Warriors Settle on Dominic McGuire as Back-Up SF

Reggie Williams signed with the Charlotte Bobcats. Shawne Williams opted for New Jersey. And the Warriors don’t have enough money to land the likes of Andre Kirilenko or Josh Howard.

So the Warriors announced Thursday they’d signed Dominic McGuire. He gets a one-year deal for about a million dollar, reportedly.

McGuire, 26, is the front-runner to back-up forward Dorell Wright. The 6-foot-9, 235-pounder out of Fresno State played with Charlotte Bobcats last season. He started eight of his 52 games, averaging 3.3 points and 3.8 rebounds in 14.6 minutes. What was probably more impressive to the Warriors: in his eight starts, he averaged 7.4 rebounds and 1.13 blocks in 26.4 minutes. Long and athletic, McGuire – a second-round pick by the Wizards in 2007 – fits the defensive mold the Warriors want.

The Warriors passed on Julian Wright, Al Thornton, Jamario Moon and Oakland-native Derek Brown. Mo Evans may have gotten a little consideration, but he was older than the Warriors wanted, I’m told. Golden State really didn’t want another shooting guard because they consider Klay Thompson more of a shooting guard at this point in their career. The Warriors wanted a definitive small forward, which excluded the likes of Richard Hamilton or defensive specialist DeShawn Stevenson.

The Warriors now have a back-up at every position. Swingman Klay Thompson is expected to be the first perimeter player off the bench, as he can back up Monta Ellis and Wright.

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    I know the lockout made things tough, but this squad is looking particularly ramshackle.

  • Spencer

    Marcus, do the Warriors have their MLE?

    This guy brings nice size and defense it seems. Id rather go with youth then an older player at this point.

  • Young

    J Canseco, your right on the money “ramshackle”

    Us fans are expected to believe this team will get significantly better based on Curry’s maturity and experience over last year and Mark Jackon’s ability to install a defensive mind-set….

    Its possible, but my money sure aint leaving my pocket…

  • JDub

    No need to lock up long term money on a weak FA crop during a weird off season with a new coach. See what we have and start again next year! (Isn’t that the GSW motto?) Plus the Bobcats were awesome last year, why not bring in their backup front court players 😉

    I think this time next year the team will be much different, especially since right now they only have about 7-8 players under contract for next year (not sure the 2nd rounders are guaranteed for next year) and should still be about 10 mil under the cap I believe.

  • J Canseco

    Yeah, there’s always next year. That’s just great.

  • Foyle.Paper

    I can’t comprehend this transaction..What about this guy would make you pass on Julian Wright or Jamario Moon, Moon was good on the cavs and he was a frickin globetrotter ,JuJu was at least a star in college on a pretty good Kansas squad the year before they won the ncaa championship but this guy…He couldn’t even crack the rotation at CAL, I’m in awe in how this dude even made into the nba. At 6’9 he better played defense..I hope Flowers or C.Wright turns out ton be decent enough to stay around

  • Nigel Tufnel

    This guy is cheap, plays defense, can play serious minutes (20+), and can board. What’s not to like? Wright is probably going to play at least 34 minutes, Klay will probably play 6-8 at the SF slot, that leaves 6-8 minutes to fill in, this guy is perfect, and he can play more if Klay can’t handle it or Wright gets injured or whatever.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Sorry, I meant 15+ minutes, not 20+.

  • Loving this move. Solid rebounding and blocking, plus he’s from my alma mater.

  • Young

    kid not as bad as his resume suggests…

    This is the most accurate place i’ve seen on draft profiles


  • Niners in 2012

    So we’re raiding the Bobcats bench now? Hello! They were awful last year. Another terrible signing. Let’s sign a guy who shoots below 40%. A defender? Is this guy gonna stop Melo? You want defense, why didn’t they make a claim on James Posey? Such a depressing offseason.

  • CB

    Warriors offseason headlined by signing backup backups lol. No Chandler-Knicks, No Deandre Jordan-Clippers, and take has-been Laker and Charlotte Bobcat center Kwame Brown to be our starter. We pass on Kirilenko and Josh Howard. Man Howard would’ve been nice in a Warriors jersey. And Al Thornton would’ve been a good backup SF with some size for us as well. Instead, we get a backup-backup in McGuire. Rough offseason in shaping up the roster for the Warriors to say the least.

