David Lee Said He’s in Great Shape, “Confident” in New Coaching Staff

I caught up with David Lee recently. He was in Los Angeles having just attended NBA Players Association meetings.

Lee is said the summers are too cold in the Bay, so he’s spent most of his time inSt. Louis, where he just bought his home. He said he’s in great shape, which has been the focus of his offseason regimen. He’s currently at 245 pounds, which was his playing weight at midseason last year.

LEE: “I’ve been working my but off. Not a lot going on inSt. Louis. I’m working out two or three times a day, getting my rest, eating right.”

If he’s not inSt. Louis (or chilling inLas Vegas), Lee is likely inLos Angeles. It’s in SoCal where he gets his best run. He’s been playing pick-up games atLoyolaMarymountUniversityand the 360 Health Club, games that have featured the likes of Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, Blake Griffin and Danny Granger. He’s also been involved in lockout stuff, even going to players union meetings.

Lee said he’s learned a lot of players are in the same situation as him: concerned about how to work with no end to the lockout in sight.

LEE: “I want to be ready. Nut at the same time you don’t want to over do it. You don’t want to peak too early.”

Lee said he’s confident in the coaching staff management has assembled. He’s known Mark Jackson over the years and he played for a couple of months under Mike Malone, before Malone left the Knicks to work for the Cavaliers. Lee said he got a great impression of the staff when he met with them before the lockout.

LEE: “They are going to be very well prepared. They are going to demand a lot out of us, especially on the defensive end. They kept stressing it over and over – commitment to defense. Every indication I have is they are going to be prepared. Just need ours players to come in (to camp) in shape.”

Marcus Thompson