Warriors Preparing Offer Sheet for DeAndre Jordan

Waiving guard Jeremy Lin. Holding off on the signing of draft picks Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler. It’s all about accruing salary cap space. Why?

The Warriors are preparing an offer sheet for Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, according to a team source. The Warriors must have the space under the cap to cover the first year of the deal in order to make the offer. Don’t yet know how much the offer will be. But …

If the Warriors (and this is me just thinking out loud now) are going to offer Jordan a double-figure salary in the first year of the deal, they will likely have to waive guard Charlie Bell via amnesty. ┬áIf they did that first, however, they wouldn’t necessarily have to waive Lin, who was only set to make just shy of $800,000. Sounds like the offer will start at like $9 million, unless news of Bell being waived is coming. Stay tuned.



Marcus Thompson

  • David Barnes

    Okay, question here Marcus. Given the fact that Bell, our player rep just showed up drunk for his DUI hearing why can’t the Dubs cut him for detrimental conduct and save the amnesty choice for someone else? Seems like two alcohol-related events should justify them cutting him free without consequence.

  • JFish

    DeAndre Jordan is a WORSE FREE THROW SHOOTER THAN BIENDRINS. He’s not a post player, who rebounds and clogs the middle (ala Chandler). He’s great running the wing and dunking. He is very limited offensively. Not a great rebounder for his size.

    Compare to Dalembert.

  • P Funk

    What the f**k is wrong with Udoh at this position?? Deandre Jordan is going to be Udoh with an extra 30 Mill in his pockets. This is another case of Maggette panic. We missed out we’ve got to do something!!

  • This is a(nother) disaster in the making.

  • Aussie Warrior

    Agree with all of the comments above. Let’s not spend money for spending’s sake (ala Maggette). Jordan is Biedrins with hops. The same flaws! If we can’t get the right FA piece then put the cue in the rack.

  • davesnothere33

    SMH…Couln’t Dalambert come with more deal flexiblity & less money. DJordan not long term answer.

  • Jordan

    Just a thought here but what about Brook Lopez. With NJ getting busted for talking to Howard directly and with them seriously looking at Nene, maybe the W’s can work a deal for him. They do look really weak at scoring guard so Monte would be a nice plug. This is all precedent on NJ being able to sign Nene.

  • NSD

    i hope the W’s dont waste their amnesty on that idiot Bell and find a way to void his contract. there has to be an out in his contract for endangering human life and being an all around dumbass in society.

  • canada

    Dalembert>Brook Lopez. for defensive reasons.

  • canada

    yup void bell get dalembert amnesty biedrins go for cp3 with udoh and monta.

  • deano

    Marc Gasol, even Marcus Camby, are better Plan Bs than DeAndre Jordan.

  • John Pale

    Signing Jordan would be a great move for the W’s !!!!!
    The guy is young, can run the floor and eat up the paint. If they sign him start celebrating . . .

  • John Pale

    JFish says “not a great rebounder for his size”. You got to be kidding! He averaged 7.2 rebounds per game last year playing just 25 minutes per game and 1.8 blocks. He is only 23 years old and he IS just what the W’s need.

  • Dubs

    Like others have said we need to cut Bell without using the amnesty clause. We will need to use that on Lee down the line.

  • Dubfan

    Here’s a thought maybe lacob is like singletary he wants winners and once again not for the dubs same stuff different year always talks of making a big splash and all we get is left overs of what everybody else doesn’t want

  • Derek

    Bay Area basketball fans seem to know little to nothing about basketball. I’m a bay area transplant now living in Manhattan Beach (LA area). I see DeAndre Jordan play on a regular basis. The guys is one of the best up and coming centers in the league. A huge upgrade over that useless scrub Biedrens.

    Gasol is a slow stiff, which you have with Lee. 2 slow, unathletic big men will get the dubs killed on the defensive end. Jordan is 23 yrs old and a superior athlete for his size. Camby ? are you serious, there’s a reason the clips want Jordan over camby and kamen to quality but older big men.

    I guess losers have no problem watching a losing team loaded with mediocre to substandard talent.

  • Niners in 2012

    DJ has a ton of potential, he’s only played 3 yrs. Look at his stats, they are arcing up, he’s ready to explode. The guy is so damn explosive, he will get more ooohs and ahhs in Oracle than anybody. The FT stuff is so overblown, he’s showing improvement unlike someone we know.

  • Dubfan

    Is this guy Derek serious your a joke just like the clip show bay area basketball fans have more knowledge then the smell A area fans are you kidding me you hollywood clowns just jump on the laker bandwagon and take what jerry west built there and try and take credit for it smell A fans are a joke

  • Dubfan

    Look Derek if you knew anything about the bay area fans you would already know we want andris amnesty

  • lars54

    If we sign DeAndre Jordan and keep Andres Biedrens we will have hydra-headed center, both will get a lot of minutes. Biedren’s might be better coming off bench, he’s super quick for a big guy, a good leaper, he really works coming off bench, you put him in when other team is tired. Between the two of them we should get 15 rebounds per game per night at center position, we will be a lot bigger, that’s for sure. Jordan might work, but hey don’t give up Klay Thompson for anybody, he’s our Kyle Jorver, instant offense coming off bench.

  • RJ

    10 million for DeAndre Jordan? LOL.

    Better to tank this year and get a Top 5 pick in a loaded 2012 draft.

  • Thesickone

    Actually…Derek is more right then wrong. Jordan does have ridiculous upside. Entering Free Agency I actually had him 2nd on my list next to Dalembert with Chandler 3rd. Primarily because I knew Chandler was going to cost too much which means amnestying Biedrins which I don’t want. And yes “Dubfan” I am a season ticket holder and still want Biedrins on the roster..

    He’s a legitimate Center which this league lacks. You are seeing a guy in chandler rack in 15 mil a year for putting up stats comparable to what Biedrins did for two years. Yes..we all know Biedirns has been garbage the last 2 years..but why dump someone with no depth behind him? We struggled two years ago not having size. Nelson somehow got us to win a few games with Tolliver playing center at 6’9. Tyler is a beast but nowhere ready to be a major contributor. You keep Biedrins, target Jordan, keep your core and make the playoffs..with depth for once.

    66 games in 124 days means a lot of minutes and wear & tear. Can’t win without young legs and depth which Camby wouldn’t provide us. Jordan fits our scheme rather well. He can run, defend, and doesn’t demand the ball in the post like Nene would which we won’t need.

  • Yoda

    Derek is more right than wrong about Jordan. And all this “void Bell’s contract” nonsense is just nonsense. There aren’t grounds for it.

  • zgoddbap

    I think using amnesty on Bell would be a complete waste.

  • Derek

    Dubfan thanks for proving my point. Your mindless rant shows you have no counter argument. Simply moronic dribble as you attempt to deny and/or refute fact.

    Jordan would be a great pick-up, 10 million is market value for a guy of hs size and skill level. If AB can and did command 9M want makes you think a more talented/younger DJ would be overpriced at 10 million. Heck Greg Oden (who never plays) recently sign a 1 yr 8.9 million dollar deal.

    BTW I’m a Warriors fan, I’m simply not a fan of small minded dub supporters who consistently over-value the teams mediocre and/or pathetic players, while accepting substandard seasons year after year.