Warriors Now Opening Camp with 11 Players Thanks to Charlie Bell’s Jailing

Warriors guard Charlie Bell will not be at the opening of training camp, according to a source close to Bell. It is unclear if he will be at camp on Saturday either.

Bell, 32, was jailed Thursday in his hometown of Flint, Mich., after showing up to court legally drunk for a hearing on his drunken driving case, ABC 12 (WJRT-TV) reported. He spent a few hours in custody after he failed a pre-scheduled alcohol assessment test before his case was heard. His blood-alcohol level was .09. The legal limit is .08.

ABC 12 reported that Bell was held in Genesee County’s 67th District Court holding cell on a bond violation until he sobered up. He has since been released. He is expected back in court in Michigan today, which means he won’t be on the court in Oakland for the start of training camp.

Bell was originally arrested in Flint Township Oct. 21 for drunken driving, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a stop sign. In February, Bell was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Oakland.

Without Bell, the Warriors will only have 11 players for the start of training camp.

Marcus Thompson