Monta for CP3?

Talked to a couple sources about this Steph Curry for Chris Paul stuff. From what I’m being told, this was always a calculated reach. New Orleans expressed interest in trading CP3 to the Warriors, so Golden State engaged. The expectation wasn’t that anything would get done because Paul wouldn’t sign long term.

However, there may be a circumstance in which the Warriors would take CP3 on a rental … if New Orleans takes Monta Ellis.

One of the sources said Golden State is trying to get the Hornets to take Monta and pieces for CP3 instead of Curry. Not only can Curry play shooting guard because of his stroke, but he clearly has the most value and may help the Warriors make a serious play for Dwight Howard. Chandler and Curry for Dwight may sound appealing to Orlando come February. Getting Howard would be the Warriors’ best chance of convincing CP3 to sign long term.

As one can expect, New Orleans isn’t hot after Monta. But with the Clippers’ offer not including DeAndre Jordan or Eric Gordon, Monta and a few young pieces might be their best offer.

Marcus Thompson

  • GSWFaithful

    That I would do. Sorry Monta.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    I would love to get CP3 for Monta instead of Curry, but it doesn’t seem realistic, especially with the Clippers having first round picks to trade. A Curry-Paul backcourt definitely has some defensive problems, but would be scary on offense.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Curry might average 30 a game with Paul feeding him 🙂

  • Incredible

    Yup. Much more will to trade Monta for CP3, than Curry- even though Curry is even LESS of a natural SG than Monta is.

  • moto

    it’s a good thing that Paul has control over his career, and the league [the actual owner of NO] can only take his ransom up so far without his consent/contract extension. Stern and the league can protest that they don’t run a modern version of a plantation, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t prefer to have some of the aspects of the feudal system.

  • Thesickone

    No thanks. We’d give up way too much..then we’d dump more for Howard potentially…leaving us with 3 solid players a nothing else behind it. Can’t be successful long term without depth or chemistry. Warriors need to keep their core and build off an improving season last year. no need for drastic changes.

  • Deal of the decade acquisition (even if Paul doesn’t extend) – trading Monta (who teams aren’t coveting) for Paul for a rental – and then we can shop Paul around? It’ll be easier to shop Paul for a partial season than shopping Monta Ellis!!!

    What would we get from the NY Knicks/LA Lakers then in a sign-and-trade of Paul? Knicks – Landry Fields? Draft picks? Chauncey’s expiring? Lakers – Gasol? Bynum? Odom?

    Things that make you go hmmmm…

  • al oha

    Curry an “even less of a natural SG”.

    You’re kidding, right?

    With CP3 feeding Curry and DWright, this team would be lighting up the scoreboard. Give Curry 20 shots per game and he will average 27+ points. Then his value would escalate to the stratosphere. He has been deferring to Monta because he’s such a humble team player with proper respect for the veterans.

    If Mark Jackson builds an offense around Curry’s excellent, efficient shooting, his worth around the league goes off the charts. Everyone in the NBA knows it. Fans must see it to believe it.

  • Gummy

    If we’re talking about trading monta, I much prefer him to go to Memphis for Rudy Gay. Sure Cp3 can definitely play defense, but the problem is that the team is even going to be smaller via backcourt.

  • al oha

    Finally there is some BB intellect in the Warriors’ Front Office.

    Who is it that is refusing to put up Stephen Curry for a 66-game rental of CP3? The Logo? Bob Myers? Joe Lacob? His son, Kirk? Travis Schlenk? Maybe even Larry Riley? It has to be someone who wasn’t there last year.

    Accumulate ASSETS. Get Chandler AND then CP3, even for a one-year rental. Keep Curry. See what Thompson has. Trade AB, DLee, and Monta. W’s compete for higher Playoff seeds. Overall Team talent level goes way up and plenty of assets that other teams will overpay for. Reverses the trend of the past Front Office moves.

  • bryhsiao

    Klay Thompson + SG like Batier
    Curry backs up CP3 and plays a little SG as well.

    Let CP3 teach Curry a thing or two before he bails to Knicks 😀

  • Hitman

    Like any quality roundballers want to come to this jerk water town!

  • deano

    Unless CP3 is a lock to resign, trading either Curry or Ellis for him is unwise; and it is very unlikely that CP3 will resign, even if we do get Tyson Chandler. What are the odds that next summer Paul will conclude that his chances of winning a Championship are better with GSW’s Chandler/David Lee combo than with NY’s Amare Stoudamire/Carmelo Anthony? Slim, Id say.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I love CP3, but he would definitely be a rental. Now, if we could work a three-team trade with NO and the Lakers (Monta to the Hornets, Paul to the Lakers and Bynum to the Warriors), then we’d be talking. Keep Curry – he’s going to be excellent. If Memphis loses Gasol via free agency, we might be able to convince them to trade us Gay for Biedrins and Klay Thompson so they’d have a center and a promising young wing, though I don’t think the Grizz would be that stupid.
    If things went that way, we’re looking at:
    PG – Curry
    SG – Wright
    SF – Gay
    PF – Lee
    C – Bynum
    with a bench of Lin, Jenkins, Udoh, Amundson, Tyler.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    The more I think of CP3 her in The Town, the less likely I think it’s gonna happen.
    Amnesty Biedrins and sign Chandler
    Trade Monta for Iguodala.
    PG – Curry
    SG – Wright
    SF – Iguodala
    PF – Lee
    C – Chandler
    Back-ups are Jenkins, Lin, Thompson, Udoh, Tyler, Amundson and hopefully Reggie Williams if we re-sign him.

  • Paul

    No!!! Paul and Curry back court, Curry is not there yet.. Paul and Ellis would be amazing. Best point guard and 3rd best shooting guard in the league. Don’t be like the ignorant media and lukewarm fans. You are not gonna a better shooting guard for the money in the MBA.

  • j.com

    Marcus howard has said in recent interviews that he wants to play with paul and ellis… I think that would lure him more so than curry. I saw it on hoopshype and howard mentioned it on broadcast in russia.

  • al oha

    DWright is not a 2 guard. But as a shooting forward, he will be one of the better scorers from the 3-pt. line. For the amount of his contract, he is a bargain.

  • Gene Harland

    I dont know what the new cap is so admitedly,this is a slightly obscured opinion but If its anything close to last years and the new owners are willing to go into the 2 or 3 million luxery tax range, then I dont see why The Warriors have to do much of anything besides sighn Chandler.
    c- Chandler/Biedrins
    Nobody talks about him but I thought Al Thorton was a very solid sub last year and hes relatively cheap at around 2+ mill and there arnet many back up centers that are as good as beans.Theres some depth right there! Save the amnesty and let this team play together healthy (hopefully) for a year.Im betting this line up would garner the equivelent of 50 wins this year! Is there room for everyone? I think there might be.

  • Ron

    I trust Mr West will make the right decision.