Warriors Improve Depth By Acquiring Brandon Rush for Lou Amundson

Golden State’s trade of Lou Amundson to Indiana for Brandon Rush is expected to go through Monday.

Safe to say the Warriors feel comfortable with their rotation at power forward and center, though Saturday night’s preseason win over Sacramento might have thrown a kink in the rotation. (For the immediate future at least, it looks like Ekpe Udoh will be the first big off the bench, likely for starting center Andris Biedrins. That means by the time free agent acquisition Kwame Brown gets healthy, he’ll have to work his way up from third-string center).

So the Warriors moved their excess in the frontcourt, sending Amundson to Indiana. Amundson was the third power forward and no better than the third center, likely fourth once Kwame gets in shape.

In exchange, the Warriors bolstered their wing depth. Adding Rush -a 6-foot-6 swingman (primarily shooting guard) who was drafted No. 13 out of Kansas in 2008 – gives the Warriors more length and athleticism off the bench.  

Known for his defense, Rush can also stick the three. He’s a career 40.2 percent shooter from ( 734 attempts).

Rush’s main knock has been his lack of consistency with his production. Also, he’s not the ideal shooting guard/small forward in that he doesn’t create offense. 

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Pacers have been trying to move Rush for years. 

Rush’s acquisition does create a bit of a logjam on the wing. Rush figures to share minutes behind Monta Ellis and Dorell Wright. The Warriors also have rookie Klay Thompson in the same roll, and they just signed small forward Dominic McGuire (who looked great Saturday).

But from the other view, the Warriors have some insurance in case Klay struggles.

Rush’s cap figure is $2.9 million for this season. The Warriors can submit a qualifying offer to him next offseason to make him a restricted free agent – an offer he is sure to have to earn.

Amundson –  who will be playing for his sixth team in six seasons – is due (a prorated amount of) $2.4 million this season, the last year of his deal. He is expected to fill a big man void in Indiana that he didn’t fill with Golden State.

Amundson’s Warriors tenure, in hindsight, was doomed from the start as he came into camp last year with a back injury and never really got going. He played just 46 games last season due to injury, averaging 4.4 points and 4 rebounds in 15 minutes. He never got to be the frenetic, uptempo big man he was in Phoenix.

Marcus Thompson

  • Spencer

    Love this trade. Get younger and more taleneted. Bench is lightyears ahead of last year.

  • Leftshot

    Everybody seems to have forgotten that with such a short pre-season and compressed regular season schedule there are going to be a lot of injured players this year. Depth will be critical.

  • Tdubb

    The blue print for the Warriors future is written. It’s a combination of today’s OKC and the 89-90 Pistons. Three small guards who can take over moments in a game at their positions with very specific skill sets. Remember (Thomas, Dumars & Johnson) 6’4″ and under. (Ellis, Curry & Jenkins). Backed up by long fairly versatile bigs. (Agguire, Salley, Rodman, Lambeer and Edwards). Sounds like (Lee, Wright, Udoh, Thompson, Tyler and Bendris or Brown.)

    And like OKC they are young, the vets are 23-27 years old with 3-7 years in the league. This team will probably have 5 rookies on the roster.

    And lastly, with the exception of the three guards mentioned above, the other wing players are 6’6″ or above and can play at least two positions and have varied skill sets (Wright,Thompson, McGuire, Ubelis, Wright and Rush). If Jackson can get them to play defense, they will be in the game every night. They shouldn’t have huge match up problems and the with have a bench. Point guard play will be the deciding factor in my opinion.

  • Tdubb

    Excuse my typing, (They shouldn’t have huge match up problems and they will have a bench.)

  • Judge Wapner

    A bunch of moderate moves that have definitely improved this team. Replaced Radmon, BWright, etc with Kwame, McGuire and now Rush. The Warriors have acquired tougher bench players to support their generally finesse type starting line up. I like it.


  • Dave

    Don’t forget Mark Jackson.

