Jon Becker

  • Media Blitz

    Great philosophy, except that we didn’t get better here and now. They’ll regret the amnesty much sooner than three years from now.

  • Niners in 2012

    WOW, what a terrible GM! How does this guy still have a job???

    We had $5.7M capspace while Charlie Bell was on the roster. Kwame didn’t get more than a $5M offer from anyone. We could’ve easily signed Kwame, kept CBells expiring deal, and have the amnesty in the pocket. We would have a ton of expiring deals.

    This guy has no ability to see the big picture, no foresight. What if DLee gets bitten again and his arm falls off? C’mon dude. Keeping that Amnesty in the pocket was a must. And we wasted it to help overpay DeAndre Jordan? Did Bob Myers get a cut? Joe Lacob what are you thinking letting these guys make decisions. Where’s Jerry West?

  • geronimoclazer

    he shrugs: “amnesty…i mean, in all honesty, how important is that?”

    lol, what a turkey.

  • warriorz4lif

    for those whose knee-jerk reaction is to blame Riley, do you really believe HIS word is final when it comes to personnel decisions? seriously? don’t you think he’s just biding his time with meyers in the fold? this fool is just a puppet…

  • WorriedWarrior

    There is no Jerry West. ONLY JOE LACOB AND LITTLE LACOB!!

  • deano

    Riley’s right. GSW had a shot at getting Chandler and then a shot at getting Jordan. In order to take those shots, they had to amnesty someone. They took their shots, as a competent and active FO should. The guy they amnestied, Charlie Bell, was the least valuable player on the team. He was the right choice to waive. Not even in hindsight was the amnesty wasted.

  • Twinkie defense

    I hope no one thinks that Kwame is the answer. Which means we will still be trying to add a game-changing big man – say before he trade deadline, or over the summer. If the Warriors were to be successful at upgrading at the center spot, it sure would be nice to be able to free up $9 mil by amnestying Biedrins, if in fact he is not miraculously fixed (like the FO has been betting on over the last two seasons). Wasting the amnesty of Charlie Bell makes that a lot harder now.

    Lost Reggie Williams, who they wanted.

    Lost Jeremy Lin, who they liked and who had a small salary.

    Still need a backup PG and a wing player to replace these guys they lost, even though they didn’t really want to lose them.

    Lost Charlie Bell, who they didn’t want or need, but whom they could have traded or bought out in order to free ups some cap space.

    Lost the ability to amnesty.

    Gained… Kwame Brown?!

    If you ask me, all this equates to a HUGE whiff by Warriors management, all the while our fellow teams in the West are getting better and better.

  • John

    Deano – completely agree with you. What’s the point of keeping the amnesty later? They were targeting a couple of defensive players this year – Chandler was first on the list then Jordan. They gambled on using the amnesty to try and steal Jordan from the Clippers, and it didn’t work. I can’t blame them for being aggressive in trying. Afterall, the Clippers have a history of not matching in those types of situations.

    It’s almost like there are some Warrior fans out there that just complain about anything and everything. If we didn’t go after Jordan, the same people would have been complaining that the FO is not doing anything. If we would have landed Jordan, the same people would have been complaining that we’re overpaying him. Now that we missed out on Jordan, the complaint is, ‘why did we use the amnesty to sign Kwame Brown?’ When they know full well that the amnesty was used to try and get Jordan.

  • PhillyJ

    Larry Riley=nice guy, terrible GM

    He just doesn’t get it and can’t think or act as a strong GM. Jerry West and Bob Myers obviously were more hyped up than actual. We achieved the same thing this year as we did during the Cohan era–nothing.

  • Niners in 2012

    We have $16M invested at the center spot and we’re still looking for an answer there.

  • Kyle

    Total lack of vision. Basically he’s saying this, “we took a shot on D. Jordan and we missed, and it cost us the amnesty.”

  • Matt Steinmetz

    This guy is totally worthless. Has no business being an NBA GM. Nice Guy, but way out of his core competency.

    What is Lacob thinking?

  • Lavalovers

    Twinkie, those players stink. J Lin? Come on . Reggie Williams stunk last year. Charlotte is horrible, our old agm is there GM rod Higgins. We got slightly better with Kwame brown plus we can trade him at the deadline some of you posters want unrealistic trades. J lin was terrible, i mean bad he has no stroke and looked out of place. Reggie Williams stopped going to the basket plus he can’t play d. Warrior fans love guys that stink I want winners that are dicks like Jeff kent. Most warrior fans want nice guys that try hard, Reggie Williams, j Lin, those guys will be out of the league in 2years.

  • Derek

    Larry (the dirt farmer) Riley is one sorry excuse for a GM. He was a loser at Vancover and he’s been a loser/yes man at Golden State. How this moron keeps a job is mystifying. They could find a guy off the street to do a better job than Riley.

    16 Million at the Center position for two back-ups. An overpaid slow non-athletic power forward, 2 starting combo guards. Drafted a 6’10 scrub aka Udoh who can’t rebound or score. The team has no bench or cap space. They are basically the same sorry crew from last season with minor tweeks.

    The guy makes some of the dumbest personnel moves in the league. Riley has no foresight, or connections and seems to know nothing about basketball.

    Riliey has to be the best butt kisser in the world to last as long as he has.

  • Derek

    Are all guys with a southern drawl idiots. It sure seems that way.

