Warriors Definitely Trading Amundson for Brandon Rush

UPDATE II: The Warriors are in the process of trading Lou Amundson, according to a team source. A second source confirmed it is for Indiana Pacers swingman Brandon Rush. Amundson was held out of Saturday’s game vs. Sacramento. It is not official and likely won’t be before Sunday. I’m told its a straight-up trade.

Marcus Thompson

  • Bane

    Finally, a game-changing move from the front office. Let the season begin!

  • @stlkr

    Good trade….

  • Niners in 2012

    Guess they think Klay isn’t ready for big minutes.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Well right now the entire Warriors backcourt is being backed up by rookies. They might turn out to have game, but that’s never a good thing to rely on.

  • I guess 6 bigs too much of a good thing? Maybe Tyler actually makes the roster now and not the Dakota D-League All-Star team?

    I like the trade. Lots of minutes will be needed in this hectic 66 game schedule. Deeper, younger teams may benefit. Rush can play.

  • Thesickone

    Was actually looking forward to seeing Lou play for us this year. Looked in great shape and was always putting in extra work. Although Tyler has amazing talent and upside, not sure if he is ready..also not sure how he’d handle being sent to the D-League. Lou will be missed, but depth is key, this season particularly with 66 games in 124 days. I’m liking the additions to the bench. Jenkins looked solid, as did McGuire. With Udoh, Klay, Kwame coming off the bench as well I think we’re in a good position to provide quality minutes while our starters rest.

  • JFish

    LOVE the Trade…..Lou, nice guy, ok player… but really a journeyman… Could use a better athlete….

    Good luck Lou, WELCOME Rush!1!

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    lou’s really not that good @ all

    kennys just sayin

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Impervious Short

    Good trade for the Warriors. While the team didn’t make the “big trade” they’ve added a lot of size and “d” A second unit of:

    PG: Jenkins/Ish
    SG: Thompson/Rush
    SF: McGuire/Rush
    PF: Udoh/Tyler
    C: Brown

    is significantly better than:

    PG: Lin/Law/Bell
    SG: Williams/Bell
    SF: Thornton
    PF: Radmanovic/Adrien
    C: Udoh/Gadzuric

    While we whiffed on improving our starting lineup the improved depth should allow our starters to play a few less minutes and be more effective on defense and down the stretch. While not the huge brake through most fans wanted, It’s an incremental improvement that will lead to a few more wins this year.

  • Thesickone

    Couldn’t agree more. Our depth is much improved and will be key to the Warriors success.

  • imustbreaku

    Hey, gotta admit, much improved, even without big trade

  • PlayGroundHero

    Never heard of Lou Amundson…probably not a good thing! Don’t get your hopes up too high on Rush people..you all know how bad the Pacers have been the past few years and Rush was a big part of the problem..When the Pacers tried to include Rush (they were giving him away for nothing) in the Mayo trade it killed the deal! Hopefully he can get it turned around as a Warrior…all I can say is as a Pacers fan I’m excited to see him go! Good Luck this season..

  • Anthony

    Indiana fan here. Rush had become a scapegoat for Pacers fans. He’s a decent player, just never lived up to his drafting at 13th overall. Expect excellent on the ball defense from Brandon, a solid 3 point stroke, and flashes of his god given talent that make ya think he could be a REALLY solid player. The flip side is his non aggressive personality leads him to float around alot on the offensive side of the ball, and you probably never see him dive for a loose ball, ect… I didn’t hate Brandon as much as alot of other fans and I’m hoping this fresh start will give him a new chance to reach his potential. You WILL get excellent on the ball defense right away though.

  • PerryB

    Great Post Impervious Short! That hits the nail on the head and I for one, am actually happy that we didn’t change the starting line up. I’d like to see what the team can do when the starters can actually play fewer minutes this season and fewer minutes means you can expend more energy on the defensive side. Let’s see what we have, and then at the end of the season, we have a few players who will come off the books and give us a little cap flexibility if we need to make some moves. So far, so good, but still a work in progress.

