Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry & Charles Jenkins in a Shooting Drill During Training Camp

Guess who wins?

Jon Becker

  • Ellis is still the man

  • David wood’s soul

    Ouch Charles Enkins. (no J)!

  • Shamzagron

    Of course monta.

  • Gummy

    we lost a fan favorite for that?

  • boridge

    man, steph really looked slow compared to Ellis huh?

  • rotfogel

    Wow, I didn’t know I could shoot as well as an NBA player (Jenkins).

  • Tay

    Trade CURRY! While his value is high! Monta plays better D and is wayyyy more athletic in a league dominated by athletes. Not to mention for being the son of NBA baller Curry makes some stupid ass passes where I’m just like what are you thinking. Not to mention Curry is not resigning with us he wants to go back to the South. So trade him now so we can actually get a stud in return and not a rental of Chris Paul!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Monta’s a stud – no doubt, as is Curry! Jenkins is more a slasher, a la Monta of yesteryear. Give Jenkins a few years to improve his shot as much as Monta has. It’s going to be tough to see Curry in New Orleans and Monta in Philly, but if it means CP3 and Iguodala are both in the Bay, I’m cool with it!

  • Young

    I thought Jenkins said he had a jumper???

  • Squalldip

    Jenkins’ J is dry.

  • JohnnyStarks

    Jenkins.. umm yah.., he’s not ready yet.I Hope we bring Lin back and give this Edwin Ubiles kid a chance b/c we need depth and talent at both guards positions..How can you expect him to be no training camp summer league the last game he played was for Hofstra(Not Even a Decent College Team)So you can imagine what level of competition when your school cant make the NIT. To Bismarck,ND with ya Charles!

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Guys, it’s like a dozen shots, hardly enough to draw any conclusions from. All three of these guys can shoot the ball. Monta and Steph we know, Jenkins shot 52% in college, that’s not just going to disappear in the NBA.

  • PhillyJ

    Ws are going to regret dropping JLin for Jenkins. Both guys can’t shoot, JLin has the D. We need D.

    Dumb Ws as always. Things never change.

  • 808HI

    jenkis did not look good shootn the ball.
    hope he can finish to the hoop, and play d.

  • Hush O

    Jenkins had a good mid range game in college. I think he will need to adjust to the NBA 3pt range. The team made a commitment to him by drafting him. I am not sure if he is ready to beat out Lin for the back up job, and in turn it would slow his development. Lin just had to go – the front office made that decision on draft day.
    Sure, the W’s need a solid backup for Curry. But Jenkins is another undersized 2 who is going to have to learn how to play D….. Don’t we have enough of those on the roster?

  • dlu292

    anthony morrow would scrape all three.

  • Gunner

    Notice how Monta takes a step or 2 more than Curry? Did Monta travel in those catch and shoot? Just curious…