Jon Becker

  • PhillyJ

    Warriors suck

  • Mauricio

    Looking forward to seeing you plat along side David, and Ellis. Be blessed my brother!

  • Mauricio

    Meant to say play along side!

  • sad jose

    PhillyJ is right. Am I really supposed to be excited about this? Another rookie who might be good and then the team will miss the 8th seed by a few games.

    You know what I was excited about? A lockout, so I wouldn’t waste my time reading articles and watching games. But, I’m a fan. Warriors suck.

  • yes they are






  • Foyle.Paper

    You guys are warrior fans really? I dunno maybe if you paid attention, you would realize that warriors front office LOVE guys like Landry Fields and Kevin Martin. Klay is their attempt to build such a player.That said how NBA ready is a guy with barely any training camp experience, and was a good player on a terrible WSU squad.Not sold, get some real shooting guards and small forwards.

  • Tristan Talo

    I would not be ashamed wearing that backpack since I know I am making more money that 99.5% of the people who see it on my person.

  • Damon

    love all the video this year, thanks!

  • ZooWar

    I would love to be a Warrior fan, but the reality is that the Warrior’s, as all small market teams, are merely farm teams for the big market teams.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Man, tough crowd. Seems like a good kid, let’s hope he’s got a little game, with the thin SG spot, Warriors need him to contribute ASAP. I do not want to see Monta putting up 40+ minutes a night this year.

  • PhillyJ

    Foyle , we are fans but just frustrated with this new front office which has not changed much from the previous one. The W’s still react to decisions rather than being proactive. Denver picking up Rudy Fernandez and Corey brewer for a second round pick is a perfect example. W’s could use both guys and only would have cost one 2nd round pick. W’s don’t have the creativity to think like that so instead they overspend on a plan c player.
    Things never change as Adam has written clearly

  • DrD

    Don’t continue to be part of the problem. Stop supporting this below average garbage team. This is more of The Suck.. We’ll be drafting 8th-14th for the next decade while overpaying career year journeymen. Oh… we’ll continue to have delusional chats about NBA stars that’ll we should/would/could trade or sign the whole time, but The Suck will continue.

    This org is f’d in a lopsided league. Don’t contribute your dollars or attention until these owners _WALK_the_WALK. Aside from all the media leaches that continue praising them for doing … um, nothing substantial… why so much faith that these guys are the real deal? Cause they’re not Cohan? Well ya, but lets not get all excited because our F owner is now just a D-

  • steve la porta

    did any of you see clay thompson play in college? clay thompson is the either the first or second best pure shooter coming out of the draft. he has a quick release on par with some of the great nba shooting guards of the past 20 years, i.e., miller, allen, etc. he’s not afraid to drive to the basket. what are you complaining about!!!

  • Derek

    #10 the Warriors are not a small market team, they play in the countries 4th largest market.

    The team is simply a dysfunctional organization with no vision or will to win. They put forth no effort or additional funds to secure sepreme talent due to the fact they don’t have too. The team has great attendance numbers, a huge fan base and metro area, however management knows they can and do profit with a losing product so they do.

    Some owners are in the sports business to win (Al Davis, Dr. Jerry Buss), some are in it purely for profit ( Warriors ownership, A’s sorry owners, ect.)

    It’s to bad Mark Cuban bought Dallas instead of the Warriors

  • meir34

    Um! offering 33.2mill for Jordan and making what West said on ESPN this afternoon was a better offer than LAC made but Paul and mainly his agent wanted only LA, doesn’t pahse you; all that means no effort or funds? Best take your depression meds

  • Cellar Dweller

    At the end of the day, this team ain’t goin nowhere! Nothing’s changed from last year. Its the same team with one or two different bozos. New coach, new management / owners but the same damn team. No one wants to play for this team. they’d rather go to Clipps. Shameful!

    Show me somethin and I will eat my words.

    Ellison should buy the Horneys and move them to SJ and start tossin a Billion here and a Billion there

  • rio kid

    I like this kid’s game. Think he will be fun to watch but hey I like Marco Belinelli. Heck I liked Adonal Foyle just because he was bright and fun to listen to. And cellar dwell bro listen despite all the horrible stuff I gotta say the W’s didn’t quit on Coach. Coach Smart who may or may not be the master of the xs and the os proved to me to be a heck of a motivator and a genuinely good human being and just maybe a good coach. Folks the guy had nothing.. and I mean nothing to compete with on the floor besides two undersized guards, Lee Wright and not even a full bench. I have seen the Warriors when they quit; seen em quit on Nellie, seen em quit on the great Mike Mongomery, seen em quit on Calisimo but not on Coach Smart. And yes teh Clips are shameful, heck the owner was booing Barron Davis openly during a game and banished him to post Lebron Cleveland ( worse than Siberia )Thompson is as easy on the eyes type of player, smooth, good ball handler and I think is another very nice p/up for your Golden State Warriors. Yes the clips have Paul and the second coming of Carl Malone but friends they are the clips. You can take the carney out of the carnival but you cannot make 10 dollar change out of a sack of deer antlers… and that’s all I have to say on that.

  • D. Devil’s Advocate, Esq.

    Still not a player on the roster who could guard a folding chair, much less a decent NBA player.

    And I’ll feel free to “hate” whoever I want, young master Thompson. Many, many college stars have fallen flat on their faces in the NBA (pretty much every Warriors draft pick for 20 years). They all displayed the same (over)confidence you exude.

    Hey rio kid, “they are the clips”? Ever heard the one about people in glass houses? The Warriors live in a glass house lined with walls of mirrors, so be careful with those stones.