    Riley wouldn’t trade Curry for CP3 when in fact Curry will never be as good as CP3. CP3 is a difference maker with Curry is simply good.

    Never hire a scrub with a country accent, he’s almost surely a moron.

    Fire Riley !

  • alan

    The only argument against amnesty-ing Bell is that Biedrins would have been picked up by someone else and saved the team $. Bell would not have played one minute, but would have taken up cap space. No one else on the roster fit that profile and the bids for Chandler and Jordan could not have happened without some amnesty. Chandler might have been a dream, but Jordan was a real possibility and now the Clippers have made a big bet on a question mark. Similar (but bad) bets by Mullin killed the Wizards and Orlando (Arenas) and Philly (Brand), so there’s an upside even to making a big bet that you are likely to lose. It would have been a loser mindset to plan for failure and save the amnesty for that inevitable moment. If the W’s had coerced Paul in the door, he would have gone on the DL if the barometric pressure dropped.

  • Niners in 2012

    Larry Riley ladies and gentlemen…

    1 Trades Belinelli for Devean George
    2 Trades JCrawford for Acie Law
    3 Trades Morrow for nothing
    4 Trades CJ for nothing
    5 Trades AR, Ronny, two 2nds for the right to overpay DLee
    6 Overpays DLee
    7 Drafts Epic DooDoo instead of Greg Monroe
    8 Gives 34th pick to Portland for cash
    9 Gives NJ two 2nds for free to weaken protection on 2012 1st, a loaded draft
    10 Doesn’t pull trigger on Biedrins for Thabeets expiring
    11 Tried to trade for Antawn Jamison, Nate Robinson
    12 Lets Reggie go for nothing
    13 Waste’s Amnesty on CBell
    14 Tries to sign DJordan for $11M/yr
    15 Overpays Kwame

  • Dan

    I noticed that people who make comments on the numerous warrior blogs are just like politicians talking mostly lies or just as dumb….




  • mike

    worst gm in basetkball…did he really just ask how much the amnesty clause is really worth? Effing moron.

  • brandonbeard

    We have a good backup PG. Charles Jenkins is the truth, can handle the ball and score with ease. We need and backup SG. Lets get Baron back!

  • brandonbeard

    Oh but i agree he is the worst GM in the NBA

  • brandonbeard

    Oh and he talks like he just has it all figured out!
    What were the owners thinking here

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    Very well said post number 10.

    Riley is a confirmed idiot (multiple time over) yet apparently the Lacob/Guber “brain trust” give credence to his views (“how much is the amnesty really worth” Are you kidding me? You’ve got Biedrins and and especially Lee under contract for years!). That means the “brain trust” are a bunch of idiots too. West must be just renting his name to these jokers.

  • World B. Free

    I sincerely did not understand what Riley was talking about. It made no sense to me whatsoever.

    The Warriors are not better today for having amnestied Charlie Bell. That move did not free up enough space to get a free agent. That move does not set us up to land a free agent 2-3 years from now, does it?

    Why does this franchise continally miss? I’m enraged at myself for buying this routine for so long.

  • Inside Nine

    Wonder if he talks to Nellie? It doesn’t really look that way. Nellie is/was a great horse trader and gambler.

  • Richard

    Lacob hired Keith Smart. That tells me everything. Also, Jerry West gave a $35 million contract to Brian Cardinal in Memphis. That too tells me all I need to know.

  • thedubfan

    Madness. I have nothing to say. Wait…yes I do. Let’s amnesty the wrong guy to get involved in a deal we’re not going to get (why why why would Tyson CHandler come here when he can go to NY? Why would DeAndre Jordan come here when he can stay with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon…at the time?) and then overpay a guy whose MARKET VALUE WAS IN OUR AVAILABLE CAP SPACE? Are you kidding me?

    Those of you arguing that this was not a bad move…sorry, I don’t see it. I’d like to see the good or the positive in the W’s situation, but it does not exist. This was AWFUL. No other way around that. BTW: for all of you who are going to come back and tell me that we got a good defensive player…BS. Go look at Kwame’s DRtg…not better than David Lee or Andris Biedrins.

  • Jay

    People need to realize that unless the Dubs had confirmation that a player (Chandler for instance) was willing to sign an offer, that would then trigger who gets amnestied. Since Chandler was not willing to sign the offer, amnestying Biedrins was not an option. Jordan was willing to sign and did sign an offer sheet which forced them to need to amnesty someone in order to make it work. Bell was the sacrificial lamb. Is what it is.

    Amnestying Biedrins would have been a big risk with only Amudson n Tyler as your backup (Udoh n Lee can play center for a little bit, but not your starting C).

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Wow, Riley seems like a really nice guy, but that was just a completely clueless statement. “Amnesty? I mean in all honesty, how important is that?” Are you kidding me? Maybe there’s this thing called a SALARY CAP you’re not aware of, Larry? The question should have been “Why did you use the amnesty to make an offer to a player that you knew was 90% likely to be matched anyway?” There is pretty much no one who ever thought the Clippers wouldn’t match at that level. That shows a serious lack of awareness of the environment.

  • World B. Free

    The Charlie Bell amnesty was like wasting a mulligan on a 2 foot putt. So you miss a two foot putt. Scratch it. Don’t waste a stroke on it.

  • slamdunk

    Instead of wasting the amnesty on Charlie Bell, the Warriors should have used it on Larry Riley. Lacob wants this guy to be the club spokesperson??