Can You Picture Brandon Roy in a Warriors Uniform?

The Warriors can. On the Warriors’ shopping list during the coming, abbreviated is a good, veteran guard. Especially one who comes cheap.

No doubt, a big man, is higher on the wish list. They may also want an athletic combo forward more also. But the Warriors are in the market for a veteran guard, likely at shooting guard. And a couple team sources let me know that if Brandon Roy is indeed Portland’s amnesty choice, as the Oregonian reported, the Warriors are definitely interested.

As everyone knows, Roy’s athleticism has been significantly diminished by knee injuries, and he’s been injury prone lately. But the Warriors are willing to use what he has for the right price. They view him as a good locker room presence (which is what they need for rookie Klay Thompson), someone with good size and a great skillset, and another option for late in games. With Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in tow, the Warriors have the luxury of not needing Roy to be the All-Star he once was. If he is willing to come off the bench and play more of a complimentary role, the Warriors would probably make an offer (depending on how things go with their other targets).

I’m told the Seattle native ┬áhe would prefer to stay on the West Coast, and he would like to play for the Warriors. It needs to be pointed out that Roy’s former agent, Bob Myers, is now the assistant GM for the Warriors.

Marcus Thompson

  • DT

    Do the Warriors have enough cap room to outbid others in an auction situation? I like this move but am curious how much it would cost to pay Brandon Roy a year? We could possibly trade Monta with Roy on board.

  • Incredible


  • Niners in 2012

    BRoy really is the perfect back-up guard for Curry/Ellis. Play him at the 2 along side Curry. He got PG skills, he’ll pair well with Monta. You can play him at SF in three guard line-ups. It’s great BUT you still got that HUGE hole at the center spot.

  • DW

    Roy’s got a lot of heart. Even banged up I’d love to have him on the team. If the price is right and if Portland let’s him go we should scoop him up.

  • Silverstreak

    A Curry, Ellis, Klay T & a Roy guard rotation(some SF) looks great. If Roy were to happen management’s main focus would be the much-needed big man… Nene, Chandler, Gasol… So, hell yes I can see Roy in a Warriors uniform.

  • marc

    Not a big fan….too many injuries for him. BIG NO

  • Philip Everett

    Brandon Roy is done–knees are gone.

  • willow

    I’m with Marc…too many (significant) injuries for him. I suppose if he came really cheap it might be worth a gamble, but such a move seems more flash (former big name player) than substance (can still play at a high level). Didn’t work too well with Webber.

    I’ll admit that he would likely be a good locker room presence/mentor and he does appear to have a lot of heart. Don’t think that’s enough, though.

  • deano

    If Ellis stays with GSW, the minutes available to Roy will not justify selecting him over a lesser-known but healthier SG. Plus, Klay Thompson is going to need minutes to develop.

    If Ellis is traded, GSW will need a lot more from its new starter at SG than Roy can now provide. I liked everything about Roy, when he was healthy; but that was then, and this is now.

  • Mitra

    We talk every year about killing Curry and Ellis with too many minutes and this would be a great way to get a great backup to spell both guards while not losing anything on the skills end. While he might get injured he would be working with limited minutes behind SC and ME. Would we drop Lin with 5 guards on the team?

  • Cellar Dweller

    More crazy talk!!

    Don’t need more cap room (even though he maybe cheap). He cannot contribute with the current set of injuries. Should pass on Roy!

  • Niners in 2012

    BRoy will get paid to walk away, this will be a minimum type signing, and no brainer.

  • marc

    Signing Roy would be something the previous ownership would do. Lacob says he wants a Title, you don’t get that with has beens. I really liked Roy as a player, but his window has slammed shut imo.

  • Troy

    Brandon Roy would be a great addition for the Warriors. Brandon Roy may not be the player he once was with his significant injuries, but if you remember to last years playoffs he had glimpses of still being able to play. If he was smart, with an extended off season, he put in the time to regain strength in the knee and make the necessary adjustments to his game to be able to play with less explosion.

    Plus, we should be able to get him for a discounted price. Roy will welcome the opportunity to start over in Golden State. I guarantee Roy has a good year.

  • Jon

    Zero risk, high reward. A sharp-shooter still has value after his legs go. Roy is two years removed from being a 21/5/5 guy. I see no downside in letting him spot-up and throw zip line passes for 16 minutes off the bench. The Warriors don’t need all-star production from him. Terry Cummings provided similar play as a former star giving the team a solid scoring punch off the bench in the late 90’s. Roy would be a tremendous coup, and is exactly the type of player that gives a playoff team versatile depth off the bench.


    I love this idea, and I want to add Tyson Chandler, too!! If they have a center who can be a part of defense, Chandler, and one who can score, Lee, plus add a size in their guard by acquiring Roy, with those two explosive point guards, they can start making more wins!!

  • TruthDrink

    one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. how much more clearer does a fan need to get. we need a low post offensive threat.

    amnesty biedrins and use that money to get a guy to work well with david lee.
    this is the simple solution. david lee is actually underpaid if you compare him to guys with his ability. stop talking about moving david lee. David lee would be a 25pts 15 rebounds per game player with anyone other than biedrins and just slighlty better and his defense would not be an issue because he would have a good player to compliment him

    biedrins get rid of him
    amnesty him
    lose him
    get him off the payroll

  • Come on Man

    You’re so Right Truthdrink. The W’s have got to take advantage of getting Beans off the books and i mean yesterday. It will be the most significant move they can currently make, even if they do nothing further till the trade deadline or plan for next year. It sure would be nice to get Tyson Chandler. Perfect!

  • Gwydion

    I just don’t see the need here. We just drafted Thompson and Jenkins, both having higher upside than the remains of Roy. Loved him when he was healthy and I think he still has something left, but having him will just retard the growth of two rookies who will both shine.

    We won’t be sorry for passing on this one.

  • Thesickone

    I think the addition of Roy for the right price would be a great addition. He’s a huge upgrade over Bell, Law, or one of our current younger options.

    Despite what people think, we don’t need a low post offensive presence, we just need someone to defend the low post better. We have scorers and don’t need to change our schemes too much. I would prefer going after Jordan or Dalembert as opposed to Chandler. CHandler is a legit ballplayer, but his price will be too much. He will be overpaid this year. Put it this way…what Chandler did last year is what Biedrins did for two years..but slightly better. Compare the stats yourself.


    with a rotation of

    is the type of depth we need to be successful!

  • brandonbeard

    Naw we get him he needs to start, have Dorell Wright come off the bench, then u have him anbd Klay coming off the bench with reggie and tyler and edoh, man that would be great, or have Beidrins come off and start Edoh

  • theCity

    too much class, talent, and smarts for the Warriors not to be interested. get him for cheap and keep him. let the knees heal. similar to Grant Hill, once a star, heals up, becomes excellent role player. Are amnesty players allowed to be signed at the minimum exception level?

  • Ultimate Warrior

    Being a long time fan, I am worried this will be another bad W;s signing. That said if we can get him cheap, and his knees hold up, he’s at least a clutch spot up shooter. Maybe he can bring Oden along with him.

  • joey

    What about inside presence?
    Roy is 1/3 of the player he was. How about just getting another coach that can play that role?

    In the end players win not talking heads on the bench

  • Dave

    Blazers’ Brandon Roy to retire to announce his retirement as soon as today due to bad knees.

    Never doubt the durable David Lee!