Yes, I Went to Warriors D-League Tryouts

I stopped by Dream Courts in Hayward to check out the Dakota Wizards open tryouts. Got a chance to chat with Kirk Lacob, who seemed to be running the show, and ran into my man Matt Steinmetz.

I did notice a few things that piqued my interest …

* The tryout wasn’t the biggest event there. Some AAU event was. Kids everywhere. D-League tryouts was tucked off in the back. Kinda fitting, right?

* Ball-a-Holic was trying out. He was easily the most famous person there. A blacktop notable who built a name on the ESPN show “Streetball,” he was easily the most famous person there. His real name is Cardell Butler and he played at Utah State. His game, sans the Streetball flash, was very controlled. Clearly, he’s got some skills. Quirky shot. He was much more passive than I expected. But he stood out enough from what I saw.

* Drew Shiller was in the building. The former Stanford guard, now working with Comcast I’m told, looked pretty small. He is listed at 6-feet, so I guess that makes sense.

* My jumper is off. Took a couple shots. Not even close. I need to get back on the court.

Marcus Thompson