  • JC

    Starting Lineup:
    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Dorell Wright
    PF David Lee
    C Kwame Brown

    PG Charles Jenkins
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Dominic McGuire
    PF Ekpe Udoh
    C Jeremy Tyler
    C Andris Biedrins

    Goodbye Reggie.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Time for bold moves:
    Trade Monta to Atlanta for Josh Smith.
    Atlanta gets a young, proven scorer to go along with Hinrich, Joe Johnson, Al Horford. They already have Marvin Williams who can play the 4 when Horford’s playing center. When Horford wants to play PF, the line-up of Hinrich/Monta/Johnson/Horford is sick! We get one of the best defensive SF’s in the league who is apparently in the best shape of his life, according to reports, and is a phenomenal athlete.
    We trade Biedrins, Dorell Wright and Udoh for Andre Iguodala.
    Sixers get to see who their center will be between Hawes, Speights and Biedrins. They get a young PF who can learn from a classy pro like Elton Brand and they get an extremely low-priced, valuable wing in Dorell Wright to slide in as a starter or bench player. We get another incredibly gifted defender and tremendous athlete in Iggy.
    Now, the Warriors line-up looks like this:
    PG – Curry
    SG – Iguodala
    SF – Josh Smith
    PF – David Lee
    C – Kwame Brown
    That’s better than what we currently have AND it puts in a real position to have a chance at Dwight Howard, considering he and Smith are best friends. Amnesty Lee next summer and DH12 might be willing to check us out, as we’d have money from Lee and Brown’s contract ending, plus three excellent players already (Curry, Iggy and Smith).
    We gotta do something or else there’s not a chance in hell we even really compete this year in the West. I’m predicting, with this line-up, we are better than only the Wolves and Blazers.

  • Marcus Thompson


    The Warriors don’t have their MLE. You can’t start the offseaosn under the cap, then go over the cap and get to use the MLE

  • HoopsFan

    A very disappointing off-season for Warriors:
    No quality players signed.
    Overpaid Kwame.
    No cap space left
    Wasted Amnesty on Bell.

  • Yoda

    Re 15, they do have an exception though, right?

    So playing on the Globetrotters is a plus now?

    This is a decent signing if they really do want defense, but they need to tell McGuire no shooting outside of five feet. Hes never had an outside shot worth crap and never will.

    As for the wait til next year comment, it’s really dumb to tie up money in long term contracts for bench guys, which is why $7M for Kwame for one years is way better than $12M for two.

  • DubsFan4Life

    I agree with #16 Hoopsfan. Our offseason has been dissapointing to say the least. I wish they would have signed Thornton! At least he has some size, and can post up and score! Who is gonna consistently put the ball in the basket when we go to our bench? Kwame? Amundson? Udoh? McGuire? We are gonna be WAY to reliant on our rookies Jenkins and Thompson to score on our second unit. I know that we have a new commitment to playing defense but you still have to have people that can score!!!! I hope I’m wrong but our bench looks worse than it was last year!!!

  • Jaysohn

    Scoring has never been the issue for the Warriors, stopping the other team from scoring and grabbing the rebound when they miss has. I’m disappointed in the acquisitions like everyone else but we can’t say the team didn’t try. The guys they wanted didn’t want the Warriors. Chandler wasn’t coming unless grossly overpaid and Jerry West confirmed that CP3 didn’t want to come here so there really wasn’t a trade to be made. The Warriors are in a tough dilemma. Superstars don’t want to come to a team without another top player yet how do you get one if you can’t get one to come. The blown drafts of the past continue to haunt the organization.

  • Doctor J

    Why so pessimistic? This is the first team in years not made up of D league players. Every player on the roster is legit NBA player (big step for this franchise). No Tom Tolberts of Jud Buchlers, J Lynn or Billy Joe Tollivers.

    Ish Smith , Dominic McGuire and K Brown are all upgrades from last couple of years bench in a big way and they play defense !!!!. J Tyler , K Thompson and C Jenkins( super sleeper) could all be legit players.

    NBA is not like other sports you cannot convince high profile players to sign until you have some momentum. This team already has momentum via top notch ownership front office, improved coaching staff and cohesive NBA skill level roster. They are not going to win the west only an exclusive group is really contending. I am going to just enjoy the improvements top to bottom and see the momentum building (finally). With a ton of flexibility for next year.

  • Richard

    Lacob hired Keith Smart

  • Richard

    Even Cohan wouldn’t have hired Samrt as head coach.

  • Spencer

    Mcquire>>>> James Posey