Home Sweet Home: Warriors Players Return to Facility

Ekpe Udoh walked down what they call “the blue mile” – a hallway that leads from the Convention Center elevators to team’s practice floor.

Formerly, this strip was highlighted only by the blue carpet. Monday, when Udoh walked to the voluntary workouts,  he trekked slowly with a stunned look on his face. It was his first look at the re-decorated blue mile, which features giant images of Warriors legends along the walls.

It’s been that long since the players have been allowed in their old stomping grounds.

A few tidbits from today’s workout at the team facility.

* David Lee said his focus this offseason has been getting in shape. He acknowledged last year, he wasn’t in the best shape when he came to camp. That started a chain reaction that led to him not feeling “like myself until the last two months of the season.”

Lee said if he’s in ideal shape, he’ll produce even more

LEE: “Cardio-wise, if I’m in my best, tip-top shape, I don’t think there’s anybody that can keep me off the glass.”

* Stephen Curry is noticeably less scrawny. He said he put on 10 pounds this offseason. Curry said he’s been lifting 5 days a week. He added his surgically repaired right ankle feels great, though he wants to see how it responds to two-a-days in training camp.

* Jeremy Tyler said he’s been working on playing center. But the rookie looked a couple inches shorter and not especially thicker than David Lee. Tyler has the athleticism and Curry said he plays physical. But he looks more like a small forward in a power forward’s body than someone who can play center. His lack of size figures to matter especially on defense. It will be interesting to see how he much his athleticism helps him in his transition to center.

* Klay Thompson can stroke it.

* Jeremy Lin seemed to get to the basket easily, which is usually the case. Also, he looked pretty comfortable knocking down a few jumpers. Lin said he’s been working with a shooting coach: Doc Scheppler, girls basketball coach at Pinewood High School. Scheppler was the high school coach of Peter Diepenbrock, Lin’s prep coach at Palo Alto High.

LIN ON HIS SHOT: “It feels better. I’m more confident. It’s more fluid for me.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    What happened to Tyler? Everyone said he was a legit 6’10”, 6’11”. Has David Lee grown or was Jeremy just wearing heels? WTF?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Marcus, lots of rumors about the Dubs shopping Biedrins to get cash for a Tyson Chandler signing. Any possibility of us moving Beans? Also, we’re rumored to be among the four most active teams in seeking out trade partners. Is there a possibility we might actually look different this year?
    How about Biedrins and Steph for CP3?
    Monta for Iguodala?
    Sign Chandler?
    PG – Paul/Charles Jenkins/ Jeremy Lin
    SG – Dorell Wright/KlayThompson
    SF – Iguodala/Reggie Williams
    PF – Lee/Amundson
    C – Chandler/Udoh/Tyler

  • factual

    According to Chicago pre draft camp Jeremy tyler without shoes is 6 ft 9 in, that is 1 and 1/4 inches taller than David Lee’s 6 ft 7 and 3/4 inch barefoot measurement in chicago. What makes him truly bigger is his chicago measured 7 ft 5 wingspan and great 9 ft 2 and 1/2 standing reach, four inches higher than David Lee or Epke Udoh.

    Tyler was also the heaviest player at Chicago at 262 while amazingly having a jumping vertical reach of 12 feet vs David Lee’s 11 ft 7 and Epke Udoh’s 11 ft 8.

    In terms of strength Tyler benched 10 reps same as Udoh 2 less than Lee.

    Tyler is as tall as Anthony Randolph longer than Anthony Randolph and jumps as well as Randolph despite weighing 70 lbs more than Randolph did at Chicago.

    In fact compared with average positional measurements Tyler is heavier and longer than most Centers while being faster and a better leaper than most power forwards.

    He in fact measured and tested among the top ten percent in the Draft Express measurement database.

    Maybe Tyler does’nt wear thick soled shoes who knows looks can be deceiving. Though is highlights look pretty impressive in terms of size and athleticism. He is young and will need time to learn I’m sure

  • Dn8

    @ Harp’s Dubs
    Theres no way in hell cp3 is signing an extension with the dubs. Sure we can easily trade for him by offering curry + fillers and the hornets would not even waste a second to ponder that deal before they accept it. But truth of the matter is, chris paul wants to be playing for a big market contender. While we might be a big market with arguably the greatest fan base in the league, we are just simply not the contender that cp3 desires even with monta and d lee on board. Given the situation now around the league where every contender usually has at least 2 superstars or 1 super star + a myriad of bonafied all stars/potential hofs, monta and d lee just dont cut it as the star teammates that chris paul wants as neither one of them is a super star nor a perennial all star. In short, getting cp3 in a dubs uniform this season is a piece of cake, but having him remained in a dubs uniform for next season and beyond is a completely different story.

  • Bucky

    Jeremy Lin was nailing 30 ft jumpers with ease at those charity games during the lockout. If he can knock down the 3s with consistency in NBA games, he’ll be a big contributor this year.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Hey Dn8, just read cbssports and check out the CP3 rumors – it’s not just my imagination. Reports also have Tyson having interest in the Dubs. I’d love to see CP3 and Chandler together again!