Warriors Still in Hunt for Chris Paul, If and When Hunt Resumes

It would seem the Warriors got new life when the NBA nixed the three-team trade that sent perennial All-Star guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. One would think if shipping Paul to Los Angeles is off the table, New Orleans may be more inclined to give Golden State’s offer of Monta Ellis another look.

Since the NBA stepped in and killed Thursday’s blockbuster trade, with no explanation  (other than “basketball reasons”), teams are hesitant to workout any deals with the Hornets. Reportedly, not even the Hornets know what to do now. Still, I’ve been told the Warriors will continue to pursue Paul. No, they still aren’t willing to part with point guard Stephen Curry. But they do want their name in the hat for CP3, even without a guarantee. The only question is whether Paul is even available.

JOE LACOB (via text): “We are working every angle as hard as possible to improve this team. Sparing no effort or expense. But we must be smart and not reckless.”

One source told me the Warriors don’t want to give up on acquiring a big. But they won’t offer any significant money to anyone other than the top four bigs. Tyson Chandler opted for New York. Nene and Memphis center Marc Gasol are too costly (presumed to command some $15 million). That leaves DeAndre Jordan.

Though the Clippers have said they will match any offer sheet Jordan signs, expect the Warriors to take a shot anyway. If they call the Clippers’ bluff and succeed, they not only get a big man they like, but they cripple a division rival. (Remember, we are talking about Donald Sterling, who hasn’t exactly been a big spender.) If they don’t succeed, they make the Clippers overpay for Jordan, who they offered a five-year contract worth $40 million.

If they fail on Jordan, it may be time to ease off the gas pedal and find some quality role players to fill out the roster. At that point, you may see the Warriors get a cheaper center for the shirt term and hope Andris Biedrins returns to form.

Marcus Thompson

  • dan

    The NBA is one fvking mess ! Just wondering why anyone even wants to own a team.

  • robert rowell

    the nba clearly said cp3 is not going to be traded. that said the W’s are foolish to not include curry, if that’s what the hornets want. if you think monsta is a poor defender at the two wait until Stephan is slotted in there.

    I’m not saying Ellis is the wrong guy to trade but just the Ws are overvaluing curry… but what’s new? they consistently overvalue their players as do many of the fans and local media.

    curry might be. cp3 is. that’s a risk free trade my friends.

  • Niners in 2012

    I actually have no problem with what Stern did. The Lakers can suck it. lol

  • joe

    Lakers deserve to use the NEW CBA RULES to trade for Paul. Owners made the new system and apparently it included Emperor Stern to interfere at will.

    Cohen Warriors would overpay for a guy and claim the franchise is turning around. Buy Season Tickets now. Then in 3 years, they’d dump the guy and claim a major victory for clearing cap space to rebuild the franchise. Buy season tickets now.

  • Dagger Dan

    The Dubs should overbid for Jordan, just so they can mess with the Clippers.

  • Kirk

    The reason why the trade was vetoed was cuz Dan Gilbert sent a crying email. I agree with Gilbert though. The lakers would acquire the best pg in the league and pay no luxury tax and give up 0 draft picks. When the lakers got gasoline they had to give up many prospects and pay a huge tax. From a business stand point, it made sense t veto the unfair deal. As a fan I’m also happy because this gives the warriors another shot to ship monta and acquire REAL talent.

  • Kirk


  • Niners in 2012

    NBA owns the Hornets. Owners of a team don’t have to trade their player. Nothing illegal happened here.

  • JFish

    DeAndre Jordon, is athletic, but $40M for five is overpaying. No shot to speak of, WORSE FREE THROW SHOOTER THAN BIENDRINS.

    I’d make a run at Speights for less money. (Unrestricted FA) Sacto has a surplus of bigs, plus rumor has it they’ve signed Chuck Hayes.. Weird team three guards, and 8 center/pf?

  • JFish

    Ooops, I meant Dalembert, not Speights!

  • The league owns the Hornets. Trading Paul totally lessens the value for a franchise they are trading. That makes sense to me as to why the trade should have been nixed. With that said, the trade was fair for all three teams, and I highly doubt if it was OK City instead of the Lakers involved in a trade that was of the same quality, I highly doubt it would have been nixed.

    If I am the W’s owners I don’t trade Curry for Paul without an extension by Paul OR several draft picks (at least the W’s would have draft picks to build with). I have never understood the W’s get ripped off in trades and not getting draft picks (especially 2nd rounders – we do very well in the 2nd round for some reason).

    I take a gamble on Jordan (he is only 23) at about 11 mil a year. Look at what centers are being paid. This isn’t much of a risk and having Jordan and AB at center isn’t a bad combo. They both play D and now have a coach who will stress defense and they both bring different skill sets that can help depending on the oppent we are playing on any particular night…

  • edc

    I’d trade Curry for Paul, Ellis is a much better defender and knows how to attack the basket. Curry does not. He doesn’t have the speed you’d expect from someone his size nor is he as strong. Two elements you need to play d if you’re under size. Curry may have the better basketball iq, but that’s what Paul is for. I’d trade Lee and Curry. I think Beans’ll get back to form and give us dub dubs this season and I’d like to see the development of Udoh and Tyler. With Paul, I’d make a run at Howard. Then you can trade Ellis. If you time it right Ellis would be in the Paul trade and Curry in the Howard trade.

  • jake

    Once again, the Warriors have shown that even w/ new ownership & Jerry West, they are a second rate orginization. Amnesty on Charlie Bell?!!!! WTF? I guarantee you no other team will amnesty a 1 freaking year, 4 mil contract! So we can give a damn offer sheet to Biedrins brother from another mother? An offer sheet that will certainly be matched. It’s amazing that these idiots get payed millions to think like an ignorrant fan. God forbid you think long term! Oh, my bad, Jordan is gonna win us a championship right? We couldnt use the amnesty on David Lee in 2 years when he’s still a white guy making 15 mil a year in the NBA. Note to all you NBA fans. If your team has a non european white guy makeing over 10 mil a year, then your team is screwed! Man it sucks to be a warrior fan. What a joke! I hope Ellison buys a team & moves them to the bay area…

  • jake

    One more thoutht. Dont these moves seem like the moves a team would make if they had a GM w/ no job security, a new coach who guaranteed the playoffs, and a new owner that said he’d give back money to season ticket holders if they didnt make the playoffs?