Warriors Now Set Sights on a Small Forward

The Warriors, according to a couple team sources, are in the market for one more player. Their last two needs are a wing player and a third point guard (who could end up the back-up depending on Charles Jenkins). But one source said they will likely go after a small forward with the $3 million they have left in cap space.

A few of the guys they like out there are either out of their price range (Andre Kirilenko) or not interested showing much interest in coming to Golden State (Josh Howard). That leaves the Warriors rummaging through the leftovers. Here are some names I’m hearing:

* Reggie Williams – They know him and like him. But whether he returns depends on him. All things being equal, a source close to Williams said he would like to return to Warriors and play with his buddy Steph Curry. But if a team offers more money, or has more minutes available, Reggie may opt elsewhere. He is no longer restricted, so the Warriors don’t have the right to match. Williams is instant offense. But so is Klay Thompson, so the Warriors’ expect.

* Shawne Williams – Offensively challenged, but long and athletic. Also experienced. Would be good to put on a perimeter guy who has it going or for the tougher wing match-ups.

* Jamario Moon – Another long, athletic wing. Would fit in Warriors open court game. Rebounded better when he had more minutes, but lately not so much. Limited on offense.

* Al Thornton – He was OK with the Warriors last year. Gunner who traditionally doesn’t play much D. Will be cheap and has good size.

Not impressed?


Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d rather give $7 MIL to any one of those guys than KWAME BROWN. what a terrible signing that was.

  • gettin reggie back would be cool and gettin shawne williams will def. be a nice boost, but PLEASE, no al thornton. don’t want anything to do with low iq players like al thornton or rodney carney

  • Sleepy Freud

    Excuse Niners in 2012 above. He does not follow basketball. Kwame actually had a pretty good year last year and does exactly what the Dubs need. Plus its only $7M for 1 year. Gives us felxibilty next year. Good pick up!

  • earl monroe

    Shawne Williams had some very good moments with the Knicks last year, he can definitely play and is long, it looked like he finally overcame some of his attitude issues, I like him

  • Shamzagron


  • rotfogel

    We want Reggie back!

  • rotfogel

    Marcus, Question: How strong was the acid or magic mushrooms that Lacob took in order to give 7 million to Kwame Brown. I’ve been searching for potent acid and shrooms and Lacob HAD TO BE on some of the strongest dope to make that move.

  • PerryB

    Hmmm, is Mike Dunleavy still available? I like the Kwame Brown signing, especially if Biedrins returns to his former self. Brown put up similar numbers to DeAndre Jordan last year, but he’s 4 million a year cheaper (Also, we only rent the dude for one year, freeing up cap room for next year). Bring back Reggie Williams, he has familiarity with most of the players and if he buys in to the team defense concept with the other players, he will be less of a liability. I know, that’s a big IF!

  • ChuckDurn

    Has Richard Jefferson officially been amnestied, and if so, can we try to claim him? He’s a starting-caliber SF in this league, much better than all of the guys mentioned here. Not interested in Moon, but I could go for any of the other 3.

  • dub wise

    Cap question…

    What about the mid-level exemption? Don’t we still have that at our disposal or is 3 mil really all we have left to work with this year?

  • Derek

    Yi Jianlian, Reggie Williams, Rip Hamilton, Richard Jefferson and/or Leon Powe would all be good additions.

    Might be able to talk BD into coming back as a back-up point guard in a 3-way rotation with Curry and Monta if his (BD’S) ego could handle that.

    I’m ok with the Kwame Brown signing, however I feel they did pay far to much for his services/ability.

  • Thesickone

    Dalembert would have been my choice but I can live with Kwame for one year as we did need another Center since Lee, Udoh, Lou are all 4’s and Tyler isn’t ready mentally.

    I’d actually target Thornton here. I love Reggie but Klay can do what Reggie does, Thornton played hard for us last season and offers more size. He’ll command attention when he drives which opens up kickouts to others on the perimeter.

  • JohnnyStarks

    I agree with the Yi Jianlian idea,for what its worth he’s the best player China has. He has the ability to be a really good stretch forward and no team that he has been on knew how to use him but he’s got to prove he can score consistently, play the wing and post, play D.Being Chinese ,the Bay Area is a great market for him to build his fanbase and hes no slouch he’s been ballin during the offseason.Leon Powe is not a wing player more of post player, Dunleavy ,Rip and J-Rich are snatched up, Jefferson, would be the signing of the offseason but considering Him and David Lee aren’t too cool(Jefferson tried to ride him like a pony), he could be a longshot. Bringing Reggie back at least for year would be best but a lot of teams with more cap space & open playing time want him.. maybe consider steve novak played for the spurs so he can play d , pretty decent shooting stretch 4 hes the poor mans matt bonner

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    yi jianlin is softer then the snuggle bear

    outta this list, r williams 1st, thornton 2nd

    wut ever happen 2 the talk about tayshaunius prince????