  • Rio kid

    Hold on fellas. If my memory serves me Mr.Rodman is Hall of Fame player. I. Thomas I believe is a Hall of Famer. Joe Dumars made several All Star Teams. I think Curry could one day be a Hall of Famer but that’s where the list ends and he is a long shot. I like our guards but Lambeer, Rodman and Salley were mean and nasty hombres that struck fear in the hearts of mere mortals. Agguire was a real player a pretty special player. I think it very premature to be placing this “maybe we sneak in the 8th spot team for the Detroit Pistons” who owned the Chicago Bulls for several years before they went on their rampage. Yes, we beat the Sacramento Kings in preseason but let’s see if we can beat the Clippers before we start waxing lyrical regarding our Golden State Warrios.

  • CB

    Warriors just got more athletic with the addition of Rush. Amundson was a good energy guy off the bench but the guy is not a good player in the NBA. Bottom Line, Rush will be a nice addition to our squad and should help bolster the bench. Biedrins didn’t look that good. I was more impressed with Udoh at the power forward position and Jeremy Tyler at center. Charles Jenkins was also impressive in the preseason opener.

    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Monta Ellis
    SF Dorell Wright
    PF David Lee
    C Kwame Brown

    PG Charles Jenkins
    PG Ish Smith
    SG Klay Thompson
    SG Brandon Rush
    SF Dominic McGuire
    PF Ekpe Udoh
    C Andris Biedrins
    C Jeremy Tyler

  • Poopie Faced Tomato Head

    West said in an interview on KNBR after he was hired that if you can’t get a star player, you can improve your team by getting better role players that can fit well together.

    This is a better Roster than that mess of the last few years (on paper anyway).

    If they get a real GM, instead of that clown Riley, maybe they can make some major moves to improve the team.

    Also, good chance that they have no 1st Rounder next season so that really hurts your improvement potential.

  • ben brung

    I think these are the kind of moves the Warriors HAVE to make right now. No big name free agents are setting their sites on Oakland after 2 decades of being a joke. A potentially great market with great fans is not enough and we are going to have to scratch and claw for a while just to be taken seriously.

    I’m not particularly excited by this roster yet but I’m still happy with the moves. It feels like we have more options than we’ve had in a while. A range of diverse trade packages that could include impact players, role players and expirings and a lot of short-term money that could be freed up next year if we do find an interested free agent.

  • Tdubb

    Rio Kid, read my entire thought, I’m not saying hall of fame, I’m saying blue print. Trust and believe this is a process. Those Piston’s I spoke of had to get passed the Lakers and Boston before making it to the top. That’s why I spoke of the Warriors youth much like OKC of a couple of years ago.

    And nasty is coming….you watch that kid Tyler and Udoh, it’s coming.

  • You tell em Tdubb.. On top of our up and coming players we will have depth on our squad because everybody knows the Ws will not stay healthy for a season.. And were the Warriors our bigs will stay in foul trouble so why not throw every one in whos 6’10 or taller.. Same for our fowards and gaurds.. I love Steph but soon as he tweeks his ankle here comes Jenk and Ish.. Were building a great balance.. Forget them premadonas ( Paul, Dwight, D. Jordan, Nene, Chandler) They dont want to come to the bay? Fine, we’ll build our on franchise and still be relavent in the league.. WARRIORS.. Its a great time out..

  • Very good deal. Hope Brandon has decent chemistry (substance/character questions) with this team. Because he’s such a monster good fit here. Brandon’s excellent defense along with his accurate 3 point shot is what the Warriors would NEVER EVER get from Reggie Williams/Anthony Morrow (bless their souls)!!!

  • Cellar Dweller

    Look it… We seem to get the “journeymen type players” and not the keepers. Players that have ppg of 2.1 or 3.2 and rebound averages of 0.6 or 1.1. I guess I am a bit puzzled on some of the moves. How do these fellas help the team. Sure they can help fill out a 5 man team but we need some proven production and I think we are status quo here and no end in sight as last year.

    We have some big names and heavy hitters int he front office though. But unless they can suit up and do some heavy lifting, we remain where we were, if not worse than last year.

