Lakers Offer Pau Gasol to Warriors; Source Calls Offer “Ridiculous”

What if I told you the Warriors could get Lakers All-Star big man Pau Gasol in a three-way trade involving Chris Paul? Would you jump at it?

What if I told you in order to get Pau, you’d have to give up …

… all your young talent? The Lakers, in their attempts to get young talent to send to New Orleans so the NBA will approve their acquisition of Chris Paul, came knocking at the Warriors door. Dangling Gasol. In return, they wanted “the entire team” one source said. The package the Lakers wanted was centered around point guard Stephen Curry (not sure who else, but I’m guessing Ekpe Udoh, Klay Thompson and maybe even Dorell Wright based on how laughable the source viewed the Lakers’ offer). Curry, presumably, would wind up with the Hornets.

The Warriors aren’t interested. At all.

Gotta give it to Warriors management. Not panicking. Not showing signs of desperation. Taking their time. How often have you said that about Golden State management?

According to a couple team sources, the Warriors are still seeing if they can get anything out of a Chris Paul trade, preferably Chris Paul. As Sam Amick reported, Golden State is waiting to see what happens with Paul before sending an offer sheet to Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan. That could be soon as Adrian Wojnarowski reported an amended three-way deal between the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets has been submitted to the NBA for approval.


Marcus Thompson