Monta Ellis Expected to Play Monday

Warriors guard Monta Ellis, according to a team spokesperson, will join the team in Phoenix either tonight or tomorrow. Ellis is expected to play in Monday’s game at Phoenix.

But coach Mark Jackson stopped short of calling Ellis’ presence a guarantee.

JACKSON: “We hope so. But the bottom like is we’re really sincere with letting him take as much time as possible. We understand his loss and what he’s going through and we’re there for him.”

Ellis missed Saturday’s home loss to Philadelphia. He was in Mississippi attending his grandmother’s funeral.

Without Ellis, Golden State struggled mightily on offense. The Warriors managed just 79 points on 38.2 percent shooting, including 12 points in the third quarter when Philadelphia pulled away.

But while Ellis would certainly helped the Warriors, Jackson said the Warriors are ready to help Ellis.

JACKSON: “You know he’s hurting, so it’s going to be tough. … A lot of times, the way this works, you get away from it and you get back to basketball, it helps the healing process.”

Marcus Thompson