Warriors Lose Reggie Williams to Charlotte

The Warriors’ bid to get Reggie Williams back failed minutes ago. He signed a two year deal worth $5 million with the Charlotte Bobcats.

For that price, it seemed the Warriors could have gotten him. Golden State wanted him. But Williams chose not to re-sign with Golden State for one reason.

Klay Thompson.

WILLIAMS’ AGENT RON SHADE: “The ability to play right away. Golden State showed a lot of interest. They still wanted him. Larry Riley called daily. There was never a time or moment we didn’t think Golden State was in the picture. But at the end of the day, they have Klay and young guys they wanted to develop. In Charlotte, he can come in and contribute right away, no mishaps or hurdles to overcome. Charlotte just had a better fit.”

Williams said it came down to Portland, New York and Charlotte. Even if the Warriors had matched the Bobcats’ offer, Williams said he still wouldn’t be sure if he would have chosen Golden State.

WILLIAMS: “I don’t know what the situation would have been. I would’ve maybe had to talk to coach (Mark) Jackson to see how they would have wanted to use me or whatever because hey drafted the guard. I talked to other teams and I know how their systems are going. I never got the chance to talk to coach Jackson to see what his system is and where I would fit. But I think he’s going to be a good coach. He definitely knows basketball.”

The Warriors are still in the market for a small forward, though they lose one of the smoothest young scorers in the league. Williams said he will miss playing for the Warriors, the first team to call him up from the NBA Development League.

WILLIAMS: “I love the Warriors fans. I love the area and everything. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to  stay. I always get a lot of love. … Everything happens for a reason.”

Jon Becker

  • Niners in 2012

    Typical Larry Riley, letting go assets for NOTHING. Blowing the Amnesty for no reason, Reggie Williams, giving NJ two free 2nd round picks, making it easier for NJ to get our 1st round pick in a loaded draft, giving way too much talent for the right to overpay David Lee. CJ Watson and Anthony Morrow for trade exceptions we never used.

  • jm95054

    Wow, sad to see him go. Klay better be good.

  • deano

    Reggie and his agent have it right: he is not needed at GSW, and playing him here would have impeded the development of Klay Thompson. What it is. Bye.

  • warriorz4lif

    again, NOT LARRY RILEY. Lacob spent 450 mil to let LR make player decisions. YA RIGHT. C’mon people, let’s show a little bit more intelligence.

  • earl monroe

    Reggie Williams should have gone to NY he is a perfect fit for that offense he will be stymied in Charlotte

  • KDubbs

    I don’t know why everyone is up in arms about Reggie Williams leaving. He couldn’t dribble or create his own shot and was way too inconsistent. Easily replaceable by other scrubs in the FA pool.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    kenny seagle can understand reggie wanting 2 go 2 so call “greener pasture”

    but charlotte????

    they aint funnah go no where


  • brandonbeard

    Larry Riley is terrible, I dont care what anyone says? he has no clue.

  • brandonbeard

    The new owners should have scrapped him too! if ur going to revamp everything why keep the same GM?

  • WorriedWarrior

    Larry Riley doesn’t matter. Jerry West doesn’t matter. Bob Myers doesn’t matter. The only one that matters is Joe Lacob. He is the ultimate decision maker. Period. Riley’s only job is to help get Joe what he wants and explain things to the media so Joe doesn’t always have to be the announcing the Warriors overpaying for (insert journeyman big here).

    Luckily Joe Lacob is a basketball genius and knows everything about building an NBA champion because he grew up a Celtics/Lakers fan.

  • steve la porta

    the warriors waited too long to show reggie that they appreciated him. it should have never got to this point. now, he’s getting an opportunity somewhere else, just like morrow and many others. good for him. he represented well while here. always came across like a good guy as well as a player who came out of nowhere to make it in the nba. good luck reggie!

  • Inside Nine

    Reggie added class and points. Its inexcusable to lose him in the fashion he was dropped (clearing a bit of salary space to possibly get an overpaid DeAndre Jordan). You need points to win no matter how great the defense. Reggie provides those points reliably.

  • JDub

    Reggie Williams is a horrible defender and undersized. It doesn’t matter how much you score if your man scores more. Isn’t that what most GSW fans say of David Lee? Notice Charlotte signed him of all places, for the mini-exception sized deal he got, any contender could have signed him if he was so great. Save the cap space and sign someone else for a one year deal to be a backup to a backup (Klay will get most extra wing minutes).

  • Jay

    Jackson’s MO is Defense. Reggie doesn’t fit the new mold. End of story.

  • steve la porta

    for what position is reggie undersized? he’s a shooting guard not a power forward. he gave up more points than he scored? where is that stat a matter of public record, plus, isn’t defense a team concept? how do you know that contenders wouldn’t have signed him? for the record, i think thompson will be a heck of a player.

  • JDub

    Steve: They needed a 3 not a 2 since Thompson will play 2, Reggie is undersized for a 3. Read almost all analysis of Reggie’s game online and he is an all offense player. We have enough shooters on this team that can’t play defense as it is. Regardless, the GSW appear to have no desire to sign anyone to multi-year deals right now, so Reggie was off the list.

  • JDub

    Combine results for Reggie: Height w/o Shoes 6′ 3.25″

  • gtown1_sj

    Reggie Williams was a gate on defense. He will be the same in Charlotte. He KNEW Mark would be asking him for defense or he will be a spectator and he chose to go somewhere where his defense will not be required. Not sure how to miss someone who can give you 20pts a night and give up 36 on the defensive side.