  • nickj

    Kwame #@$%^%$# Brown?

  • Kyle

    I like Shawne Williams the best of this list, given that the team already has a lot of offensive options. This would help D. Wright who is our only legit wing defender right now.

  • flago

    who are the morons who keep writing “7mil is too much for Kwame”?

    Did they think someone else better is coming for that much?

    Or maybe they think they could have saved a couple mil because of the great winning tradition this org has??

  • Jay

    TPrince re-signed with Pistons.

    People need to get on board and realize, no one is going to come to the W’s for the minimum. We will continue to have to overpay until things turnaround and we’re a contender and players want to throw themselves at us.

  • Logical

    Seriously. Sick of these people who complain about the 7mil. Centers don’t fall from trees and don’t sign 1 year offer for dirt. Kwame improved a lot last year. That has to be considered. He’ll be a solid backup for Biedrins. And his expiring 7 mil will be a major trade asset.

  • deano

    I also thought that Al Thornton played well last year. He can rebound and make his free throws. Let’s bring him back, and Acie Law. too. Thornton and Law would be better back-ups at SF and PG than Reggie Williams and Charles Jenkins.

  • robert rowell

    #17, i think you can read between the lines, can’t you? it’s called frustration. fans are fed up with “Big things are happening” billboards and kwame brown signings. get it?

    as for marcus’s question: No. how ’bout none of them?

    larry riley was caught napping again, poor old fella, when he woke up he had drool on his shirt and all the quality free agents had gone.

  • Dave

    $7 million is not a lot. That’s $2m less than Biedrins.

  • JohnnyStarks

    Acie Law and Al Thornton couldn’t hit a 3 to save their lives, they should stay gone. Plus Law is playing on one of the better teams in Europe, so I doubt he’ll be back.There are players who will be bought out b/c of recent signings , hurt feelings from failed trades,too many players at one position..maybe patience is the name of the game..

  • Pepper

    Kirilenko would be my choice but he would demand more money than the Dubs can spare, unless a player is traded outright. He provides defense at the small forward spot. I don’t like the K Brown move, would have taken a flyer on Pryzbilla and/or Fesenko for their toughness.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I love the idea of bring Richard Jefferson on board, but he’s at the point in his career where he wants toplay for a winner. Winners, we are not, unfortunately!

  • dan

    Is Shawne Williams a defender ? If he is, get him because the W’s will be facing scoring SF/SG like Marcus Thorton from Sac, Durant, etc…If he can defend SF/SG, get him.

    Between Curry, Ellis and Lee, they have enough scoring.

  • PhillyJ

    As always, Ws suck and missed out on getting Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer for a 2nd round pick. Both guys would have helped this sorry team. No one in the front office had the creativity to even think of this kind of trade. Kudos to Denver.

    Ws are forever doomed.

  • Notice how the Clippers matched to retain Jordan, Griffin’s “best buddy”? I really believe the Warriors need to keep Steph Curry’s friends on this team if they want to maximize the chance of retaining him as a Warrior. Big mistake letting Anthony Morrow go. Don’t let Reggie go either!

  • Thesickone

    We couldn’t afford Rudy and Brewer unless we released more players or didn’t sign our rookies. We needed a backup center which is why we went with Kwame. If we had the cap room adding depth with them would have been a good move..but we didn’t. Regardless, our depth is 10x’s better this year than it was last year. Klay will be a legitimate threat coming off the bench.

  • Slamma Jamma

    I don’t know what he is looking for, but I’d have added AK-47 in a heart beat, then added a center after the fact. Udoh can back up Beans, and there were other guys out there like Dalembert who I like much more than Kwame. Man. If they had added Kirilenko and Dalembert to play defense this season, they would be a playoff team. Instead? A wasted amnesty move (which is HUGE) for a matched offer, and then Kwame Brown for a boat load of cash. Ugh.

  • Jesse

    What was the reason bringing jerry west if hes gonna bring washup players like kwame brown,just another year not going to the playoffs

  • jy

    The Kwame Brown signing shows the FO have done their thinking. I would rather see Kwame for 1 year than seeing Delembert/Prazbilla for 2-3 years, which prevents the team cap flexibility to do any major signing in next summer FA class, which is better than this year FA class.

  • Jay