Oracle Arena is Open Again. Let the Questions Commence

For the first time in more than seven months, there will be basketball in Oracle Arena.

Since the NBA allowed teams to open up their facilities to players, the Warriors have unlocked Oracle Arena. Starting Thursday, players will be free to workout on their home floor. (Us media will also get to talk to GM Larry Riley and head coach Mark Jackson Thursday morning.)

Forward Dorell Wright said he would be there Friday. Forward David Lee, point guard Stephen Curry, guard Jeremy Lin and big man Lou Amundson are planning to workout together inOaklandon Monday. Coaches and management are not allowed to join them. The Warriors can have athletic trainers on hand and media relations to deal with me and Tim Kawakami.

Yup, the lockout, it seems, is indeed ending. That means, for Warriors fans, the can of questions are now open and in dire need of answer. Here is my best attempt at a few:

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Can You Picture Brandon Roy in a Warriors Uniform?

The Warriors can. On the Warriors’ shopping list during the coming, abbreviated is a good, veteran guard. Especially one who comes cheap.

No doubt, a big man, is higher on the wish list. They may also want an athletic combo forward more also. But the Warriors are in the market for a veteran guard, likely at shooting guard. And a couple team sources let me know that if Brandon Roy is indeed Portland’s amnesty choice, as the Oregonian reported, the Warriors are definitely interested.

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5 Reasons the Warriors Won’t Amnesty Biedrins

With the new CBA expected to include an amnesty – a one-time opportunity to payoff a player and  not have his salary count against the cap. For the longest time, it has been the expectation that the Warriors will use their amnesty on Biedrins. Talk of that has heated up with the new CBA forthcoming.

But, it won’t happen. Not even an option. 

Sounds crazy, right? Biedrins has been nothing shy of a disappointment the last two seasons – at $9 million a year. With three years, $27 million left on his contract, the Warriors would seem to benefit by cutting ties while they can.

But the Warriors won’t stand to gain much by walking away from Biedrins, at least not enough to outweigh the potential ramifications. 

Here are 5 reasons the Warriors won’t Amnesty Biedrins:
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Real Charity Begins in the Heart

Susan Shelton doesn’t watch basketball, not even NBA. As she waited for Dorell Wright to show up, she had to  ask if he’d arrived yet because she had no idea what he looked like.  

Still, she treated him like a hero.

After all, he stepped up and saved the community’s Thanksgiving Dinner she’d run for 12 years through  the City of Oakland’s Hunger Program. Wright’s foundation (Dwrightwayfoundation.org) provided more than $25,000, reviving the tradition after the 20th anniversary had been canceled because of budget cuts.
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Dorell Wright is the King of Charity Games

Dorell Wright said he is not going overseas to play. So, how is he feeding his competitive cravings? Where is he fulfilling his desire to put on a show for and interact with fans?

Charity games.

Miami. Minnesota. Los Angeles. Oklahoma City. The ‘We Believe’ game in San Jose. Now San Francisco.

Drew Gooden’s Make-A-Wish Game at the Cow Palace (at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20) will be Wright’s sixth this offseason. Call him the charity game king.

WRIGHT: “Trying to stay right.”

Part of Wright’s training program has been to play in charity games. But charity games are glorified pick-up games, right? Are they even beneficial?

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Curry Again Considering Going Overseas

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is now considering going overseas to play, since it’s looking as if NBA action appears to be a ways away.

Curry said via text message he is currently weighing his options. He will not only consider where to play and for how much, but when. Curry is enrolled at Davidson College and wants to finish the semester.

Curry initially had plans to stay in school for the Spring semester if the lockout lasted that long. But playing in a few charity games, including last week in New Orleans, seems to have kicked up Curry’s basketball jones. Plus, his surgically repaired right ankle has responded well.