Mayor Quan: Warriors “Intrigued” by Plans for New Arena at Proposed Coliseum City

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said today she is going to reveal the plans for “Coliseum City” – a sports and entertainment complex – and the Warriors are excited about the potential.

“I think they’re just open and they’re intrigued,” Quan said. “They’re intrigued by the overall idea of Coliseum City and that’s something San Francisco can’t offer them.”

Quan has a press conference set for noon to unveil the city’s plans for the new complex, which would be fashioned after LA Live and includes new homes for Oakland’s teams in the current Coliseum Complex. She said the Warriors’ lease at Oracle Arena is the last of the teams to expire, so there is still “plenty time” to woo Golden State ownership.

Quan said she has met with all the teams, including multiple talks with Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob on multiple occasions. In light of the San Francisco Chronicle report that the Warriors met with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to discuss a new arena in the China basin, Quan expressed Oakland’s resolve to keep the Warriors in Oakland.

“They’re just looking at all the options,” Quan said Friday morning. “We know we have to fight for all our teams in this competitive market.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Kahlil

    It’s about time that we hear some news regarding Oakland’s Stadium efforts to keep our Sports Franchises in OAKLAND. Now, if they can work on getting the name changed from “Golden State” to the Oakland Warriors, we will be alright! I hope that they make this a requirement in ANY new deal they do with the team. It is disrespectful to the city and the Tax Paying citizens of Oakland for the team to disgrace them by openly flirting with San Franciso and being too ashamed to name the team after the City In Which they play and REPRESENT. Golden State doesn’t represent California, as Cali already has 3 other NBA franchises named after their respective cities. Golden State doesn’t represent the Bay Area, either. It represents Oakland with support coming from all over the Bay Area. I am not from San Jose, but still pull for the Sharks. C’mon Quan, get it done…or Occupy O.co/Oracle Coliseum until it is!!!!

  • Joe

    Warrior’s should stay in Oakland. San Fran is great, but their fans are there more for the “entertainment” aspect of sports than the game itself. They wouldn’t be as loud and rowdy as the Oakland fans, they’d spend most of the game on their phones texting people, and they’d pay more attention to the half time entertainment than the 4th quarter. Oakland fans are real basketball fans, they understand the sport. Putting them in SF might make the owners more money, but it would indirectly hurt the basketball side of things because our home court wouldn’t be as strong.

    That being said, the name should not be changed to SF or Oakland Warriors. Or even the Bay Area warriors. Rick Barry won a championship with Golden State. Run TMC were scoring 125 a game with Golden State. We Believe upset the 67 win Mavs with Golden State. Keep it Golden State.

  • GregC


    I hear what you are saying. It is depressing to think that Oakland may have no professional sports teams in the next 10 years.
    I agree Golden State moniker is kinda wack, but I don’t care if the call themselves the “Ron Dellum All Stars” as long as they stay in OAKLAND.

  • Marcus

    San Francisco Warriors. BOOK IT

  • Blake

    Coliseum City is a joke. Is mayor Quan serious? This is just posturing to look like the city is trying to keep the Warriors. New NBA arenas need to be downtown, around already existing business. That is what the Warriors want and if the city of Oakland can’t come up with plans to build closer to town, they’re gone.

  • Cadnerd

    Does anyone take Mayor Quan seriously? There is no chance that a stadium city is going to fly in Oakland. The city is too unattractive as a destination and SF is far less hostile to development. Besides, it is highly unlikely that the A’s will be around that much longer. If they had gotten their act together years ago, when there was money, and developed football, basketball and baseball venues on the waterfront THEN there would have been a chance to do a Staple’s Center-like transformation. Nobody wants to build an expensive stadium in a city were the smell of tear gas wafts gently in the evening breezes…

  • Donny

    Blake, same can be said of baseball parks. Why are they not focusing on Victory Court? A downtown ballpark site is a must, not out in South Oakland in the industrial wasteland that surrounds the current Coliseum.

  • Mark

    Is there any possibility of a basketball arena within walking distance of downtown and Jack London Square? If that happened, along with a baseball stadium at Victory Square, it would bring tens of thousands of people to the downtown area on more than 120 evenings or weekend days each year. Baseball teams host more than 80 home games every year and basketball teams host more than 40 home games–with minimal overlap between their respective seasons. That would be good for restaurants and other businesses downtown, as fans would patronize these establishments before and after games. A more vibrant downtown would be good for the entire city of Oakland and the East Bay region. It would make downtown Oakland more attractive to corporations as a location for office space–due to increased business entertainment opportunities and enhanced quality of life for workers. It might even attract satellite offices of major corporations, both downtown and on potential “campuses” in other areas of the city. Downtown offers more transportation options, as well. It is closer to San Francisco by BART than is the Coliseum–and there are more stops and lines that serve it. Rather than huddling on a single crowded platform, fans could either choose to walk to the next station, or wait out the rush in a local business establishment. Existing downtown lots are available for those who choose to drive–since the extra traffic would almost always occur outside of normal business hours. Locations within walking distance of the ferry terminal at Jack London Square would add another transportation option. There are benefits from revitalizing our historic downtown that a brand new “city” far from downtown cannot provide. If Oakland’s downtown thrives, the rest of the city and region can, too. Other cities have realized this, and have seen the benefits of reversing the trends of the ’70’s and bringing professional sports back downtown. Oakland should, too. Football can remain far from downtown–with fewer than 10 home games a year, and the tail-gating tradition, the current location works well.

  • guest

    Oakland needs its sports teams right now.Oakland is a changing city in many ways.The idea that Oakland won’t have any sports teams shocks me.SF can’t offer the space Oakland has.the crime rate has gone down the city is making more money than ever almost everywhere in Oakland you can smell and see the change.our skyline will one day rival san Francisco’s.oakland is giving it everything they have got to make a change this why I think the teams should stay