Stephen Curry Sprains Right Ankle – Yes, That Same Ankle

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was helped off the court Tuesday with an apparent ankle injury.

In the final minute of the first half, Curry rolled his right ankle while backpedaling to the defensive end. He limped a few steps before falling to the hardwood. He limped to the locker room with the help of teammates, barely putting any pressure on that ankle.

Ish Smith started the second half in Curry’s place.

The same ankle gave Curry problems all last season, causing him to miss eight games. He had surgery over the summer to repair torn ligaments in that ankle. He spent months rehabilitating the ankle before getting clearance in September.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dub

    Losing 2 guards in 24 hrs…yikes

  • Spencer


  • Cellar Dweller

    This is a chronic problem and hopefully is not a sign of things to come. The NO Chris Paul request to swap Curry and others for Chris Paul is looking pretty good right now.

    I will predict that Curry will miss a lot of games this year. He is just injury prone.

  • dan

    Curry should sit out this season. It is a shortened season and the draft is loaded next year. The W’s need to get a SF or SG next year.

    DWright just sux. SUX big time

  • snarkk

    Warriors will be terrible yet again, just with a few new bodies to blame. Book it…

  • Impervious Short

    Really discouraging. Steph is the franchise cornerstone and he’s the foundation of the team. It’s not time to panic but it might be time to move to plan “b” if the doctors conclude this is something Curry is going to have to continuously battle.

    1) Move Biedrins to the Rockets for Thabeet and Hill. The Rockets were willing to do this last year, they are desperate for a center and both Thabeet and Hill’s contracts are Team Options next year. Both those guys are stiffs but it gets us out from under Andre’s contract. Try and get at least a second out of it as well.

    2) Make the best future weighted trade for Monta (picks and young players) taking back as little salary as possible.

    The Warriors are stuck with Lee, the only way to move him is going to be to take back a horrible deal in return.

    Use this season to play Udoh and our rookies extended minutes and hope this year’s draft pick is top 7 or we forfeit it to Utah.

    Shut Steph down and take next year to reevaluate him. If his ankle stabilizes, great, but plan for a possible future without him. He’s under contract for two years including this year, then he’s a restricted FA.

    Ughh such a bummer, I was hopeful for this season and liked the direction but Steph is what makes it go. This well be a real test for ownership.

    This really magnifies the decision to amnesty Bell. The Warriors have limited cap space and may lose their draft pick. T

  • Dave

    I was hoping the extra time in the gym he put on would put an end to this. I guess not.

    In other news, a healthy David Lee is back: 30 and 13. Leader in points and rebounds for the day.

  • brandonbeard

    Okay is anyone else wondering what the heck ish Smith was doing in the game yesterday, other than dribbling the ball down the court really fast? He looked terrible, and cant shoot free throws, really? Jenkins should have played way more. Sucks to lose Curry right before season starts but we havwe to keep playing. Good to see David Lee have a nice game, and Dorell has to be more consistent especially on the road! So we will see how we do on Sunday! But Ish Smith is not close to the answer for back up point guard!!!!!

  • World B. Free

    Losing both members of our starting backcourt in less than 24 hours? Well, Monta isn’t gone per se but I’m pretty sure he’ll be distracted for some time. Curry? Who knows when he’ll be back and effective?

    I just can’t figure out why this type of thing happens to this franchise year in and year out. Every year we can guarantee a deblitating injury to one of the key players sometime very early in the season, effectively minimizing any hopes of coming out the gate strong and staying with the pack.

    Curry and Ellis. I’m a devastated Warrior fan today.


    The Oakland Coliseum Arena must have been built over and Indian burial ground because there has to be an explanation why this organization is so cursed.

    Lose out on all the free agent acquisition attempts. And then ironically the one player the Warriors didn’t want to give up for Chris Paul goes down in exhibition game #2 with an injury.

    I’m close to giving up.

  • John Starks

    @MLBSF – I totally hear you. I’ve been with this team my whole life – watched the ups and (mostly) downs over the last 19 years. But this year, after we patiently waited two decades, waited for the lockout to end, waited for our ownership to get their ducks in a row, watched the Clippers make a big FA move…we have this. Again.

    We go to Oracle. We spend our money. What did the fans do to deserve this?

    The NBA is a joke. The lockout was just the Clippers and LA jockeying for position with David Stern’s help. Teams like Milwaukee, Portland, GSW, etc. can no longer compete with LA, NY and MIA, etc. If you’re not a fan of one of those teams, you’re wasting your time and money.

    Kobe was right; they should have contracted the league.

  • Jacob

    Curry is injury prone. He has to be traded. Monta is in his prime and has many good years and he doesn’t get hurt. I am certain Curry will keep getting hurt. I didn’t even see where he turned his ankle. This is BS. I thought we were going to make the playoffs this year and now I am certain we will not. The warriors should trade Curry for draft picks. If Curry wasn’t injury prone, I love him and Monta as our back court. But now, it is certain that he won’t help us. THE WARRIORS NEED TO TRADE CURRY!