Warriors Youngsters Especially Hurt By Lockout

Jeremy Lin is torn.

On one hand, he’s “buying in” to the mission of the Players’ Union. He’s been to the meetings and follows the negotiations. An economics major at Harvard, Lin said he definitely doesn’t want the players to sign off on a bad deal. 

Still, he said he knows this lockout — which has already led to the postponing of training camp, the canceling of preseason games and, so far, the first two weeks of the regular season — is hurting himself and his team.

LIN: “No question. Now we’re going to have less time to build chemistry. Sure, some of us have some chemistry together. But we have so many new players. And we’re young. … Also, with new coaching, nobody knows what we’re going to do (system-wise). This definitely hurts us more compared go guys going back to teams where they’ve played for a while.”

Usually, a month of camp and a handful of preseason games aren’t enough to acclimate a rookie or develop the weaknesses of a young player. But with the NBA in the fourth month of the lockout, the Warriors youngsters will get even less time. 

Whenever camp starts, it will be rushed. Any preseason would be abbreviated. That’s especially bad got the Warriors, who are relying on the growth of youngsters such as second-year forward Ekpe Udoh and rookie swingman Klay Thompson. What’s more, the Warriors have a new coaching staff implementing a new system and building new relationships with veteran players.

Mark Jackson and Mike Malone have talked about improving the defense. How possible is that considering, if there is a season, there won’t be much prep time before the games begin.

LIN: “Nothing can fully replace this time. But everybody needs to work hard, come to camp in shape. And when we start, we can’t have any practices wasted. We have to work hard every day.”

UDOH: “We need everybody to come in ready to go. For me, I know I’ve got to be prepared. I need to be ready to do whatever coach asks.”

The coaching staff talked to the players before the lockout started. Certainly Jackson & Co. conveyed some of what the players needed to do this offseason. But these youngsters, for the most part, are left on their own with little experience to draw on.

THOMPSON: “Gotta hold yourself accountable. No coaches to stay on you. I will make sure I’m ready. I don’t want to give coach Jackson any reason to not play me.”

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    You suitin’ up this year, Marcus?

  • GSWFaithful

    This is a lost season no matter how you cut it. Even if they get a 50 game season, it will take 25 to figure out what the team has from coaches to players.