Stephen Curry is Day-to-Day; No Structural Damage to Right Ankle

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry got some good news from Wednesday’s MRI on his sprained right ankle.

Tests revealed Curry didn’t sustain any  ligament damage and the repairs made in his offseason surgery are still in tact. Curry will officially be listed as day-to-day, but it’s going to take some quick healing for him to be able to play on Sunday.

CURRY: “Hoping for the Christmas Miracle.”

Curry rolled his ankle while backpedaling to the defensive end with 46.4 seconds left in the second quarter. He fell to the hardwood and writhed in pain after trying to walk it off.

Curry had surgery on the same ankle back in May. Dr. Bob Anderson, a foot and ankle specialist for OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, repaired two ligament tears. Curry sprained his right ankle three times last season and missed a total of eight games. He spent most of the offseason rehabbing the injury before being cleared for full contact on Sept. 14.


Marcus Thompson

  • Sleepy Freud

    Come on and Suck it up Steph! Monta would do it! So can you!

  • The Real Sleepy

    [@ “Sleepy Freud”: dude, you’re **still** running around the internets impersonating me? Seriously, if you knew what a total dork I was in real life, you wouldn’t expend so much effort trying to be me. It’s all I can do to hold down a 9-5 job and put on my undies right-side-out in the morning!]

    On topic … get well soon, Steph!

  • rotfogel


  • MWLX

    A big relief that it’s only a sprain, but troubling the way he sprained it. Something is not right.

  • Dave

    Lee is leading the NBA in points and is 5th in rebounds. Monta is 5th in assists. It’s time for them to step it up and keep this going in the regular season.

  • Cellar Dweller

    Curry has bigger problems he needs to deal with through out the season. This guy has weak ankles.

    Tape it up big time an wear ankle braces but you will have to deal with them weak ankles this year and probably for the rest of your career and I hope its not a short career.

  • John Starks

    I’m riding any positive news as far as it will go.

    Let’s. Go. Warriors.

    Shock the world!!!

  • Marquee Jackson

    My bro will coach the heck out of this team – will squeeze blood out of turnips or something like that…

  • rockridge

    Well at least Stef doesn’t hurt his ankle by – “Falling of His Moped”… Wink… Wink… Wink…

  • oaktownlar

    From the pictures I have seen, Steph is clearly wearing low-top shoes. I realize these are the style now, but old school hi-tops have lots more ankle support. Same thing happened to Turief two seasons ago. Let’s forget fashion for function and keep the ankles supported!

  • Steph is day to day so if I was Coach Jackson I’d sit him atleast for an extra week or two.. Let Jenkins and Ish get a chance and see what they’ll do.. Or even put Monta at 1 and start Thompson and get him more experience.. I mean we threw Steph out there his first year and he came out fine so why not.. I Rather Steph be 100 and go 100 then use our depth off the bench than to throw him out there with that tender foot and watch it get worse.. This is clearly what our off season aquisitions was all about..

  • BrandonBeard

    What? Ish is not very good, and cant help us scoring at all, and he should just start Monta at the point and go with Rush, Wright, Lee and Biedrins, for size and defense. U wud have Rush guarding Billups, Monta on Paul, and Lee on Blake. but I personally wud start Udoh at center for a more athletic guy to guard Jordan