Warriors’ Will Offer DeAndre Jordan 4 years, $40 million on Sunday

According to team sources, the Warriors are going to offer Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan a four-year, $40 million contract on Sunday, as first reported by Matt Steinmetz at CSNBA.

If Jordan signs the offer sheet, the Clippers will have three days to decide whether they will match the offer since Jordan is a restricted free agent. If they don’t match, the 6-foot-11, 23-year-old center prospect will be a Warrior.

The Clippers reportedly offered Jordan a five-year deal worth $40 million. They reportedly were hesitant to offer too much to Jordan because the Clippers have plans to go after Orlando center Dwight Howard. But one league source said with Howard primarily interested in Orlando, the Clippers will be more inclined to match (and try to deal center Chris Kaman to create salary cap space). Another incentive for the Clippers to match: Jordan is best friends with Clippers’ franchise star Blake Griffin.

One source said Jordan was fourth on the Warriors’ list of desired big men. But the other three proved too expensive. Tyson Chandler, their top choice, signed with New York for four years, $58 million. Nene, an unrestricted free agent, is asking for $15 million per year, which one team source said is at least what it would take to pry restricted free agent center Marc Gasol away from Memphis.

Jordan is the least proven on the Warriors’ wish list. The fourth-year center — who last season averaged 7.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in 25.6 minutes — is much more potential than production. But he has the best price and arguably the most upside. He’s  known for his athleticism and length, which allows him to run the floor well, finish at the rim and block shots.

The Warriors have waived guard Jeremy Lin, a local product and fan favorite, and held off on signing rookies Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler so they can have enough cap space to make an offer to Jordan. The Warriors will also have to use the amnesty clause to waive guard Charlie Bell in order to create enough room under the salary cap to sign Jordan.

If Jordan signs the offer sheet Sunday, and the Clippers take the full three days to make a decision, that means Thompson and Tyler wouldn’t join sign and join training camp until Wednesday.

If the Clippers match, the Warriors will likely go after a journeyman big and bench help and take another crack at a difference maker before the March trade deadline.

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If CP3 likes DeAndre Jordan, he has two options:
    1) Tell the Clips to match the offer sheet for Jordan and have his agent work out a trade to the Clips. I’m sure he’d love playing with two uber-athletic big men to catch all his alley-oops. The question is, would the Clips be willing to part with Eric Gordon to make it happen? They should, at all costs!
    2) Tell Jordan to sign the Dubs’ offer sheet, then ask his agent to facilitate a trade to the Warriors. This is less likely to happen, I’m sure, as we are the Warriors. We should be willing to part with Steph in order to get Paul, though I don’t know how that could work monetarily. A Paul for Monta trade makes more sense from a salary cap perspective.
    Having CP3 and Curry together in the same backcourt is NOT the answer, nor is Mpnta and Paul in the same backcourt. If we have Steph as the main trade piece for Paul, we’d need to then trade Monta for Igoudala (my preference) or Gay to set up a line-up of:
    PG – Paul
    SG – Wright/Thompson
    SF – Iguodala or Gay
    PF – Lee
    C – Jordan

  • JFish

    Too much money. I sure hope they match. He’s a WORSE free throw shooter than Biendrins. According to Tolbert? ran away from the ball in crunch time to avoid being fouled. Hard to imagine watching a worse stroke at the line than Andris’.

  • marc


  • Harp’s Dubs

    Moot point – Clips have decided to match! If I’m the Clips, I send Gordon, Kaman and Al-Farouq Aminu to the Hornets for Paul.

    Looks like AB’s our starting center this year. It sucks to love the Warriors this much and see them do nothing to improve our sad team!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Biedrins and Udoh to the Hornets for Okafor?

  • JFish

    How about Amundson, Bell, Jenkins to Philly for Speights…

  • ET

    DJ may be raw, but a 7 footer that is so athetic, big body, explosive, has quickness and durable is very hard to find.

  • JohnnyStarks

    HA! you guys are all delusional and your trade scenarios sound terrible and implausible. Trading Monta for Iggy or Gay would leave the Warriors overpaying for guys who don’t step up when they’re called. Ask Grizzlies or Sixer fans who they’re favorite player is( its Not Iggy or Rudy) Iggy is only an overpaid role player and Rudy Gay isn’t loved in Memphis like Zach Randolph is(hes not clutch just overpaid). Another we reason shouldn’t trade our best guards is because WE HAVE NO DEPTH. Jeremy’s gone ,Bell is a drunk bum and Charles Jenkins isn’t even a good practice player yet.I doubt that Klay Thompson can meaningfully contribute either,still an untrained rookie from WSU( 1 of the Pac-12’s Worst Teams) DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are bestees and they’re not breaking up their bromance for some 40 mil deal.