  • Jaysohn

    The reality is it’s going to be tough to make the big splash that everyone wants. We just don’t have the assets or the winning tradition to support making the big move for star talent that is needed. So what can the Warriors do? Try to stock up as much NBA talent in decent role players and still developing players, get lucky in the draft for once and hope that another Baron Davis situation occurs where you can take a chance on a disgruntled or underachieving talent.

  • rew

    Tyler looked pretty good the other night in the Kings game, that big wingspan of his (7-6) can potentially be a powerful weapon. I know not much is expected of Tyler this year – many are saying he will be shipped to Bismark soon – I think they ought to take a longer look at him. Maybe he’s a short term project, not a long termer. He didn’t look like a long term project to me in Kings game, he got four rebounds pretty quickly.

  • rio kid

    I actually checked out some Tyler video some time ago. I think this was an excellent move by the Warrior management. Kid is out of San Diego and went to Israel where he had to play with adults and they slapped him around a bit I suspect and he hopefully realized that in the real world you have to show up on time, hustle, and listen to the boss. He did a little stint in Japan too which I hope proved to be a nice cultural experience and hopefully opened his eyes to the great big world – I’m a huge fan of kids seeing a bit of the world. Anyway check him on on youtube definitely has some talent and he is super low risk. I hope he takes his d league time as a mature adult. I think this kid could be better than decent.

  • rio kid

    Friends,fellow citizens! Houston to boot, we have a problem.

  • rio kid

    We can dress this up anyway we like folks but Kwame Brown is pencilled in as the starting center for your Golden State Warriors. Now I’m old enough to remember the Damp, that would be Eric ” I’m the second best center in the NBA Eric Dampier” I call him hands of Brick. We can go on all day about Biedrens lack of fire, free shooting, hairdoo or what have you but the man can catch a ball. Eric Dampier no catch ball. Kwame Brown cannot catch a ball either and he shoots like 40% from the line. So combind with Mr. Biedrins we have quite the dynamic duo and that being said I’m going to take the high road, good Warrior Fan that I am and tell you that like soccer basketball is a beautiful game and should be played as such. I can live with losing, just make it pretty. We only need respectable with an elegant twist and with Barron Davis we had that, Tim Hardaway we had that and a little more but Mr. Jenkins, Big Vic, Eric ” I’m the second best…” Wright is fun to watch, heck Lee is good for a few chuckles, I could watch Monte play all day and Curry is a an absolute joy to watch but I think Kwame is going to tilt the aestetic scale sourly toward the depths of utter despair. Our only hope is Tyler or some kind of miracle or hopefully we can place a clause in Kwame’s contract whereby he is forbidden from touching the ball unless absolutely necessary and yes a policy by which management levies penalties upon the offending warrior who lacks the good sense to not pass the ball to Kwame. Double debits to point guards who should actually know better and we’ll give Biedrens a pass due to his psychological issues with free throws allowing Kwame as our second worse free throw the opportunity to relieve Beidrens of undue stress by accepting the ball from him and being in essence the surrogate free thrower – yes a humanitarian. It is unlikely they will share court time but Coach Jackson if your listening I think this might actually work. In the spirit of the great Manute Bol we could have Kwame stand eagerly at the 3 point line but alas that will not work due to the previously implemented policy of outlawing that fatal pass that would in all likelihood bounce fatefully out of bounds! Go Warriors.

  • rio kid

    Tdubb, I respect your position but again Tyler and Udoh are not Rodman and Lambeer. Rodman was and most likely is clinicly psychotic Lambeer reminds me of some unsub on Ion’s Criminal Minds. Those guys were really, really not very nice and frankly a little creepy. I don’t even know if they let those types of guys in the league any more. Artest or whatever he calls himself these days is kind of in that league but he is only minor league creepy. The closest thing the warriors have had to creepy is probably Rick Barry. Granted stunningly awesome player but he kinda had that “I work as a mass murderer as my part time job” glean is his eye. But hey they won a championship but no one would hire him as a coach… probably slightly freaked out about the albiet remote possibility of having ones head remvoved from its torso…yucky.

  • brandonbeard

    Okay so if Curry cant go, start:

  • bigmike

    Could have just kept Brendon Wright