Dorell Wright is the King of Charity Games

Dorell Wright said he is not going overseas to play. So, how is he feeding his competitive cravings? Where is he fulfilling his desire to put on a show for and interact with fans?

Charity games.

Miami. Minnesota. Los Angeles. Oklahoma City. The ‘We Believe’ game in San Jose. Now San Francisco.

Drew Gooden’s Make-A-Wish Game at the Cow Palace (at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20) will be Wright’s sixth this offseason. Call him the charity game king.

WRIGHT: “Trying to stay right.”

Part of Wright’s training program has been to play in charity games. But charity games are glorified pick-up games, right? Are they even beneficial?

Wright says yes.

WRIGHT: “It’s a great way to reach out with the fans and also give guys a chance to play good ball and compete. And it’s more of an All-Star Game with guys from everywhere. So the fans love it and we do as well.”

Wright said another benefit was that he gets to measure himself. After all his work, he gets to see how in shape he is. He gets to work on some moves. And he gets to see how everyone’s game is looking.

Wright looked pretty good in San Jose, dropping 41 points. His 3-point stroke looked good. His ball-handling, an offseason project of his, looked solid. So playing against NBA players, even in these charity game environments, gives him a sort of barometer.

But Wright stopped short of calling himself the king of charity games. He said the best he’s seen is that guy from the Thunder.

WRIGHT: “KD. Hands down.”


Marcus Thompson