Monta Ellis, Warriors to be in Sexual Harrassment Suit

The Warriors and guard Monta Ellis are being sued by a former employee for sexual harassment.

According to an email from the Law Offices of Burton F. Boltuch, the plaintiff will file the suit Wednesday morning in Oakland at the Superior Court of Alameda County. Afterward, a press conference will be held to discuss the allegations.

According to Boltuch, the plaintiff is accusing Ellis of sexually harassing her from November 2010 to January 2011. The accuser, according to Boltuch, has photo evidence of the harrassment, which he claims was sent from Ellis’ cell phone to the plaintiff.

The photo will be revealed – along with the identity of the accuser – at the press conference, Boltuch said.

“You will be shocked when you see it,” Boltuch said. “It’s pretty disgusting and graphic.”

The Warriors are being accused of covering for Ellis. Boltuch alleges his client was let go “because they wanted to cover it up.”

Boltuch said his client tried to resolve the matter previously, but the Warriors refused.

Marcus Thompson

  • GSWFaithful

    No wonder Ellis wasn’t at all interested in twitter or facebook. Sounds a lot like Favre type stuff. Should have settled out of court fellas.

  • Bane

    Uh oh. I think we’re about to see more of Monta Ellis than any of us would ever want to see.

  • Niners in 2012

    Monta barely knows how to log into facebook.

  • Oh Snap

    So much for being the ‘leader’ of the team. GSW should have traded Monta already.

  • nickj

    Hopefully Monta did nothing inappropriate as this would be something the team does not need. We’ll have our hands full as it is dealing with the Western Conference’s new powerhouse in the Clips and the rest of the teams in the NBA, and now this. Marc Jackson has got his work cutout for him but he will handle it.

  • DW

    and heeeerrrees basketball!!!

  • Camelot


    Monta!! What?

  • boridge

    “I’m a Warriors and I’ll always be a Warriors”…maybe not for long buddy

  • D. Devil’s Advocate, Esq.

    NickJ – “We’ll”? I don’t even see anyone named Nick on the roster. What position do you play?

  • V

    Anyone nowadays has access to PhotoShop – especially with the ‘former employees’ who were let go by the organization. Even a 3-year-old can PhotoShop pix and file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Kanye explained b!tches like this 1 in his ‘Golddigger’ track…

  • Dub

    That last post was classic…I remember when he said that…but he’s not paid to be linguistic expert, just put the ball in the bucket chief…

  • kay thuy

    they need to get rid of this guy. the last thing any company wants to have a nasty situation like this to linger around. i highly doubt that the warriors organization tried to cover for him. thats senseless.

  • Stephan Curry

    I told anybody who would listen he’s a dirtbag…now I will be KING!!!!


    how come its always the “ex” employees?

  • Peter

    Why does this not suprise me. These guys think that they can do anything they want please sports fans wake up and stop saying hopefully he did nothing wrong, poor guy they just want there money. There all punks and will always be punks that care about nothing but themselves. They know that the sports fan will always support them by going to the games. I hope they nail this guy and suspend him for life….. Get a real job and pull that shit there and see where you end up…

  • ravens

    guys when you have a little money know matter what the age is you have to be smart on your feet at all times,dealing with opposite sex can sometime cause you a world of pain,you have be smart about who you come in contact with…i want to know how did he get her cell phone # to send her the pictures?????????


    well she probly led him on. she probly asked him to send dirty pictures. she is probly a slut or hooker

  • calvin

    she asked for it .she wanted him to send her pictures. he was stupid t do it. but she wanted it

  • Seabee

    Sounds like he was sending some chick some c**k shots. She obviously gave him her digits. Sounds like another case of some chick lookin for a payday, now that the NBA is back on and she knows he’s gonna be getting one. “Now I ain’t saying she a gold digga, but she ain’t messin with no broke n***a.”

  • colleen

    Really…. Seems like this person got her job so she could make a fast buck.. I mean wow! She got threw the first 90day probation and BOOM. Show me the money!!! I wonder what her background is like.

  • alabama

    It’s a shame that women always try to get rich quick by holding evidence on a star baller, celebrity etc. More than likely the woman was in a relationship and he sent those pictures. I can bet you any kind of money that Ellis also had pictures of her. But one thing he forgot to do was saved them. Most guys don’t…..

  • alabama

    O yeah!!! I forgot ROLL TIDE!!!!

  • John

    If this woman really had a strong case, I suspect that the team would have already settled. Players get plenty of women. There was probably little need for Monta to have pursued this one unless she gave him enough encouragement for him to think she was interested in his attention. Sexual harassment claims are strongest when made by management against an employee whose job depends on her (or his) yielding to the boss in order to keep the job or get promoted. Here, Monte was not the boss or even management. He was just another employee.

    It’s entirely possible that the woman pursued Monta initially, and then when he sent her some graphic pics, she sensed the opportunity to make some money from his poor judgment.

    There are two sides to every story. So far we have only heard hers.

  • MsFit

    Some of you guys make it sound like she was in the slut of the month club. You know nothing about her or why she is an exemployee. Over in the Arab countries the women have to cover their faces and were burkas so they don’t tempt men. This is the USofA. If she is not interested, a no should be the end of the his efforts to try and get her attention. Some guys are always thinking with their little head.

  • That Man

    Peni.s pic? oh athletes….when will you learn?

  • Dave

    Please stop using cell phones to send nude pics, twitter and facebook. We had a lot less problems before all of this Weiner Gate twitter/facebook crap.

  • Yoda

    Well John, sometimes the case is strong but the demand is too high. Or the guy denies it and the employer won’t pay because they believe him, only later to find out it’s all true. Or you could be right. Just hope he didn’t put any m&m’s in her shirt pocket.

  • World B. Free

    Ahhhh yes, more good Warriors news!

  • milo

    Hope the W’s have insurance, in this case dick insurance.

  • D

    Overpaid, over-valued piglets, excuse me, athletes like Ellis should finally be held accountable for their sexual harrasment of women. I am looking forward to seeing him pay dearly for mistreating this female employee. Especially since I’m sure he thought he would get away with it!

  • eric jax

    im sure by seeing a penis merits you going into some sort of mental breakdown and will need millions of dollars restitution, over dick pics this all stems the penn state incident every 1 is so sex sensitive its just a dick you shouldnt have any post traumatic stress this women obviously doesnt want to work any more so she will pull this victim bs

  • D James

    averaged 24.1 points per game in 80 games played. He’s innocent.
    That’s how it works in pro sports right?

  • djdj

    how did he get her #? duh

  • Cindy

    Any person, man or woman, stupid enough to send any kind of sexual pictures to ANYONE with today’s technology, deserves to get burnt. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE??????????? And Eric Jax, what does this have to do with a man raping little boys?

  • bill

    Monta’s a very, very rich uneducated guy doing what apparently comes naturally from someone with his background. Hard to be surprised by that. What frosts me is all the BS written by beat writers –
    “newfound maturity, influence of strong wife (so she finds out and complains to the Warriors???), new son, etc.” – when they must have known about his character issues. Okay, so you want to keep your job and access, so don’t write the truth, but PLEASE don’t feed us that BS.