Warriors Lose Out On Chandler … Up Next?

Sources confirmed the Warriors are all but out of the Tyson Chandler sweepstakes. Golden State loses out on their top free agent target, as he choses another

The Knicks outbid the Warriors at four years, $60 million according to one source. As for Golden State’s offer, another source said they did not get that high. The Warriors’ offer was closer to four years, $52 million, with a willingness to maybe get up to $56 million.

They might’ve reluctantly matched the Knicks but it never got that far, per one source, because Chandler preferred the Knicks. Once they made the offer he liked, game over. Even if the Warriors had matched, Chandler would have chosen New York, the source said.  Better situation. Bigger market. You know the story.

It all adds up to  the Warriors losing out again. But that is not the worst thing to some members of the organization, who were hesitant to make Chandler the Warriors highest-paid player. Golden State does prefer Chandler, but the price tag was getting to an uncomfortable level.  The Knicks, in essence, saved the Warriors from overpaying.

So what do the Warriors do now? DeAndre Jordan represents their most feasible next move. Nene is commanding $15 million per year, a price tag Golden State would prefer not to pay. They’d love Marc Gasol, but every indication is Memphis will match any offer.

That leaves Jordan, who too is a long shot. The Clippers want to match, and have reportedly offered a five-year, $40 million deal. That leaves a window in which the Warriors may be able to jump higher than the Clippers while still staying in their comfort zone. Since L.A.’s second team still has designs on Dwight Howard, they may let Jordan go.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    Warriors need to throw a poisonous, front loaded offer at Marc Gasol. Memphis keeps saying they will match, they need to call them on it. Atleast try.

  • Chris

    Three words. SAME OLD WARRIORS! Another coach…More front office ineptitude (David Lee for $80M?!?). Same result!

    Let’s see what happens when Larry Ellison finally gets his team and move the Hornets to San Jose.

  • deano

    Larry Ellison would not have been able to acquire Chandler, unless he bought the Knicks. There is nothing GSW’s FO can do about he fact that SF is not NYC, that NBA players always seem to prefer NYC over any other NBA city, and, for that reason, that the Knicks already have Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony. Our team can compete with the Knicks team, but our FO cannot compete with NYC’s. It is what it is.

  • World B. Free

    This would all be a moot issue if Biedrins played to his average. There is more than enough fire power on the rest of the GSW roster to compensate for mediocre defense. The problem is that GSW has had horrendous D, and if you look at it, they give up a lot of points in the paint. I don’t care what you might say about perimeter defense; our backcourt is good enough to be the most productive in the league. If the Dubs can manage to to stop getting worked inside and get a few rebounds in the process, this team could win quite a few games.

    The X factor is Biedrins. Think about it; he’s a big man with decent athletic ability, and at least average defense which is exactly what the W’s are looking for now. He did just fine during the We Believe year and he wasn’t All-Star stuff. In fact, Beidrins was blocking shots at a decent rate and getting rebounds. No, he won’t be boxing D. Howard out of the paint (who can?) but if he can strap up this season, the Warriors are not in a bad ways.

  • Tyler

    DeAndre Jordan shouldn’t be paid that much money. Baron made Biedrins look like a half decent center just like he did with Jordan. Jordans a lefty that caught lobs from baron. sounds familiar. Jordans more athletic but at what price, his offensive game is limited and he too cannot shoot free throws.


  • Young

    Re: World B. Free

    We believe team go beasted inside by Carlos Boozer…for more, ask Beidrins

  • Nigel Tufnel

    @WorldBFree, there is no way You can say Biedins plays “at least average defense”. He’s horrible.

  • World B. Free

    Hey, nobody was complaining about Biedrins in 2007.

    If I recall, Dub Nation was quite happy to have him on board. It was only during the years after that his stock plummeted to where it is now.

    Think of it this way:

    B Diddy = Curry
    Monta = Monta
    Jax = D. Wright
    Harrington = D. Lee

    Those four are comparable to each other. If Biedrins was where he was in 2007, the team should produce similar results.

  • World B. Free

    …unfortunately, similar results means getting bounced in the second round, at best. But you get my point.

  • Dubfan

    Once again the warriors are out of the runnings for a big name player so what are the chances of ever landing a Dwight Howard or cp3 if we can’t do it now it’s probably never gonna happen we might as well just consider ourselves the Pittsburg pirates of the nba

  • nickj

    Next move would be to see if S.Dalembert is available. He can play tough Defense, get some boards, and can score 10 points or so a game. He isn’t the prettiest name out there but could be a very effective pick up for us. He has a defense mind set and right now that is what this team needs and it won’t break the bank. I say go for it.

  • Jaysohn

    The Warriors want to make big moves but are in a tough position to do so in terms of free agency. If the salary offering is around the same most players are going to choose the situation where they have the best chance to win or the best place to live (LA, NYC, Miami). So the Warriors have to over spend above the market value of the player (i.e. David Lee or DeAndre Jordan) which kills the salary cap. The Warriors are going to have to work risky trades, and hope to get lucky like with Baron, to make any improvement.

  • robert rowell

    well the W’s, like usual, overvalue their mediocre pieces and can’t seem to pull the trigger on any acquisitions.

    what’s new? Larry Riley is still the GM, isn’t he?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    It’s days like yesterday I love being a Warriors fan – all the excitement of possibility and a potentially talented, well-rounded team. It’s days like today I hate being a Warriors fan – no CP3, no Chandler, no balls to make daring moves, so we get stuck with the same results. What can we still do without kicking ourselves in the ass?
    Package Biedrins and Udoh to Denver for Nene.
    Trade Monta for Iggy.
    Sign Chuck Hayes.

  • ET

    very sad coz no one wanna join the warriors. these conventional trades/free agents just wont work. the only way is to land a questionable player(BD, captn Jack had some serious issues when the warriors acquire them). Just hope they DO NOT OVERPAY for some players out of desperation.

  • Juz
  • Young

    @world b free

    Curry = Davis (of year 2007, especially down the stretch and into the playoffs)

    Is like saying

    Eric Gordon = Kobe Bryant

    And for that matter D. Wright = Jax (of year 2007)
    also sounds silly

    AB spent a lot of time on the bench with harrington playing the 5. AB only got big minutes when he played well, otherwise he sat next to Nelly….

  • JFish

    DeAndre Jordon, is athletic, but $40M for five is overpaying. No shot to speak of, WORSE FREE THROW SHOOTER THAN BIENDRINS.

    I’d make a run at Speights for less money.

  • JFish

    Ooops, I meant Dalembert NOT Speights

  • Gengiskhan

    Biendriens: Is a good defender and rebounder, but he was constantly being drawn away from the post because the Curry and Monte were always losing their man on pick and roll plays. Hence he was out of position. On offense he didn’t have Baron Davis setting him up.