Warriors Land Another Big Man – Former Jazz Center Kyrylo Fesenko

A team source has confirmed the SI.com report that the Warriors have agreed to a one-year deal with free agent center Kyrylo Fesenko, who spent the last four seasons with the Utah Jazz.

Fesenko — a 7-foot-1, 288 pound Ukranian — will consume the rest of the Warriors’ salary cap space, which is just over a million. Golden State now has a maximum of 15 players on the roster.

Fesenko is a bruising big man who will add depth to the Warriors’ frontline. Golden State now has five players at least 6-foot-10: Andris Biedrins, Kwame Brown, Jeremy Tyler and Ekpe Udoh. Throw in the size upgrades on the wing (6-foot-9 SF Dominic McGuire, 6-7 swingman Klay Thompson, 6-6 swingman Brandon Rush), and Golden State is a much bigger team across the board.

Fesenko is expected to arrive tonight. His physical is scheduled for Wednesday. He will be with the team for the Knicks game, but don’t expect him to play. His first practice won’t be until Thursday

Marcus Thompson

  • Marquee Jackson

    we need a Moe Williams now to complete the PG rotation…

  • kay thuy

    does this mean, there will be a trade that involves one of the returning big men from last year (biedrins, udoh)?udoh only got 10 or so minutes the last game, do they need another big guy?

    in my opinion, they need to dump ellis + biedrins for a dynamic wing player… i doubt there are any takes, but, you know, a fan can dream…

  • Young

    Riley sure is an active GM, A+ for effort!

    Results? Well…

    I mean really Marcus, why are the warriors picking up so many unknown players. In my head it can only be 1 of 3 factors

    1. Owner Lacob told him only do small 1 year deals

    Kwame 1 year deal
    Rush Last year of rookie deal
    Ish Last year of rookie deal
    McGuire Last year of rookie deal
    This stiff, 1 year deal

    2. No one good wants to come here yet so he is getting best available, but positioning him self for big cap space in 2012

    3. He thinks his 5 is good and just wants bench help.

    If the warriors found out it REALLY

  • rio kid

    Could have saved ourselves 6 million and signed this guy instead of Kwame. He’s a bit nutty but looks like a fairly mobil big who can handle a ball and dunk it – which is more than I can say for Kwame. He and Biedrins are the worst free throwers on the face of the earth – fesenko is a career 39% f thrower. R Barry will have a stroke watching these guys at the line. I definitely see too many bigs on this team now.Someone is about to go bye bye. My money is on Biedrens even though he is still my favorite as he does have good hands and it is a shame he hasn’t developed into a better player.


    I give Larry Riley a “Zip O” A Zero, a big F
    Why are we still holding up to the last remnant of the last ownership? which by the way just doesn’t include the big failure Larry Riley, which in my opinion should’ve been long gone along with the the Nelsons, and the Cowards, or I meant to say Cowans, etc. And must definitely should include Biedrins and not too far along Monta Ellis, whom punched out of the Warriors years ago in my opinion, (why have somebody here whom doesn’t want to be here?). Larry Riley is going to get rid of Reggie Williams, Jeremy Lin hoping to land Deandre Jordan and to no avail. why count the chickens before they hatch, and now you don’t have chicken nor the eggs!!! Come on Larry Riley, I am calling you out to leave on good terms, or else!!!

  • Gswfan24

    So negative, this was a solid pick up, who do you all want to trade Ellis for??? Really, please tell us

  • rew

    Larry Riley has done good job as GM, in my view. He took over a train wreck and he’s got Warriors moving in right direction. Drafting Steph Curry, signing Dorell Wright, these were great moves. Lee was a nice signing too, last night he just destroyed the Bulls. This season he’s added god role players, Warriors starters were good last year – except AB, but bench was terrible. But this was not fixable until this season, more cap space became available. He’s actually brought in good reserve players pretty cheap, Rush, Ish Smith. Don’t know about Fesenko, but he’s a veteran, he will help I think. It’s early yet, we have to wait and see how this season goes, but Larry Riley has done good job in my view. It wasn’t Riley’s fault Tyson Chandler didn’t want to sign with Warriors. REvamping Warriors wasn’t going to happen overnight, I think they are moving in right direction.

  • Tired Fan

    All this means is that Tyler is now ready to go to the Developmental League.

    What you see is what you get!

  • Dave
  • Young

    Right on Rew…

    The season is young and I’m watching EACH game, some from the stands.

