I Believe ‘We Believe’ Will Lose Big

Getting set for tonight’s show in San Jose. Here is my prediction: the Dubs will slaughter the We Believe squad. At least they had better, right?

The currents squad has all the advantages. Youth. Athleticism. Chemistry. The Dubs surely have a few plays they can run, a zone defense they can execute. The We Believe squad is a bunch of OGs there to give the fans a treat. Some of my favorite guys ever are on the We Believe squad. Jason Richardson. C.J. Watson. Al Harrington. Matt Barnes. Still, should be an easy win for the Dubs.

Wow. I just handicapped a charity game. Who am I? #NBAlockoutblues

Here are a few more news and notes heading into tonight’s game …

* I’m told Baron Davis may make a surprise appearance. Only right. Can you have We Believe without Baron?

* Point guard Stephen Curry said he will be able to go all out tonight. His surgically repaired right ankle is ready to handle it, he said. The last time the Warriors got together, in Las Vegas in mid-September, Curry had just been cleared for full activity. He went light, just working out and training. Since then, his ankle has been tested (at Chris Paul’s charity game in Los Angeles, and while working out with the Davidson Wildcats). So he shouldn’t be limited tonight, in case this game gets really competitive. Back in May, Curry had surgery to repair two torn ligaments in his right ankle.

* Rookie Klay Thompson will not play in tonight’s exhibition. He wanted to, but he was advised against it by his agent, Bill Duffy. Probably a smart move, considering he doesn’t have a contract yet.

* Guess who the celebrity coaches are for the game tonight? C.C. Sabbathia and Too $hort. … Kidding. It’s Rickey Henderson and Jerry Rice. … Ok, no really. The players will coach themselves. My guess is Monta Ellis will coach the Dubs and Matt Barnes will coach We Believe.

* I will be chatting live during the game. Bring all your wise cracks and commentary. And questions.

* Tickets are still available. Some $60  tickets and $100 tickets are expected to be available for sale at the door. Of course, that was at about 11:30 a.m. Who knows what will be available at 6 p.m.

* I wonder how Monta chose which side he would play on, and if Baron and SJax were playing, would he side with We Believe?

Marcus Thompson