Pictures of Monta Ellis Revealed

I have got ahold of some pretty … uh … intense pictures of Monta Ellis. Consider yourself warned.

C’mon … Did you really think I would post that! Shame on you.

Marcus Thompson

  • Monta pedo

    That first pic is my screen saver on my phone lol

  • deano

    This may be the only time we can laugh about this mess. Monta better get ready for a police-issued taser when he gets home.

  • CTom

    Lawyer has been quoted as saying that the picture isn’t even of Monta Ellis but only sent from his phone… no wonder they’re holding a press conference…lol


  • Dave

    Can he or can he not say without certitude this isn’t Monta?

  • DW

    Monta seems a little “not technically inclined” shall we say. Unless it’s a technical foul. I believed Farve did it when it happened with him but for some reason that doesn’t seem like Monta’s MO. Riding a moped, well….

  • Dave

    Why would he have a pic of another man’s junk on his phone? That makes no sense. Sounds like another Anthony Weiner defense.

  • rotfogel

    I’d feel kinda weird to take a picture of my junk and then send it to someone. Ah the strange mentality of Monta and Jerry Sandusky.

  • Kyle

    Let’s see what the details are before we crucify Monta. And to the prior comment, grouping Monta with Sandusky is totally absurd and unfair.

  • al oha

    Brings new meaning to “Junk” mail.

  • al oha

    And talk about not exactly getting what you wanted for Christmas.

    We, as Warrior Fans, were hoping for a more Complete Monta. Meaning improved Defense and more efficient Offense.

    Instead, we get a FULL MONTA??!!

  • al oha

    Say it’s not so.

  • BrandonBeard

    Yeah he did it, and its too sad! hopefully he will learn from this!!!lol!!!

  • Efrain

    Stupid story and idiotic attempt to make jest with monta’s actions. This is only one straw in the fact the warriors will probably have a worse record than last year and are years from a playoff birth, at least until they get rid of mont a and blow up this inept team.
    I called you out last year Thompson and you never responded your blog is nothing more than a vehicle to shill for the warriors, a joke of a franchise even under new ownership.
    Why don’t you spend more time confronting the front office, asking pertinent questions, ask why this team, after so many words about “change” is the same freaking team?
    Now stop blowing smoke up your fanboys @)&)& and spend some time on real issues and questions the powers that be.
    Stupid blog for a lame as team that won’t win 30 games. May not for a few years……….