Lakers Offer Pau Gasol to Warriors; Source Calls Offer “Ridiculous”

What if I told you the Warriors could get Lakers All-Star big man Pau Gasol in a three-way trade involving Chris Paul? Would you jump at it?

What if I told you in order to get Pau, you’d have to give up …

… all your young talent? The Lakers, in their attempts to get young talent to send to New Orleans so the NBA will approve their acquisition of Chris Paul, came knocking at the Warriors door. Dangling Gasol. In return, they wanted “the entire team” one source said. The package the Lakers wanted was centered around point guard Stephen Curry (not sure who else, but I’m guessing Ekpe Udoh, Klay Thompson and maybe even Dorell Wright based on how laughable the source viewed the Lakers’ offer). Curry, presumably, would wind up with the Hornets.

The Warriors aren’t interested. At all.

Gotta give it to Warriors management. Not panicking. Not showing signs of desperation. Taking their time. How often have you said that about Golden State management?

According to a couple team sources, the Warriors are still seeing if they can get anything out of a Chris Paul trade, preferably Chris Paul. As Sam Amick reported, Golden State is waiting to see what happens with Paul before sending an offer sheet to Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan. That could be soon as Adrian Wojnarowski reported an amended three-way deal between the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets has been submitted to the NBA for approval.


Marcus Thompson

  • PhillyJ

    If the Fakers threw in Bynum to go with Gasol, I would do the deal.

  • Martina

    All those guys for Pau Gasol (who would probably go into a complete funk upon hearing of the trade)?

    I like Pau, but if we’re angling for a Center, why not Marc Gasol, a legitimate 7 footer?

  • WarriorsSuckAss

    Warriors suck donkey penis

  • ChuckDurn

    Here’s a deal that makes a little sense.

    Warriors get Gasol.
    Lakers get CP3 + Charlie Bell.
    Hornets get Monta + Udoh + 2 #1’s from Lakers (though they won’t be real high).

    The Hornets get 2 young’s guys in Monta + Udoh, 2 #1’s (though they might as well be #2’s with how the Lakers will do), and nobody’s financial situation changes much.

    The original deal proposed by LA is laughable.

  • Phil

    Right, because the “rest of the team” is so good. Seriously, Its laughable b/c you can’t part with Wright or Udoh? Those guys did zip last year. Gasol, Ellis, Lee. You have the start of something.

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d give up Monta, Ekpe, Klay, Tyler for PGasol. A team with Curry, DWright, Lee, Gasol.. bring back JRich and now you’re talkin

  • Sth


    Your trade is worst than the original one Stern rejected. The players you offered are younger but the talent is significantly worse.

  • Camelot


  • robert rowell

    yeah, the W’s FO isn’t panicking at all. as a matter of fact, they’re quite content with another losing season. spot on MT2!

  • Our Team

    I’m not panicking either. I like the idea of Andri Biedrins and David Lee as my starting frontcourt and Charlie Bell as my bu point guard. NO PANIC HERE!

  • bergmaster

    DeAndre Jordan shoots free throws like Biedrins blindfolded

  • mike

    I’ll trade anyone on the team not named curry for gasol…seriously. Lets do a 7 player for 1 gasol trade as long as we keep curry.

  • mike

    the not panicking is great…i hope it stays that way..we don’t need to live through 5 year panic signings like we did with arenas/brand/maggette. Hold the amnesty…use it on Lee in a year or two if a superstar is convinced by Lacob’s OJ simpson dream team.

  • deano

    What would we do with Pau? We need a center who can rebound and defend. Pau is not a center. On the Lakers, he was a SF. We’ve got a good SF in Dwight; and we need Udoh and Thompson as rotation players. This deal would not get GSW what it needs, and would leave the team unable to get what it does need.

  • James C

    @ Deans. Gasol was a SF? Seriously???? Dude, know your facts. Gasol was a POWER FORWARD & Center you dingbat. Golden State sucks anyway, and has ZERO chance of making the playoffs this year, so why not make some changes?

  • FrankRabbit

    James C shoots and scores!! Big points AND1 for calling him a dingbat.

  • NR

    What the F is going on with Mitch, giving Odom to Mavericks for ? and now trying to make such an embarassing trade Gasol to GS for all their young talent. Please someone get Jerry West and Jerry Buss Back, it’s obvious Mitch and Jim don’t know what the F they are doing, what a sorry set of events, with Odom and Gasol gone who the hell the Lakers plan on offering for DH, Luke, Artest ?? Mitch and Jim are killing the Laker Franchise.

  • BOSS 361

    Haha lakers are gone CELTICS ALL THE WAY !!!!!

  • What??? Warriors should not give Monta or Curry away!!!!
    They are the soul of the Team, and I dont want to see them playing better basketball with another jersey like We do with another players like JRich.
    If We dont make the playoff this year, them disarm the team, but give this team a chance.
    Greetings form Argentina

  • Lakers Over The Hill

    After having their ass handed to them with a shutout from the the Mavs in the playoffs, the Fake Show is hitting the panick button and putting their entire frontcourt up for sale. Why should the W’s pitch in their PG of the future to help L.A. land CP3? Pau only has a few years left in him so it’s laughable that they’d think Oakland would mortgage their future for a too short to play center and no grit to bang inside Gasol (the softer of the 2 brothers). No thanks.

  • 808HI

    NR no worries.
    W’s wont get Gasol, no f****n way.
    Your talkn Golden State.
    Warrior fan or not, no big name free agents want to come play for us.
    Just a fact of life. Every year same s**t, we hear we are tryin to get some star player, and dont get anything!

    Hopefully Mr West can work his magic with us and get some players in the near future!



  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    Um,this post barely pass the kawakami content test.

    P. Gashole for curry… & mebbe these guys but i dunno

    come on marcus, u gotta tighten up this stuff

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • MaQ

    i keep seein people mentioning Charlie Bell. yall know he got ‘amnestied’ right?

  • GoLakes

    I don’t see wtf the Lakers are thinking at this point. The Magic were thrilled at the aspect of Bynum for Howard but wanted a little more. If the Lakers were more thoughtful they may potentially have been able to land Howard for Bynum and Odom and if need be a draft pick. Then they would be looking at Dwight, Gasol, and Kobe. They then could have spent $2mil on Billups and waited for the draft for a younger PG to mentor under Chauncey and Fisher. If they were so desperate they could trade Paul but get either a SF or a PG out of him instead of giving away Odom and considering losing the rest of their bigs….