Guess Who I Saw at the Food Bank in Oakland …

This morning, in low-key building near the Wal-Mart in East Oakland, Warriors assistant general manager Bob Myers was part of an assembly line. At the Alameda County Community Food Bank, bags full of donated groceries awaited Myers, assistant coach Mike Malone and some 20 other Warriors employess who volunteered today. Myers’ job was to take the food out of the bag and put them into a bin, then put the bag into the recycling bin.

Watching him work, it was hard not to wonder what he’d be doing if he didn’t leave his sports agent practice behind.

Myers said he’d be much more stressed right now if he was still in player representation. The offseasons are a busy time for agents. Especially this offseason with lockout concerns, he probably would’ve been  going mad trying to keep his idle stars out of trouble, land overseas gigs for his clients who need income, and re-assure his free agents who are no doubt anxious.

Instead, Myers is enjoying a much more relaxed summer. He said he’s doing some scouting, preparing for the free agency period (whenever it starts) and whatever else he can to support GM Larry Riley. There is one other bonus.

Myers: “I’m getting to spend time with my family. That part’s been really great.”


Marcus Thompson