  • rotfogel

    what I like about this trade is that Rush can play defense. I remember him at Kansas, he was a shut down SF who can also shoot the ball. Love this trade! Good job GM and Owner!

  • rew

    Warrior bench last year was just terrible, but this problem area has really been shored up. We now have Kwame Brown coming off bench, Klay Thompson, Brandon Rush, Charles Jenkins, Ekpe Udou, and Dominic McGuire. Brown, McGuire, Udoh, and Rush are all veterans. Udoh looks poised to have breakout second season, as we saw last night. But also we have the young guys, Thomposon, Jenkins, and Tyler. While Tyler didn’t play much last night from what I can see he really has some tools, which wasn’t the case with Admussen, he was a nice journeyman, but no great shakes. I’d rather see Admussen minutes go to Tyler, you get Tyler some NBA experience, look out, the kid has got tools. Warriors bench was big, big problem last year, but not anymore, we have nice mix of youth and experience. I smell playoffs!

  • U guys don’t be too happy about getting Rush…he’s ok..but dissapears during games and is way too passive..I think this a trade of 2players not being used to their potential ..we will welcome Lou and om sure u guys are lookn fwd to welcoming Rush to yr team

  • Sco

    well said #9. Our bench is going to have to contribute this year and it can not be all on our starting 5 to contribute. Defense is whats most important, we know we can score with any team any given night. I really seen an improvement on D but thats one game. “Rome was’t built in a day”

  • Jai

    Trading Admunson for a non big is a vote of confidence for for Jeremy Tyler. If they don’t sign another big before the season starts, Tyler won’t go to the Dleague. From what I’m hearing that was pretty much where he was headed. So he musta been killin Admunson in practice. For me, Udoh’s evaluation starts now, since he was so far behind the eight ball all last year. Looks like we got a player folks! The Nigerian nightmare is back! Probably another reason Admunson is outta here. Klay Thompson, two words, SHOT SELECTION! I’m not completely behind Klay Thompson, because I feel the Warriors should’ve drafted Alec Burks from Colorado. Alec Burks was drafted by the Jazz, so you all will see what I’m talking about twice a year.

  • Kimball

    Brandon Rush is an excellent catch and shoot guy. He’s turnover prone if he has to dribble and kind of flaky. Sometimes he just wanders around the court. I’m so glad the Pacers are shipping him out of town. No matter what you do or say, he won’t be aggressive and he’s not consistent! Good Riddance!! Welcome to Indy Lou!!

  • JDub

    I like this move, much better than relying on D-League and undrafted rookies for depth. I suspected that Lou would be dealt given the new found depth in the front court. Overall the depth will be solid this year, and I think Jenkins and Tyler will be steals of this draft. I think reducing the starters minutes alone will help with the defense.

  • CB

    I like this move and Warriors are hands down better than last season, based on their depth and that the bench is bolstered. Only knock is we are young and inexperienced. Oh well, our team looked very good in yesterday’s preseason opener. Udoh and Jenkins looked super impressive to me. Jeremy Tyler and Klay Thompson seem to be good fits off bench. But Rush and McGuire are good additions to the rookie-laden bench.

    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Dorell Wright
    PF David Lee
    C Andris Biedrins (for now)

    PG Charles Jenkins
    PG Ish Smith
    SG Brandon Rush
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Dominic McGuire
    PF Ekpe Udoh
    C Kwame Brown
    C Jeremy Tyler

  • Don Blevins

    When Troy Murphy got traded to the Pacers a Golden State fan sent Pacer fans a warning in a forum like this. He told us Murphy was like a 40yr. old YMCA player jacking up 3-pointers, and he understated it. Murphy was my least favorite player of all time: Let me return the favor GS fans.
    Brandon Rush is a pot-head who lost the first 5 games of last year because he was stupid enough to get caught 3 times. He’s got a silly game that is as non-serious as he is. He plays like a deer in headlights, and then shows you, when he’s not too high to play, that he has scary all-star skills and should be so much better than he is. He’s just silly, and I’m so glad he’s gone.
    Maybe he can turn it around in Cali: Good luck.

  • bigmike

    what does this mean for Chris Wright?