Dorell Wright Saves the Day for Oakland’s Needy

Warriors forward Dorell Wright is saving Thanksgiving in Oakland.

The Golden State player is spending thousands of dollars so the city can put on its 20th annual Thanksgiving dinner and coat drive. The event, which had been canceled due to budget cuts, will serve turkey dinners to at least 2,500 people at the Marriott City Center on Nov. 22, two days before the actual holiday. Festivities will begin at 11 a.m.

“It just so happened they were in trouble,” Wright said. “So we did our best to step in and help. It’s a good thing they do, making sure people have a place to go for Thanksgiving. I wanted to be a part of that and make sure the 20th year was special like it should be.”

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Monta Ellis Set to Play In Charity Game in Memphis. You Cool with That?

Many were disappointed when Monta Ellis did not show up for We Believe charity game in San Jose. And rightfully so, considering he is the Warriors’ best player.

A few players who know Monta said something came up, speculating it was a family situation. Whatever happened, it was a last-minute drop out.

That only brings up an interesting question, at least in my mind. Monta Ellis is slated to play in Rudy Gay’s charity game in Memphis on Tuesday.  So …

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Whadduya Say: Take the Ultimatum or Tell ‘Em to Shove It?

My man Howard Beck of the New York Times got a hold of the offer the NBA sent to the players.  Some pretty compelling stuff.

The players, refusing to be strong-armed, flat out rejected the offer initially. But they are reportedly meeting, all 30 reps, in New York on Tuesday to discuss the offer. I find it hard to find anything the Players would like. I see some things they would be OK with, but nothing the players are pushing for.

You would think if they did give in to 50-50 split, the players would have to get several other things they were pushing for. But in a move that would make Nucky Thompson proud, the owners are pushing the 50-50 split and a more tolerable version of what they want. And if the players don’t accept it, the owners threat is to make it worse.

The owners’ offer, the one on the table until Wednesday, includes the following:

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Live blog and chat: Warriors ‘We Believe’ charity game

Marcus Thompson II will be live-blogging and taking your comments throughout tonight’s game at the San Jose State Events Center. The game starts at 6:30 p.m.


I Believe ‘We Believe’ Will Lose Big

Getting set for tonight’s show in San Jose. Here is my prediction: the Dubs will slaughter the We Believe squad. At least they had better, right?

The currents squad has all the advantages. Youth. Athleticism. Chemistry. The Dubs surely have a few plays they can run, a zone defense they can execute. The We Believe squad is a bunch of OGs there to give the fans a treat. Some of my favorite guys ever are on the We Believe squad. Jason Richardson. C.J. Watson. Al Harrington. Matt Barnes. Still, should be an easy win for the Dubs.

Wow. I just handicapped a charity game. Who am I? #NBAlockoutblues

Here are a few more news and notes heading into tonight’s game …

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