    I love Mark Jackson’s talk and BELIEVE in my warriors every year. I just wanted Marcus’ opinion on the players we are signing.

    There is an obvious strategy to get bench players for 1 year deals. But why?

    IMO the warriors make the playoffs with this starting 5

    Stephen curry gets better than last year (a really good year)
    Monta becomes a leader, scoring the same points but when the team needs not when he wants
    Dorell Wright does again what he did last year
    David Lee plays up to his contract – So far so good
    AB returns to old form

    And they all agree to play D – so far so good

    Thats a lot to ask…

    In regards to trading Monta, I wouldn’t trade him unless someone gave me a truly great deal. Monta SHOULD be as good as brandon roy was and could be as good as Rose is now. You dont trade that kind of talent, dedication, work ethic and skill. But as much as I love monta, so far in GS he has not matured mentally to the level of Rose….

    Us fans are stuck here waiting, wondering why Riley keeps signing these 1 year no name players…

  • Gwydion

    Does anybody get that there are vastly different minds at work in the Warrior organization now? Quit whining about these being acquisitions that don’t make a difference. They do make a difference. Just look at the impact Kwame had in his first game. Ask yourself when the Warriors EVER had such a deep bench. I love that we’re finally getting some size out there. It’s looking to me like the only big who’ll get more than 20 mins a game is David Lee, and given the way he’s played so far, I’m fine with that.

    Much happier with this team than I was with the setup Nelson had where he gave up size at every friggin’ position on the court. We’re going to whack some people around this year and its about time.

  • Gwydion

    Oh, and Wilson. Get a grip, man. You can’t let these old grudges fester. Take a look at this team without letting the past get in the way. I think they’re going to be pretty good.


    they want oj mayo for monta. ya its true these idiots think some bench player that plays defense is going to be a good trade for the best player we have had since j rich. Dont get me wrong curry is the future but he was plagued with injuries and turn overs last year and injuries again this year. Furthermore anyone else who believes david lee was a bad acquisition or that he iss soft all let his numbers this year and for his career speak for themselves! p.s LETS GO WARRIORS ! The fireworks over oracle arena after the win against the Bulls was spectacular.

  • Fesenko — a 7-foot-1, 288 pound Ukranian — will consume the rest of the Warriors’ salary cap space, which is just over a million.

    You mean he ate it? In what denominations?

  • Jaysohn

    Definitely appears that either Udoh or Beans are going to be traded with Tyler being sent down to the D League. Though the Warriors weren’t able to make that big acquisition, not for a lack of trying, they have at least created a bigger, stronger and more defensive minded team without locking in cap killers. The bench is definitely an upgrade at almost every position from last year. While the team is better, I don’t think it’s a playoff team without another low post or drive to the basket scorer. They have to have another option in the 4th quarter beyond Monta.

  • Jai

    Good move! This dude is better than Biendris right now. His a 7 footer who can move a little bit in the post, has a few shots down low including a hook, can rebound, and can hit free throws. You better watch out Biendris, Kwame Brown is a cheaper back up.

  • NotSoOldBlue

    6 players over 6’10”. Picking up more bigs when they can. How can you not see that this is a fundamentally different approach now? They might not be where they need to be yet. But anyone playing the Warriors now knows that they will be in for a dog fight, with a lot of big guys to deal out some pain. That’s a very different team than just six months ago.

    About time….

  • Rio

    @Dave LOL at this guy having a “mix”

  • Jai

    I stand corrected about saying he can hit free throws. He can shoot em, but he can’t hit em. LOL! He shot 33% last year. ouch Nonetheless, decent pick up for the $$$

  • NotSoOldBlue

    Oh sorry – 5 players of 6’10”

  • zgoddbap

    This is actually encouraging

  • Dave

    LOL. This guy will be the Warrior’s secret weapon against Kobe. He doesn’t look that bad and will probably be a good locker room guy. He is hilarious.

  • kyle

    I think this is a good pick up because it gives us another big man that we can throw in the mix which will help with our post d as well as rebounding. We don’t really need another scorer because we have ellis, curry, lee and wright…

  • Alex

    Wow, are these comments left from preseason? These signings have filled the needs. Monta Ellis is the man and Beans is back baby, he has his bounce back and for the first time they are bringing down the rebounds. They will for the first time in decades beat a few teams on size alone.

  • Pittsburg Bob

    For those with short memories,last season our opponents drove the key at will. Second thoughts for them this year?