spent most of his time inSt. Louis, where he just bought his home. He said he’s in great shape, which has been the focus of his offseason regimen. He’s currently at 245 pounds, which was his playing weight at midseason last year.

LEE: “I’ve been working my but off. Not a lot going on inSt. Louis. I’m working out two or three times a day, getting my rest, eating right.”

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Jerry West Opens Up About Depression

Tonight on HBO’s Real Sports, The Logo, Jerry West – currently serving as an executive boardmember and consultant – will speak publicly about his lifelong battle with depression. Bryant Gumbel travels to West Virginia as West opens up in his home.

West says his depression was triggered by the abuse he suffered from his father in his childhood. On his book (West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life) , he says he was raised in a home “where I never learned what love was and am still not entirely sure I know today. What I do know is that I harbored murderous thoughts, and they, along with anger, sadness, and a weird sort of emptiness, are in part what drove and fuelded and carried me a long way …”

West credits his perfectionist mentality to his determination to prove himself to his father.

WEST (in a segment airing tonight): “I would go to bed feeling like I didn’t even want to live. I’ve been so low sometimes and when everyone else would be so high because I didn’t like myself.”

In an Associated Press article, West’s wife, Karen, says the NBA legend rarely says the words I love you, “Maybe once a year.”



Yes, I Went to Warriors D-League Tryouts

I stopped by Dream Courts in Hayward to check out the Dakota Wizards open tryouts. Got a chance to chat with Kirk Lacob, who seemed to be running the show, and ran into my man Matt Steinmetz.

I did notice a few things that piqued my interest …

* The tryout wasn’t the biggest event there. Some AAU event was. Kids everywhere. D-League tryouts was tucked off in the back. Kinda fitting, right?

* Ball-a-Holic was trying out. He was easily the most famous person there. A blacktop notable who built a name on the ESPN show “Streetball,” he was easily the most famous person there. His real name is Cardell Butler and he played at Utah State. His game, sans the Streetball flash, was very controlled. Clearly, he’s got some skills. Quirky shot. He was much more passive than I expected. But he stood out enough from what I saw.

* Drew Shiller was in the building. The former Stanford guard, now working with Comcast I’m told, looked pretty small. He is listed at 6-feet, so I guess that makes sense.

* My jumper is off. Took a couple shots. Not even close. I need to get back on the court.