Andris Biedrins: “Last Two Years Were Horrible For Me. I Know That. Everybody Knows That.”

He looks stronger. Said he added 15 pounds.
He sounds better. Has a sense of purpose and maturity in his town.
Apparently, he played well, too.

STEPHEN CURRY: “He looked awesome today. He was moving well, physical, changing shots at the basket, rebounding well. It’s only day one and you can see his face. He’s checked in. I think he had a great offseason, in his personal life and getting ready for the season. Nice to see him mobile like he is and being a game-changer for us.”
Amnesty who?

No, the Warriors won’t be amnesty-ing Biedrins, not if they can help it.

When all is said and done — after the Clippers likely match the coming offer sheet for DeAndre Jordan — Biedrins will be the starting center come Christmas Day, backed up by some journeyman big. The reality is, the best hope the Warriors have for a legitimate, capable center who fits their style is Biedrins returning to form. Tyson Chandler’s rejection of the Warriors underscores the unlikelihood Golden State can go get the big man of their dreams, via trade or free agency. Even if just for his trade value, the Warriors are invested in Biedrins’ resurrection.

He seems convinced he can return to form. And at $9 million per year, doing so would make Biedrins a steal.

MARK JACKSON: “Watching him, you can see some things, flashes of what made him a special player. Great size, length, the ability to alter shots, rebound the basketball, finish at the rim. A lot of things where you can see he’s a starting center in this league. I really like him. … The bottom line is he’s our only legit center on this basketball team. We’re trying to get better. One way or another, he will play for this team and I’m excited about that.”

Maybe his frankness and honesty, his accountability, is a sign he’s over his issues and ready to play some ball. The Warriors hope so. Because he may end up being the best big man they can get.

— Marcus Thompson II

Jon Becker

  • Nigel Tufnel

    We’ve heard all this before, that Beiedrins has turned it around, recommitted, had a life-changing offseason, blah blah blah. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • iBelieve

    Beans is a changed man and will be effective this season. Bank on it.
    He’s much better than paying Jordan $10m for the next 4 years.

  • robert rowell

    larry riley and the Ws stance: why change anything from a 35 win team?

    even with a strong goose this team doesn’t have the talent to make the playoffs let alone succeed in them. Ws need to get off their hands stop overvaluing assets that have won them nothing and make things happen.

  • RJ

    Blah blah blah same old Warriors.

    “Andris looks great!”
    “We’re gonna play defense this year!”
    “We’re excited and ready to win!”
    “We’re gonna give this backcourt another try!”
    “We’re gonna land a big time free agent!”

    But don’t worry, guys! They have the right “mindset” this year…

  • JFish

    Why don’t they like Dalembert?

  • “The bottom line is he’s our only legit center on this basketball team.” Is this how Jackson is motivating Udoh?

  • Yoda

    Udoh is a PF who gets stuck playing center for lack of better options.

    Dalembert is an unmotivated inconsistent mediocre player who would be a perfect Chris Cohan signing.

  • GSWFaithful

    I can’t believe among all the reporters there that no one asked about FREE THROW SHOOTING.

  • tcj

    I say we give Andris the chance. Who knows what a new coach and attitude can do. Look at the 49ers and Alex Smith and what he has done under a new coach with the right attitude. Andris has shown he can play well at this level in the past. He was just a kid when he first came here. I watched an interview with him the other day and he just sounds more grown up and ready to play and earn his pay.

  • Derek

    Biedrens has stunk for the past 2 seasons. He performed as one of the worse starting centers in the league. Guys/players do not get better with age, they peak and fall, Biedrens is in a free fall and done.

    He’s the worse free throw shooter in basketball history, has no shot and is often intimidated by stronger more agressive opposition. He’s generally a wasted roster spot.

    It’s passed the time to unload the guy.

  • edc

    I’d say Beans will give us a double double season. Bank on it.

  • Livermore Joe

    I am hopeful. Mark Jacksonseems ready to use Beidrins the way he shouldbe used. Ask him to rebound and block shots. Get a couple of hustle baskets. That’s it. Nelson destroys players who can’t shoot. Smart was ineffective, with odd rotation plans. Beidrins can be valuable again. If the Warriors can add some depth, they can be a playoff team.

  • Grey Warden

    My question is, when he got an offensive rebound in practice, did he throw the ball back out to reset, or did he go back up and try to score?

    The answer to that question tells me all I need to know about whether the old Biedrins is back or not.

  • DC5

    I have always thought that Biedrens needed to put on weight. If he has put on 15 lbs of muscle, that is a good thing. If it is only off season flab, we are toast!!!
    I think the only way even a 15 more lbs of muscle B will be effective is with another more powerful center on board. Get Jordan (I understand that may not be possible…..but) play them both and use the one that fits the situation of each partticular game the most.

  • Gswfan24

    Andris will never live up to what he’s getting paid

  • rotfogel

    Beidrens is still only 25 years old.

  • 808HI

    I agree totally with #4.
    SOS every frickn year.
    Ya hear the big free agent names W’s are mentioned and they never sign.

    As for Goose, SOS.
    Who really cares about BBall right now.

    Go Niners!!!

  • MaQ

    do any of u ever take into account that hes been dealing with injuries for the last 2 years? his last healthy season, he averaged a double-double. he looks, sounds, and seems to be feelin ready to go. give the guy a chance, it beats the hell outta overpaying for DeAndre…