Monta Ellis Set to Play In Charity Game in Memphis. You Cool with That?

Many were disappointed when Monta Ellis did not show up for We Believe charity game in San Jose. And rightfully so, considering he is the Warriors’ best player.

A few players who know Monta said something came up, speculating it was a family situation. Whatever happened, it was a last-minute drop out.

That only brings up an interesting question, at least in my mind. Monta Ellis is slated to play in Rudy Gay’s charity game in Memphis on Tuesday.¬† So …

Would you fans feel slighted if actually played?

I can see a few reasons why Ellis should play.

1. Playing with such an All-Star cast could get him the shine his brand badly needs. The roster includes Kevin Durant, LeBron James, John Wall, Tyreke Evans and Memphis basketball legend Penny Hardaway. According to The Memphis Commercial Appeal, LaMarcus Aldridge could play and organizers are confident Chris Paul will, too.

That’s a much more noted lineup than the We Believe game, in which arguably the biggest star in the gym, Baron Davis, was in street clothes.

2. He could probably walk to the Memphis charity game from his house. How could he not play in a charity game in his offseason home?

3. Monta has already flaked on Kevin Durant’s charity game in Oklahoma City, back in October, and Matt Barnes’ We Believe game Saturday. If he disses Rudy Gay tonight, he may start losing some cred with his fellow ballers. That won’t be good for his brand, either.

With that said, should he opt out of all other charity games since he failed to show up for his home crowd? Would you take it as a dis if he decided to play in Memphis? Or is it all trivial, since it’s just a charity game?


Marcus Thompson

  • Eeqmcsq

    If it really was a family situation, then I can understand why Monta would drop out at the last minute. Family comes first.

  • John

    Hey, it’s a charity game. He’s not earning any money for his family so there should be no guilt involved.

  • willow

    It is all trivial. Does anyone really care (besides maybe Rudy Gay)?

  • David

    Perhaps Monta is scared of getting injured in meaningless games.

    Last interview question:

  • jlight

    Marcus, I know there is not much to write about, but are you serious with this?

  • Ron Seikley

    And in other news, the lockout is still underway ladies and gents

  • sco

    so, it looks like he didn’t play in Gay’s game either. at first i thought maybe he is having family problems. that would be a huge blow to his performance on the Dubs if theres a season. but when I was reading the recap of Gay’s game, it mentioned they had to wear Nike t shirts and i thought that might be prohibited by his and1 contract? you would think if he wants to be associated with top talent he would attend a game like that. its certainly curious that he was absent again…

  • rotfogel

    Monte has a thing about riding his scooter to games and in San Jose it’s just not permitted. He needed that free feeling of the wind in his hair as he’s jamming full throttle at 40 mph. In San Jose it just wasn’t possible and it upset Monte. In Memphis he is free to jam sans helmet.