DeAndre Jordan Signs Warriors’ Offer Sheet, Which is 4 Years and More than $42 Million

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan received and signed the Warriors offer sheet, which totaled four years for $42.7 million.

Now the Warriors wait. The Clippers have three days to match.

JERRY WEST: “He’s a young, active player, just probably coming into his own. Those are the kind of players people are willing to take chances on, in terms of paying a lot of money for. At the end of the day, you have to find out what’s in store for anyone. I’m just really not sure about him.”

“I think by Wednesday, we’ll know where things are. Then you go to Plan B.”

The Warriors had to amnesty Charlie Bell to make cap space. Scuttle from Los Angeles is that the Clippers will match. One source said the Clippers are prepared to pay $10 million per year.

Marcus Thompson

  • nman3137

    This whole scenario is stupid. I know you have to try, but wasting the amnesty on an expiring contract just so the Clippers will match and leave us with nothing is stupid.

  • john

    Clippers will match.joe lacob is a moron.honeymoon is over mr lacob?

  • Grey Warden

    Wow, we are way overpaying, but I guess that’s the price to pay to get someone (anyone) to play for the Warriors lol

  • CoachPat

    Big, young, and super athletic for his size. Clips will match.

  • PhillyJ

    another dumb move by the Warriors..no wonder we are still the joke of the league.

  • Dave

    It’s not a dumb move. Warriors are making the other team spend more money and overpay.

  • PhillyJ

    and of course the Ws could never have landed Odom who was traded to the Mavs for a pick and some exception?!
    Ws still have no creativity whenever their plans don’t work out on the first try. They never have a good plan B to fall back on.

  • Andrew

    If we weren’t going to make any big moves, use the amnesty clause at another time. DJ is not worth the amnesty on a player (Bell) who is becoming an expiring contract only worth a measly $4 mil. Great, Lacob and crew, great job..

  • GSWlifer

    Bright side is if the Clips match, they’re the team that winds up overpaying. If I’m GSW, I hope they match and now I’ve weakened my conference opponent just a bit – in terms of cap situation. As long as the clips have young talent and tons of cap space they can be a player. If you’re the dubs, you gotta try to level the playing field somehow. Maybe this move is GSW being creative. If they get him, well maybe Jordan turns out to be a baby version of Chandler. If the Clips match, they’re stuck holding the bill and now have to move Kaman – perhaps to the Dubs.

  • deano

    That’s a rather tepid endorsement from West.

  • AP

    Guys clippers will match so essentially we are making them overpay for Jordan. Unless every report n indication that they will match doesn’t happen then yes… We overpayed but still he has a bright future.

  • JFish

    I sure hope the Clips match! DeAndre worse free throw shooter than Biendrins. Actually more limited offensively, foul prone.

    Dalembert, Speights better choices, hopefully cheaper.

  • PA

    It’s not even as if the Warriors actually had the cap space to absorb Odom like the Mavs did. It’s completely different situations. They barely had enough to offer Chandler and Jordan a contract.

  • GSWlifer

    I say see if we can get Randolph back from T’Wolves. Figure out a way to take him on. They’re filled at the 3/4 right now anyway. See if we can convert him into a Chandler type at the 5.

  • Raider Bong

    wow, this guys basically the same as andris beidrins…so the warriors will pay 10 million a year to two 7 footers who can shoot from no further than 2 feet from the basket, and who have a free throw % below 50%, and who basically rebound and block the same. id rather stick with beidrins and ekpeh udoh as the C combo

  • Judge Wapner

    The W’s should take a look at signing Kris Humphries (UFA) if they don’t get Jordan. Humphries is a great rebounder, a decent defender, and he’s cheaper than the 10 mil a year Jordan will cost them..

  • PhillyJ

    Yeah, i agree with Judge Wapner. Humphries would be a better signing than Jordan. Although Humphries may be a DLee clone with better D.

    Also agree with JFish, we should sign Dalembert. He can do all this at a cheaper contract. Maybe not the athleticism of Jordan, but better value for sure.

  • robert rowell

    essentially, the W’s are already at plan B, which is to throw crazy money at people who aren’t worth it.

    i’m not surprised by the reactionary moves, the amnesty.

    i’ve said it before and will say it again: larry riley couldn’t swap a million dollars and a bag of chips for genital warts. dude’s that incompetent.

  • amanda hugankiss

    It doesn’t matter when they use the amenesty. Either way charlie bell is garbage and needs to go.

    IMO at least the warriors are trying to improve rather than trading away their players for nothing.(example chris cohan)

  • Yoda

    It matters when and on whom they use the amnesty. If they had a bigger, better deal lined up they would have amnestied Biedrins. If they didn’t have to take a shot at Jordan they could have waited and saved the amnesty for some time down the road and a bigger and better deal. Bell’s contract is relatively insignificant and provides minimal cap relief.

    In the end it might not matter, but if it does they’ll look back on this one with regret.

  • David

    Pro’s of this move
    They may land a decent defenive Center, who, like it or not is a potential significant upgrade on Biendrins.
    If the Clips match, it gives them less room to hunt other players – and keep in mind we are in a direct race with the Clips. It may have been the nail in the coffin of the Clips not chasing CP3.

    If he matches will we lose the amnesty for nought?

  • dubs

    We Warriors fans got screwed when Ellison didn’t get to buy the team even though he offered the most money. It was Cohan sticking it to us one last time.

    Lacob has been preaching patience, well he has been in charge for over a year and all we have is a coaching change to show for his time as owner.

    It was idiotic to waste the amnesty clause on Bell. 4 million will not make or break this team. He could have been moved at the deadline to a team wanting cap relief. Now there is no getting out of the 3 years and 27 million owed to Biedrins or the 5 years and 69 million owed to Lee. 3 years down the line we could have saved over 30 million by using the amnesty on Lee for his last 2 seasons.

    The Warriors continue to think small. Nobody is looking at the big picture. The Clippers will match Jordan and we will be stuck sitting on our hands hoping for a guy like Dalembert but we won’t get him.

  • PhillyJ

    same old warriors, nothing ever changes.
    we come into the season with klay thompson as the 6th man and we will suck as always.

    no leadership from ownership, all fluff, another late lottery finish without a draft pick. wonderful.