Monta Ellis’ First Public Comments Since Being Sued for Sexual Harrassment

Friday after practice, Monta Ellis made his first public comments sense a sexual harassment lawsuit wasfiled agianst him and the Warriors by former employee Erika Smith.


Marcus Thompson

  • Sleepy Freud

    i love Monta!!

  • Armo

    I seriously cant stand the way he talks….take some English courses. Its extremely sad to hear the youth in this country sometimes. Kids like Monta were born and raised in this country yet they cant even speak decent English. His parents did a great job raising this kid. Good thing he made it in professional sports.

  • Niners in 2012

    I love winning!! You gotta trade Monta for a legit big man if we ever want to start winning more games than we lose.

  • Birdman

    Or trade Curry for a legit big man i we ever want to start winning wayyyyyy more games than we lose

  • Martina

    Is Rudy Gay available?

  • playoffbound

    #2 What ligit big man would want to come to the warriors? Every one wants to trade Ellis for big man like it’s the easiest thing to do. No club will trade their good big for a good small. As for Dwight Howard, we can’t match New Jersey’ s offer of Lopez and 5 1st round picks. Mullin traded some of those away for a point guard not on the club anymore. Our best bet is to get lucky like the Clippers and draft one–and that’s a long shot.. Or overpay for them like we almost did for Jordan during free agency.

  • The Goose

    The more I know about this lawsuit, the more I think it has merit.

    First of all, I watched Lacob on Chroicle live and if you know anything about body language he didn’t look Greg in the eye during the entire time he was talking about the lawsuit. Also, if they were truly innocent they could simply state it but they must have spent a few hours wordsmithing their statements which if you really listened to them really said nothing.

    If the accuser was lying, she would risk a libel and possible criminal charges – a lot to risk.

    That being said, the accuser and her attorney turned something that could be settled behind the scenes into a national media spectacle – not the most classy way to handle this.

    Would not be suprised if this story quitely goes away as their is a secret settlement with a confidentiality clause.

  • BrandonBeard

    Monta just gave the Warriors more of a reason to send him packing, unfortunately!

  • AP

    Worst beat writer of all bay area teams