Warriors Hoping to Land PG Ish Smith

I’m told the Warriors put their bid to claim point guard Ish Smith off waivers. , who was waived by Memphis on Wednesday. They found out this afternoon if they get him. If multiple teams try to claim him, he will go to the team with the worst record I think. Smith would be the third point guard on the roster.

Smith is little and super fast. Probably the fastest player in the league. He’s averaged 10.3 minutes in 43 career games, most of them with Houston. The Warriors don’t just want Smith for what he can do on the court (floor general, not a good shooter), but they like the idea of Stephen Curry defending him every day in practice. Trying to keep the speedy Smith in front of him would be helpful to Curry’s development on defense, the Warriors presume.

Marcus Thompson

  • Will Joe Lacob never tire of signing players that can’t shoot?

  • PA

    Look at where getting a bunch of guys that can shoot has gotten this team? 1 playoff appearance in 17 years.

  • mrmean

    Warrior moves are laughable.

  • Grey Warden

    They already have Ellis, who can routinely blow by Curry without any special moves.

  • Foyle.Paper

    I like this signing, Ish has all the right tools to be good and at worst(acie law) He’s been around some pretty good talent in Conley,and Kyle Lowry. Smith just happened to be on teams with a lot of good point guards. People thought the same about Jordan Crawford and he exploded once he got off atlanta’s bench and into the wizards rotation.We’ll have to wait and see.

  • meir34

    Many moves right now are tghe result of good scouting to get good value/cheap players to fill special roles. McGuire was obviously top shore up D at the 3, Ish for his speed, Jenkins looks like Curry’s b.u.

    Clearly Jordan qwould have been a killer pick-up, thoughwe all knew LAC had teh match. Kwame then picked up for HIS DF and as insurance in caser the “NEW” AB disappears again.

    Lin is still too flawed a player to make our team. He dribbbles well but hasn’t shown that shot he needs and as a result he dribbles around endlessly screwing up the offense. Given not getting Jordan, and the $$ left under cap for marginal players, if Curry improves this yerar more than he did last, we should be a vastly improved team. Feltbot keep in minde this is Jackson and Malone’s team and their benches are likely to be Defensive oriented. Our starters have plenty of Offense. Hence getting cheaper D players tahn bidding up “Williams. He was out of MJ’s field all along, evidenced by a) MJ not meeting with him or calling him before the lockout, b)us letting go of the qualifying offer to enable the Jordan bid.

  • blue collar guy

    Jeremy Lin. Come on. Nice story but he is not an NBA player. That was a PR move.

  • desktopmfg

    Last year’s PR move was to address the Asian market. This year the PR move is to sign a New Yorker. Maybe they should have just re-signed Acie Law.

  • deano

    GSW has added a speedy ball-handler to the backcourt (Ish Smith), a big bruiser to the frontcourt (Kwame Brown) and a rangy wing (Dominic McGuire).

    None of them has top pedigree, so they will be clear tests of the new FO’s acumen. If they become solid contributors, the FO will have proven its ability improve the roster.

    It will then be up to the coaching staff and players to make GSW a destination for FAs.

  • Derek

    When are thw Dubs gonna fire Larry Riley. The guy is a pathetic GM.

    Signs 3 no-names and expects a better result ? I think not

  • Cellar Dweller

    small ball all over again with little to no talent. Its a numbers game. sign as many players as possible to fill out the roster and hopefully one will pan out and be the shining light like Speedy Claxton.