Stephen Curry Talks About Trade Rumors

After working out with his teammates Wednesday, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry responds to trade rumors

Jon Becker

  • anhdazman

    Thanks for your time Curry, but if CP3 is on the table, then the deal has to happen. Mark Jackson preaches defense and although you’re talented, CP3 is on another level when it comes to defense and being an elite point guard.

  • Daan Dijkema

    But it doesn’t make sense to trade a future all-star player for a all-star who not will resign with us next year so you have no all-star PG!

  • Lavalovers

    Marcus, what is Fridays schedule? Does bidding start at midnight tonight? Will we wake up with a new warrior tomorrow? I’m pumped up!!

  • Don

    What is curry’s points per game average with CP3 feeding him the ball…yikes!

  • Nigel Tufnel

    It’s now looking like Chandler is leaning towards signing with NY, If that’s the case, all this CP3 talk is moot, because he’s not coming here without Chandler.

  • deano

    Curry is intelligent and poised, an unusually classy player, on and off the court. I hope he stays and grows here.

  • robert rowell

    yeah, who would want an actual PG for when we’ve got a tweener?

    cp3 > curry any day, any time. nothin against curry, but, c’mon, you guys do watch the Association, right?