Stephen Curry Getting His Own Nike Shoe?

Could a signature Nike for Warriors point guard Stephen Curry be on the way. Curry went to Portland on Thursday and lobbied for Nike to give him his own shoe.

Curry: “I dropped an anonymous letter at Nike saying if they do make new Steph Curry shoes, I’m sure they’d be a big hit.”

Seriously, Curry did go to Nike. But he went to figure out which shoe he can wear to best support his sprained right ankle.

Curry spent the day in Beaverton, Ore., in a lab at the Nike headquarters. They were researching what Nike could do to help his ailing wheel – find a shoe with a better fit, ad some special feature that promotes support and flexibility. So far, the trip has resulted in a shoe change. They settled on the Nike Zoom Brave V (above). It’s the same as Tony Parker’s signature shoe. Curry, Parker and Portland’s Wesley Matthews will be the only players wearing them, Curry said. Curry said they are lower and wider than what he’s been wearing (Hyperdunks and the Lunar Hypergamers).

CURRY: “They’re still analyzing all the data that we collected, and I changed to a different style of Nikes for (Saturday). Hopefully, that will help and I think we’ve found a fit to avoid those injuries.”


Lunar Hypergamer










Marcus Thompson