Monta for CP3?

Talked to a couple sources about this Steph Curry for Chris Paul stuff. From what I’m being told, this was always a calculated reach. New Orleans expressed interest in trading CP3 to the Warriors, so Golden State engaged. The expectation wasn’t that anything would get done because Paul wouldn’t sign long term.

However, there may be a circumstance in which the Warriors would take CP3 on a rental … if New Orleans takes Monta Ellis.

One of the sources said Golden State is trying to get the Hornets to take Monta and pieces for CP3 instead of Curry. Not only can Curry play shooting guard because of his stroke, but he clearly has the most value and may help the Warriors make a serious play for Dwight Howard. Chandler and Curry for Dwight may sound appealing to Orlando come February. Getting Howard would be the Warriors’ best chance of convincing CP3 to sign long term.

As one can expect, New Orleans isn’t hot after Monta. But with the Clippers’ offer not including DeAndre Jordan or Eric Gordon, Monta and a few young pieces might be their best offer.

Marcus Thompson