Warriors claim Ish Smith off Waivers

The Warriors’ bid for point guard Ish Smith was successful. Golden State claimed him off waivers Friday as it learned minutes ago they were awarded his rights.

Smith gives the Warriors a third point guard. He is little (6-feet, 175 pounds) and super fast. He’s averaged 10.3 minutes in 43 career games, most of them with Houston. He was waived by Memphis on Wednesday. The Warriors want Smith to help Stephen Curry. Chasing the speedy Smith around every day will be a challenge for Curry, one that figures to help him defensively.

Marcus Thompson

  • @stlkr

    They could have saved $$$ and just made him chase a chicken like in the movie Rocky..

  • WorriedWarrior

    Warriors = UNSTOPPABLE

  • J Canseco

    Let’s all welcome Ish Smith to Clippers North.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Yay, another undersized guard! Just kidding, seems like a good signing.

  • Niners in 2012

    Kwame Brown, Dominic McGuire and Ish Smith.

    The offseason I dreamed about! All the scenarios that danced in my head when the lockout ended, these were the BIG free agent pick-ups I prayed for!


  • pick -n- roll

    Soon, you’ll be able to have some basketball with your whine!

  • I think Curry will figure out fast that if the guy shoots 37%, why guard him at all?

  • imustbreaku

    Best Warriors squad EVER!

  • desktopmfg

    Hmm…wonder how long it will be before the Warriors admit they made a mistake waiving Jeremy Lin.

  • Forealneil

    If you guys haven’t read about it yet, search for “Kobe Bryant’s Kwame Brown Story”. The players we’re bringing in are definitely bottom of the barrel guys….

  • gtown1_sj

    I think everyone is missing the big picture. Lots of one-year contracts made, so now we have a decent non-playoff team on the floor for fans to pay to come see, get ping-pong balls for the draft and draft new talent that will leave in 4 years when they become really good.

  • Philip Wander

    sell a team on D, teach them how to do it well,and the team will turn around in ways that bashing individual players for their low draft number or their uninspiring career cannot predict or explain. Similarly on offense,looking for the open man and passing the ball well leads to more movement and less standing around. No 35 touch star, true, but a lot more activity. A bench that actually gets into the game and wants to D up and move the ball–Rick Barry once said that there were a lot of potential stars on the bench in the NBA who never get the chance. Kwame has continued to improve his game. He plays defense. He is a working class player. Let us see if a system that rewards D and perimeter passing as well as slashing lifts him and other players to a higher level.

  • Dubfan

    This is going to be another bad season. I feel bad for all those people who bought season tickets this year . lol I’m not going to buy season tickets again until Mr Lacob gives us a team to be a contender until I see results I won’t touch this Cohan type product .

  • Dave

    You guys are missing the point…

    The Warriors want Smith to help Stephen Curry. Chasing the speedy Smith around every day will be a challenge for Curry, one that figures to help him defensively.

  • Dave

    He is undersized but he is a solid backup. He has lightning quick speed and a great finishing touch, and he is constantly looking to improve his teammates. On top of this, he’s a natural born leader. Good pickup.

  • Dave

    Can’t wait to see him dish it down low to Lee.

  • Dave

    He is a pass first PG. Warriors need this.

  • Dave

    Marc Jackson is going to bring back the pick and roll with the PG’s and Lee. Lee is going to be unstoppable this year.

  • Dubfan

    The pick and roll is nice but how bout we get a real center I mean kwame brown is this for real have you even heard what Kobe had to say about brown and for andris he would be a nice back up center for us to come off the bench and get some boards and play a little d
    I think Dwight could be a perfect fit for us but realistically Lacob couldn’t get that done even if he really wanted to. As for are bench we have a lot of players that can play d but who’s gonna score it’s nice that we would be able to stop the ball but if we can’t put the ball in the basket that’s a problem

  • CB

    Eh, Charles Jenkins has more upside as a rookie to be a solid backup PG to Curry. And Jenkins has some size on him. This guy is underrated as we got him in the 2nd round and I see him as the X-Factor of this year’s Warriors squad. Klay Thompson will be a good 6th man for us backing up Monta at the 2 and can also swing down to the 3 as a swingman.

    All in all, Ish Smith is here to push Curry and to give us an extra body at PG and on this roster. Kwame Brown is an upgrade over Biedrins at center, IMO based on defense alone. However, another guy who will be under the radar and I think eventually will be our starting center is Jeremy Tyler. The guy plays big and is big. Bottom Line.

    Starting Lineup: 5
    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Dorell Wright
    PF David Lee
    C Kwame Brown

    Bench/Reserves: 7
    PG Charles Jenkins
    PG Ishi Smith
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Dominic McGuire
    PF Ekpe Udoh
    C Jeremy Tyler
    C Andris Biedrins

  • JC

    @CB I like our potential starting lineup but beyond that we are young and inexperienced and feature rookies and some bottom of barrel guys as someone posted including our projected starting center in Kwame Brown. But if Warriors want to contend and show some excitement off bench, they better develop fast and play all three rooks: Swingman Klay Thompson, PG Charles Jenkins and bigman/center Jeremy Tyler. All three have upside, IMO to be really good backups or develop into starters.

  • CB

    Can’t forget about Udoh. The guy gets to backup Lee at his normal 4 position and be a beast off the bench with his defense, that he plays physical, and can be an overmatch for opposing backup power forwards.

  • Cellar Dweller

    Bring back Dampier… then we are complete!!

  • Alex

    No big name player will ever come to play in Oakland… Once the team moves to SF, then they will come. Can’t wait for San Francisco Warriors! And yes, I am a season ticket holder since 2005 and proud of it!

  • Derek

    Alex SF has never been a hot spot for free agents in any sport. The city has a wierd rep. Black athletes which the NBA has plenty, prefer Oakland to SF, it’s a city known for its street cred and a huge black population.

    SF hasn’t been considered hip for over 50 years, therefore Alex you’re showing your age and lack of insight relative to todays world.

  • Jeff kempf

    This is a game, it’s entertainment, the front office is doing a great job, not only for the team,
    But the community. All these negative statements just puts a downer for everyone. Hey! Enjoy that we have a NBA team and the owners are indeed trying.

  • Dave


  • Niners in 2012

    great job??? how much did flunksterdude pay you to post that?

  • MWLX

    That Kobe story about Kwame is:

    1) From 4 years ago;

    2) Was about Kwame’s lack of confidence on offense.

    The Warriors got Kwame for defense, not to mention that his confidence has improved in recent years. End of story.

  • Rio kid
  • @ Rio kid its not about one player. Its bout our depth. When was the last time the Ws players had a complete healthy season with no injuries? My point.. It doesnt matter rather if its Brown or Biedrins starting. Beidrins gets called for fouls atleast every 20 secs, might typically tweek something. Then throw in Brown body to make some kind of impact of whatever he can, then Tyler.. You get it? More depth, less foul outs. More depth, more time to heal injuries.. The same goes to all the extra fowards and gaurds.. Rush and Ish Smith is a great pick up. These premadonas ( Paul, Dwight, Nene, D. Jordan) dont want to come to Oakland, fine, We’ll build our own and still be relavent in the league.. Warriors.. Its a great time out..

  • brandonbeard

    Sorry but I am not happy about getting Ish Smith, but glad to see we got Brandon Rush!

  • brandonbeard

    Tyler has played well in both games to me. He is better than what people think, and he is not scary! Will be a good player, and we need to let him grow and keep him around and not be stupid!

  • brandonbeard

    A point guard has to eb able to hit the open 3 and Ish couldnt make two free throws last night, I mean missing badly!